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  1. Just been logging my finds today, came across this recent log. "Got to confess that I cant remember this one very well so must have been found by one of the lads while i was elsewhere" How on earth can someone claim to have found this (of course he has). I know, I know, we all play the game differently, chill out John. But really, give me strength.
  2. Only went and won didn't it!!! 8 to 1, never had a penny on it ;-((
  3. Topical tip for you: Exeter 5.00 - Black Cache No doubt it will be muggled on the line!!!
  4. Being a bit of a dinosaur, I've been somewhat afraid of tinkering with my PC and installing Chrome. Decided to bite the bullet this evening, all I can say is "wow", what a difference. The access to OS maps is just brilliant. Many many thanks for this.
  5. I'm just back from a week in the Republic of Ireland, and was there at Christmas as well. There seems to be a fascination with placing caches in graveyards or at religious sites of significance. I know that the country is much more religious than the UK - and that there is one dominant religion - but for me it's most disconcerting to be rooting round near to gravestones (we're not talking about finding clues in the graveyard, but the actual cache). I bailed out more than once and lost some of my enthusiasm for caching over there, it almost seems like there has to be a religious connection for a cache to be placed - or maybe it's just the area that I was in.
  6. I can't comment on Caching Karma, all that I can say is that when I broke down the other week I wished there'd been a Caching Karmachanic around
  7. Thanks for the info, caches will duly be avoided! I don't suggest anywhere in any of the above posts that DorsetGal isn't a valuable member of the geocaching community. I am merely defending myself from the fairly blatant suggestion that, in her opinion, I am not.
  8. The folk who find hundreds of caches put plenty into the game. If they didn't find caches, the COs would find it a pretty pointless task in placing caches to begin with. Sure, so you're doing us all a service with over a thousand finds in under a year and not setting anything? Thanks so much for putting me right, who knew? If they don't want to place any caches that is up to them..... They may not have the time or inclination to create and maintain a good cache, if pressurized to place caches then either they will leave the game, or more likely create film pot tossed by the side of the road caches (which of course end up completely unmaintained) Ooooh, I seem to have rattled a cage. Let me assure you of a couple of things, as a member of the sub species referred to above as "they" 1) As and when I have an idea for an original and creative cache, in a good location, I will place one. I would never place a "film pot in the woods / magnetic nano in the City Centre" type cache. I have found many ingenious caches in the last year, and appreciate them so much more than a 35mm / nano / tupperware box under stickoflauge. But, there's nothing wrong with "bog standard" caches, if it means that I go on a 10 mile walk in countryside that I would not have otherwise have visited. 2) I have no intention of leaving the game. However, if DorsetGal & Geodog would kindly advise me of the location of all of the caches they have placed, I'll make sure that I don't find them. I'm sure they wouldn't want their logs tarnished by a one dimensional member like me.
  9. The folk who find hundreds of caches put plenty into the game. If they didn't find caches, the COs would find it a pretty pointless task in placing caches to begin with.
  10. I think that the point that Legochugglers makes about the difference between N American "power trails" and walks in the UK is very relevant. On another recent thread, Solitario is enthusiastic about a fellow Canadian cacher who is proposing a series along The Great Western Cattle Trail, maybe 30 miles in length, with anything between 35 and 70 caches. This trail is referred to in the topic heading as a "History Geotrail". Now, the one thing that we do better than most in the UK is history. It's everywhere! I'd hazard a guess that many of our "walks" here could be similarly categorised as a History Geotrail. So, the chances are that, on any walk in the UK, you will see places of historical interest, old buildings / grand houses etc etc - we tend to take these things for granted I suppose, but it's a fact that many countries can't offer the same level of interest as can be found here. The chances of a walk being "boring", even if some people prefer not to have 3 - 4 caches per mile, is, I would suggest, slim (though admittedly, there is always the exception to the rule, mainly because of the attitude of many of our citizens to the scattering of rubbish wherever they like)
  11. Not quite sure what Solitario's beef is here. I see that he has more posts to his name on the forum than he has caches found, maybe that's a telling statistic. Caching is priority No.2, complaining priority No.1, possibly?? No-one's asking you to do the walk yourself, Solitario, but there will be plenty of people (myself included), who would be more than happy to walk this series. Stop trying to make our minds up for us.
  12. Another definite vote for countryside here, I love discovering places (often not that far from where I live), that I'd otherwise never have got to. The quality of cache does matter, but to be honest, I'd still be content with a 10 mile walk full of sandwich boxes / film containers, if the scenery was good (what = good - subjective, I know). Having said that, I can see the appeal of, and have done a few, multis set in urban surroundings that teach you something about the history / culture of where you are exploring. I'm not a fan of nano type urban caches, simply because I don't the idea of being watched / discovered.
  13. Congratulations to me on my 1000th cache today, less than 10 months after starting this mad hobby (hobby? more like obsession). Target for end of 2012 = hit 2500.
  14. When I'm caching, I don't look like anything or anybody, as I blend invisibly into the background
  15. Well done to rob*ren for coming on and admitting the shortcomings, I dare say that most would have reacted differently! The most disappointing aspect of all of this is that...you've never heard of Airto Moreira! Well, here's what you've been missing all these years, the great man at his best, on percussion and unmistakable vocals / noises. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tweQFL43XjM
  16. Re the above Delta68 - yes, spot on! I decided to allow him / her / them anonymity, but have no qualms about you naming and shaming!! Frosty68 - I'm sure you're right, lots of the caches in this series are seriously neglected, and it does look like the CO is no longer in love with geocaching for whatever reason
  17. ...or at least it is when you play it by some peoples' rules. A recently joined cacher has logged the following notes in relation to caches in a local series which I attempted a few weeks ago, several of the caches are in a state of disrepair / disappearence, to say the least - but minor details like that aren't going to stop this cacher logging a find. Logs read as follows: 1) Cache is gone. camo material left behind. Another photo job 2) Looks like another one muggled. Pic of tdee(?) to prove find. (the photo is just a general view of the area where the cache should be) 3) Another may have been muggled photo to prove find (photo as above) 4) Found the Gz but engineering works mean cache may be gone. See photo... (guess what – a photo of the engineering works) To confirm - all of the above have been logged as "Found it" Following the logic of 4), all we need to do to claim a find is perform the not inconsiderable task of following the arrow on our GPSr and hey presto - a find! No matter if it's not there, not my fault guv'nor. Gizza smiley face for the sheer effort of walking there. Now I know where I'm going wrong.
  18. Well, that's told me, hasn't it! Whatever next though, ladies of the female persuasion allowed to geocache? Surely not? Next thing you know they'll be wanting the vote.
  19. Should the previous poster not change his name from Fantasy Raider to Fantasy Rider???
  20. I've been geocaching since April. I've not placed any caches yet (found 800+, so I think I have the general idea of what makes a good cache, and will not place any "just for the sake of it", when I do place one or more they will hopefully be imaginative) I have to say that I play by the rules, and would adopt a zero tolerance policy to any funny business that I discovered. As far as I'm concerned, if you don't sign the log, it's not a find, unless you have photographic evidence that you couldn't sign because of damage etc. As for anyone who says "couldn't sign as forgot pen", how can anyone be so stupid as to go caching without anything to write with. In fact don't take one pen, take two, in case the first one runs out. Morons. Rant over (for now)
  21. No winter drawers required today, shirt sleeve weather here in sunny West Mids! Animals and plants must be getting mighty confused.
  22. Message for thebruce0 - above... You're obviously interpreting my original post seriously. Ever heard of irony? Treat it in the light hearted way that it's meant. Chill out!
  23. I'm thinking of creating my own Challenge, which would be to never do a Challenge. Everyone automatically completes the challenge successfully without doing anything, but fails the challenge if they complete a challenge. I reckon it could be a best selling novel, a sequel to Catch-22 if you like! Maybe the above gives a clue as to my feelings about Challenges?
  24. "I would look for a car with an up turned lip on the roof as this may help. Unfortunately I have had a Mcflurry, a torch, a tent pole and most embarassingly my trousers (dont ask!) that have flown off as I turned on to a main road........ Sorry... you mean which GPS (LOL)" Now that's just boasting about the trousers!
  25. Never mind "taking longer to load"...I've been waiting 15 mins for a log to load. I'm still waiting
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