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  1. My question related to the lower case "r", of the term "GPSr" which I now surmise means "receiver". Sorry for the confusion. One sublety in the nautical/marine world is that buried in the bowels of the Vista HCx programming is something that swaps the device over to "marine" which means that it doesn't force one to take an embedded (included, loaded, pre-programmed, ??? road). I guess that means that courses followed are as defined between waypoints, until the travel commences. I have a lot to learn. I'll have to call Garmin to get the low-down on WAAS in Belize fringe area.
  2. admo1872, you do know that the HCx takes microSD cards, right? So there is no need for built-in memory. I just bought a 2GB Sandisk microSD card for under $25 with free shipping. FYI. could you post a link please.
  3. MPF and Star: nautical GPSr is what? I wiki'd WAAS and saw a reddish-colored coverage map and the utilization pctg dropped way off down Belize way. Since I would be mainly in a small area, I'm thinking that the pctg cvg would still be high enough to give the anchor-drag feature credibility. Like... wake-up when the alarm sounds! Thanks for the responses...
  4. Noobie here. Took forever to get avatar up and double forever to become authorized to post. Does anyone know if WAAS works in southern Belize waters? I am looking at Garmin Vista HCx with anchor drag feature so I stay out of trouble in my charter sailboat. Any suggestions appreciated.
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