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  1. to me hiding is a lot more fun then finding.

    I agree!! I find that making (containers and puzzles) is a lot more satisfying that finding. When I used to play hide-and-seek I would always want to be the one to hide, on rooftops and in trees and so on. Around here in NE Iowa there's a not a lot of great back country so I have to make up for the lack of scenery with special containers and puzzles to find them.




    great comments!

  2. I've had countless police/caching encounters and none have turned out bad, just be honest and all is well, many of those were while hiding caches and many more were while finding, one was me asking them to stop because the box they were about to blow up was my Geocache ;)

  3. When a muggle approaches, I just keep searching. Then they ask me what I'm doing and if I'm looking in a bush I just say "Oh, I was just looking at this bush." If I'm looking in gravel, I say "Just checking out this gravel". Then they think I'm some weird-o and they scoot off ASAP. It's a very effective technique.


    LOL, I either do that or just stare at them like THEY are the ones being wierd until they feel uncomfortable and leave.

  4. I do not. I have not. And I never will, audit the paper logs in my caches against the online logs. Never.


    I agree with that, for a time I tried to delete inappropriate logs, there were a lot of cachers attacking other cachers in logs on my caches, I started a big thing by deleting a lot of logs and made some enemies, I realized afterwards that it's not worth it, it's a GAME, a FUN GAME that I love, and how would I feel if someone was censoring my way of playing? I'd hate it, so why should I do that to someone else? I shouldn't, I've been a lot happier living by the " I play how I want to and I let them do the same " rules.


    Logging event caches 5 to 50 times to get smilies for temporary caches is "in!"


    Luckily that's never been an issue where we're from, I've never even heard of it being done.

  5. hey michael801,

    I think we are from the same city, or really close,

    you can contact me with any questions,

    (I wonder if I saw you pass your test, I work at the testing session every month...)

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