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  1. Thanks for the great help so far, especially the http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ link. I also downloaded Mapsource and have it working, but I am having a bit of problem. I had a map I transferred from an etrex that had some california topo. I used mapsource to create a tennessee map using their SE topo. When I did this, it erased my California topo, and dropped in the SE tennessee. I did a test, and it looks like I can drop in both SW and SE together. Questions: 1. Can I save these maps in a custom file on a SD card or under custom maps on the unit, or will it always erase the map on the garmin? 2. If not, can I transfer them into a custom file (so I'm not losing what I've already created- or having to include them in a new build)? 3. My Garmen recognizes my custom maps (i've been making Satmpaps from google earth and gimp) all as one chunk or file, even though I have about 10 of them. Is there any way to put them in files that the garmen recognized them separately (so I can enable/disable them separately)? Thanks!
  2. Another question please. I understand there is something called birdseye view. But I think there is another way to do it by photcapturing pics from google earth satelite pics. 1. Can I do this and add sat-pics on areas that I drive in a lot? 2. Has anyone had a great degree of success or failure doing this? 3. Does it make the unit run slower? 4. Did they fix the bug with the firmware update whereby the peeps lost the streetnames? 5. Can I place such maps on the unit itself, or do they have to be on the SDdisk? Newb questions i'm sure. sorry.
  3. Ok. I'm very impressed. So.. there's really no need for the 'garmen brand' maps I take it. Will my oregon 450 be able to hold a significant amount of maps? or will it be limited? I truly have no understanding of how this works.
  4. Hello. I'm very new to geocaching, but think its a great activity. I just ordered an oregon 450 at what I consider a very good price (299 shipped)(ordered just now, so I'm waiting in anticipation). My question is this: Are there free maps somewhere that can be downloaded and installed (opensource maps?) or am I at the whim of Garmin and have to rely on their maps that I have to pay for? Sorry for such a newb question, and I'll be sure to search the forums also. TFTR & TFTC's
  5. That sale appears to be done. I went to bed thinking about buying one, and woke up to it being 'on sale' for $349
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