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  1. Mr. Dolphin: I am and have been doing everything that you suggest. All of the caches in question are caches that I have personally visited and found to be in disrepair. I have even visited some of the caches more than once, since they are super close to home. I have refreshed the supplies and I've posted notes for the CO's saying that the cache 'needs maintenance'. So far I've been waiting about two months for a response before I go ahead and post a 'needs archived' log with only a couple of common sense exceptions to that rule. I've also put all of the 'suspect' caches on a bookmark list, so I can keep track of things. I should clarify that several in this case means about a half dozen. As is usually the case, there were several placed by the same owner in the general vicinity. There doesn't seem to be anything special about these caches whatsover. Only one of them is even in a cool spot. The others are your traditional "Pill Bottle #Blah-Blah" caches. Believe me the geocaching world will not be missing anything, if these caches are taken out of the system. Thanks to everyone for your words.
  2. Thanks Everyone. I have always agreed with your posts, but it looks like there is some kind of 'fray' going on surrounding NA postings??!! I wanted to make sure that nothing has changed while I was on hiatus. I think it makes more sense to archive an old cache, rather than having it be unofficially adopted by the community or another geocache. I know that allows the cache to 'live on', but it makes it really difficult to do the electronic maintenance and in fact no one really 'owns' the cache that way. I have heard of others that believe the original hide date is of some importance, but I'm not that nostalgic. LOL I plan to continue requesting the old, abandoned caches to be archived through the website. I've been using roughly the same timeline that Moose mentioned (about two months) before I officially request archiving. I think it used to be possible to adopt a cache, but if they require permission from the CO it won't work in this case. The whole point is that the CO has gone missing and is not responding to the requests!
  3. Ahoy Fellow Geocachers! I just started geocaching in a new area and I've discovered SEVERAL caches in my immediate vicinity that have been abandoned by their owners. They need serious maintenance (wet/full logbooks, broken containers, junky leave behinds, MIA travelbugs, etc.) and the CO's do not respond to the "needs maintenance" log postings. I put the caches in question on a specific watchlist of my own and just recently started requesting that the caches be archived. However, it occurred to me that there may be some way of adopting the caches? I would be more than happy to do so, if I could have some kind of access to owner privileges online. I have no idea if it's possible, but I do sometimes see caches that are being maintained by others. Maybe that's a personal arrangement. In my case the CO's haven't logged into the site for many years. If it's not possible to adopt the cache am I on the right track with archiving them? In my mind it seems better to start fresh, but I can see the logic in maintaining the original date stamp (placement) as well. Most of these caches are popular, so they may certainly warrant replacement. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help and wanna do the right thing! Thanks a bunch and Happy Trails!
  4. Just out of curiosity ONLY, is the coin actually worth any $$?? I've been out of geocaching for a few years and I had no idea that geocoins had become so popular. I released a few of them (back in the day), but none of them ever accomplished their goal because people just held onto them instead. FUN stuff!
  5. I do think the coin was left in a cache somewhere in my area by moun10bike and it's definitely not what others seem to be referring to as a moun10bike coin, but I still say that I remember that he had the coin made as one of the very early efforts. Does anyone know about this idea? It even seems like I sent him an email years (and years) ago and he confirmed that fact, but I'm just not positive... Oh, how I miss my mind! LOL I did leave a shiny, golden $1 US coin in trade for the greenman geocoin and I remember thinking that was as close as I was going to get to trading another coin for it. In those days, a geocoin was VERY rare! Thanks so much for sharing everyone!
  6. Am I supposed to try to contact him to find out whether he would like to have it returned?? I have to admit that it would break my little heart to give it up.... , but I guess if he REALLY wanted it back then maybe. LOL
  7. I'm still not clear on the ownership thing.... When I originally found the coin, I'm sure it was on a release from Moun10bike. I had no idea that people were returning these coins to him or that they were being sold for so much money! JoenSue: Did you purchase your coin or find it in a geocache?? Does the certificate say anything about moun10bike's association or is it a completely different coin than my own? I haven't run across anyone else that has the coin in their possession so this is fun stuff!
  8. I also love the idea of using at a virtual geocoin by laminating a picture of it and attaching a dog tag!
  9. I'm still not seeing where I can add pictures to a profile gallery.... I've gone to my profile, but now I'm lost. Help!
  10. Hello Everyone!! I do have the golden coin that drneal posted for us in the earlier post. Mine is #054, stamped on the edge of the coin, produced by geocachetreasure.com. I don't remember where I got the information that it was a moun10bike coin though. Do we know if this in fact 'belongs' to him?? Now I feel like I've been hiding the 'stolen' treasure all of these years!! The moderator seems kinda mad at me... I love Pastor B's idea of sharing the coin at events. Since I don't think it's trackable (??), no one could really discover it but it's nice to see it anyway. It seems that I remember Moun10bike stating somewhere that these coins were original geocoins. Do you guys know anything else?? Thanks so much for your interest. It's a lot of fun to talk about this beautiful coin!
  11. I'm having trouble uploading a couple of pics since I don't host my images anywhere, but I'll figure something out if people are interested in seeing pics. I can't believe that the coin is really rare though. I verified the date and location that I found the coin and it was in 2002 at the Salt Creek Bunker cache. I'm still able to find my old log and the depositor's (Herr Fritz) previous entry!! I wonder if there's anyway I can steal the entry?? It's linked to an account that belongs to another active user, so I'm probably out of luck. I can't count my well over 100 finds either. These are the things you really miss when you lose them in the divorce! LOL
  12. Ahoy fellow geocachers! I've been geocaching since 'almost' the very beginning. I think my first cache was in 2001 and I've been hooked ever since! Imagine my delight when one of my first geocaches revealed a large, golden gleaming coin! Nothing could have been closer to REAL treasure! I will never forget the day. I literally pushed down a small child (distracted them with some dumb 'ol bubbles) and held the coin high into the air with a scream of victory. I had no idea what I had just found, but it was truly beautiful and it was all mine!! It seems that I remember it being an early release from Moun10bike, meaning a coin that was released before there was even an official way of tracking them properly. I believe I found the coin at a geocache called Salt Creek Bunker in Washington state, near Sequim. Can anyone help me with a provenance for this coin and tell me whether or not they can be tracked now? I have always felt just a little bit greedy that I've kept the coin all to myself, since I do love to share others. Somehow this one has just always been too good to let go.... I'd like to verify it's origins. Happy Trails!
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