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  1. Ah, I see what you mean. Whilst it doesn't solve the problem, it's not at all a bad idea, given the current shortcomings of Chrome . Thanks for pointing it out!
  2. The CO has responded to my query about the deletion. He states that "....nobody has or will be accusing you of not finding the cache simply cause there's no room to sign the log, so the log wasn't deleted for that reason. The only reason therefore, is my comment that it's "Not really a D4, is it....spotted this from about 5 yards away, straight to it". A red card offence? I think not! Anyway, a bland TFTC (Grrr) has now been logged, which will hopefully draw the episode to an end.
  3. I posted the following log yesterday Not really a D4, is it....spotted this from about 5 yards away, straight to it. As has already been noted on several occasions, the log is 100% full, no way I could sign. If CO wishes me to give a full description of where cache is, to prove find, I'm more than happy to oblige! I have a message in my Inbox this morning to say that the CO has deleted my log. I'm somewhat at a loss as to why. He / she may be a bit miffed that their precious D4 was spotted straight away, but if they were that concerned about it, then they should have got out to replace the log (NM posted by last finder on 7th Sep, which was the 4th reference to the fact that the log needs replacing.) I'd say I'm fully justified to have steam coming out of my ears right now. No sign of a message from the CO asking me to amend something that he / she may not have been happy about, just a straight "red card". Your opinion, please, dear reader!
  4. Yes, lots of us! There's a thread specifically about this somewhere else, I believe.
  5. My claims: 1) No.1 Grammar pedant (above post should not have an apostrophe. Should be its, not it's). 2) No.1 for posting on threads that others think should be locked.
  6. Tea. The vilest drink known to mankind. Even the smell of it from a few feet away makes me feel sick. Sorry, but I just don't get it. Takes all sorts to make the world, eh?
  7. #1 in being nowhere near being #1 in any category, no matter how spurious you like to be.
  8. Anyone brave enough to go out caching today? That lion's probably hungry!
  9. I completed the Westcote Wander series earlier this week. Nice walk, some interesting caches, and....here's the bonus....they're all there at the moment! Starts and finishes in a village that time's forgotten!
  10. Looking for a geocache AND looking at pictures of semi clad women...now it doesn't get much better than that!!!
  11. Is that right....you have to "PUSH" the door to get into the phone box???? Maybe that accounts for the state of chaos inside!
  12. Taken opposite GC2RW7H - 0 favourites (well, you didn't say that the cache had to have favourites, just that it had to have a "unique" number of them!!!) And yes, the goslings did indeed join Mum and Dad in the canal, one by one. The word that springs to mind is plummet, rather than jump!
  13. Dogfort, you may rest assured that I am an extremely pleasant chap, both in real life and in the surreal world that is geocaching. I agree that my amended question was a little on the mischievous side, you would no doubt describe it in somewhat different terms, but maybe it would not be a bad idea if someone would be so good as to state the blindingly obvious correct answer, and then I can depart this thread, never to return, at which point peace and harmony can return.
  14. As far as I am aware, Dogfort, I am not your son - and if you are old enough to be my father, then you have my deepest sympathy. It would appear that my question doesn't seem to be too popular, so I shall withdraw it, and replace it with one more suitable for Dogfort to have a go at. Let's hope Maths is more up his street. Q. What's 2 plus 2? (Hint, for Dogfort, the answer only contains one digit)
  15. Sorry, Dogfort, I didn't realise I had to ask a question that you know the answer to.
  16. Newcomer to this thread...seems like I have to set a question now.....ok, music....name the well known jazz singer who's married to the famous Brazilian percussionist from whom I take my geocaching name.
  17. Now there's a coincidence - has someone else been looking up the answers to GC1ZXBE??? The answer that you're looking for is The Hawthorns, with an altitude (presumably that's what you mean by "highest", rather than the ground where the most illegal substances are indulged in....) of 551 feet.
  18. Just read the log notes on your cache page. My opinion only, others may disagree, but would it be a nice gesture to contact the cachers who had to log a dnf and tell them that, in the circumstances, they can claim a find?
  19. Perfect!!! Many thanks. Thread closed!!
  20. I've just installed GC Vote (http://gcvote.com/index.php) to have a look and see what it looks like. Can't say that it adds much to the experience, and in fact seems to slow down moving from page to page. Does anyone know how to uninstall it (no information on the website, I just did a System Restore to see if it would disappear when I'd completed it, but no, the thing is still there! I'm using Google Chrome...maybe if I uninstall it and reinstall, that would solve the problem?
  21. I like Number 2: 2. Roll down a really big hill Use hills with gentle slope Avoid areas recently occupied by livestock
  22. I think that the OP needs to contact all his rotund class mates and tell them to stop placing all these boring caches.
  23. Interesting statistics on The Spokes... 237 caches found in the 118 months since joining in June 2002. An average of 2 a month. Now if I was paying Premium Membership to find 2 caches a month, I'd expect nothing less than a solid gold container, and dancing girls leaping out from behind the nearest tree (or signpost), with a bottle of bubbly, when I found it. No wonder they're a bit hacked off at the mundaneness of it all. 4 caches found 2 days ago, no caching activity at all in the period from 11th Dec 2011 up until then, a period of almost 4 months. Seems like they're only part time cachers at best - or maybe that's about the length of time it takes to recover from having a gastric band inserted....... Here's another thought. I don't know the area, but looking at the location of theses caches, they can all presumably be done as c&ds - all are situated on a road (naturally, if they're all on signposts). So, how did The Spokes arrive at these cache sites? Probably by car - just like all the fat lumps do. So, what do they expect? Maybe a nice walk in the countryside would be in order, away from those nasty signposts.....but there again, we don't want stiles and hedgerows incurring their wrath as well, now do we!
  24. It's not the fact that he can't remember much about the cache - neither can I sometimes, it's the fact that he admits he was probably "elsewhere" at the time!!
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