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  1. I am a single mom with a couple of little kids... I am new to this and tryin to find some caches with my kids... I dont know if i am not reading my gps correctly or if its just not getting close enough to the spots to find. I was wondering if maybe someone would like to help me out that has been to the st anthony caches...email buddy or even run around town and help find them? I could probably figure it out with a few more hints...but i just need some help


    It would be good to try and meet up with well rounded cachers...also make sure you are starting off with easy caches. Such as 1/1 or 1.5/1.5. Difficulty/Terrain. The thing to keep in mind is if you are looking for point x on the grid your gps may be 10-20 feet off in its determining where the coordinates are located. And the Cache owners coordinates could be off from where x is located as well. I have found some right where the GPS leads me and some 22 feet from where it should be. Which is where my old GPS located the search area. I have found several that were far further off than that. Good luck!

  2. Last year at the West Bend Cache Ba$h I was in an area doing a few caches put out for the bash. I had decided to skip the puzzle cache because I wanted finds and didn't want to spend time on the puzzle. As a got nearly to the cache I was searching for a group came out of the woods and asked if I was searching for the planets puzzle cache nearby. I said I was going to do it and they said we are on the way to the final if I wanted to tag along. I happily said sure! I then went the short way to the regular cache and left the park I was searching in...


    Also the first puzzle cache I found I had guys show up out of nowhere and asked what we were looking for. This was maybe my second or third trip out caching and one of the first in the woods. They pulled it out of its hiding spot and they went on there way out of the area...very odd! B)

  3. There is bound to be a difference, since they are totally different pieces of equipment. OTOH, your GPS needs to store the whole thing in it's limited memory. In order to have a useable-sized image, the quality would necessarily need to be less.


    Actually the 710 has an SD slot that could hold a map program no matter how large...as long as you could afford a mini SD large enough to hold the maps. I just got a 710 and think it would be possible.

  4. They could also be talking about the difficulty/terrain grid where one would want to cover all caches from 1/1 and 5/5 and all the others as well. I know that I will likely do this before I ever am able to cover all the days while I am working full time. I took a look at your profile and it seems like you are on a good run for just starting. I hope to get both covered at some point.

  5. Remember the 'KISS' principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. Try the easy ones first and see what happens. Even some of the easy ones can be very cleverly hidden. I have done nearly all types and most of the the difficulties and terrains. I have nearly 200 caches and have not done a 5/5 yet. There are several in the area and I may be finding one for my 200th cache! Some caches take multiple visits to find even for people who have 10,000 finds. When you get to harder ones don't be afraid to contact the owner if you want help. One of the most notorious hiders (150+ caches) in my area has given me his number if I cannot find his caches. I have found around twenty. Make sure to make circles around the GZ and expand the search area as needed. It's still amazing to me that I can walk right past a cache and come from a different direction and it jumps out at me...


    Another thing that makes it much better is a partner or two. I go with another guy or two quite often, sometimes my Dad, and my Mom has done it a few times. As a pastor I have taken my youth group on some easy finds and it is really fun to watch the group search. I do go alone if I cannot get anyone to go but, it is not as much fun to not share the adventure. Good Luck!

  6. I use a Camelbak bag with several pockets. I carry a Point and shoot digital camera, swag, tweezers, pens, pencils (mechanical), Paper, logs, Geocaching pamplets for muggles, flashlight(s), batteries, and my GPSr. As I cache more I find I add what I need more and more. I am sure as the years go on it will change. I tend to trade less and less often and just find caches now.


    I really like the idea of a mirror that someone else said as well as the magnetic wand...

  7. After half an hour looking I think I am either totally blind...


    The third cache I looked for was a 4.5/4.5 difficulty (GC2TZN8). It still gets almost as many Did Not Finds as finds. Some hiders will actually try to trick you into missing it. I have spent nearly three hours searching for this cache only to come up empty...Sometimes the trip to find a cache is better than the cache itself. In the case of my cache it took me to a part of town I would have never seen and I will keep going back until I find it. I usually find more with my partner than I do on my own. It's easier when someone else is looking too. Also walk in circles around where your GPSr says is zero. I can't tell you how many times I have walked around and seen it from another angle and had walked by it many times. Most GPSr and phones (I use a blackberry sometimes) will tell you how far off it may be. If my GPSr has a good signal its 22ft. The phone is usally 5-7feet. If the area is in an area with a valley with trees, magectic rocks, cloudy, or powerlines the numbers can be way off...Good luck!

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