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  1. That would be a cool idea, but my systems also works fine for me, I just mark the coordinates as corrected in GSAK, then I can load all unknowns with corrected coordinates and that gets "ALR's and solved puzzles" ... bytheway, what's an ALR? I've never heard/seen that one before, I knew what it meant based on context but can someone tell me what it stands for?
  2. I don't, I think stealth when caching is generally a bad idea, most people are not as sneaky or cleaver as they think they are so they just end up making it obvious that they are hiding something, and if you look like you're being sneaky you'll raise a lot of concern. I believe in not hiding my actions, if someone is looking at me like they are wondering what I'm doing I'll often just walk over to them and explain it, unless I'm feeling playful and then I'll just stare at them like THEY are doing something weird and wrong until they feel awkward enough to leave... lol Personally I don't believe in "non-cachers" stealing caches, sure it might happen once in a blue moon, anything can happen, but if you stop to think about it, if you were not a geocacher but saw one find a cache would you wait until he was gone and then go steal it? I wouldn't and I can't picture any family or friends being like that either... no... I personally believe 99% of caches that go missing are because Geocachers steal them, but that's another thread topic.
  3. LOL, A little off topic here but I've seen that A LOT, plus someone put a 'needs archived' log on one of our caches because they couldn't find it, they said they looked everywhere and knew it wasn't there, it had only been published 2 days, the next day someone found it and the day after that the first person went back and found it... Oh, and someone said a cache needed maintenance because it didn't load into their GPS correctly... hmmmm
  4. That's just two days of caching for me Last Friday morning I drove 30 miles to drop my wife off with a friend so they can go away for the weekend to Yosemite. I then spent the next 8 hours driving almost 150 miles "taking the long way home" and finding a few dozen caches. Saturday I got up and drove 50 miles to meet up with friends, then we all drove another 50 miles to get to the trailhead of a planned 4x4 run we're organizing for GeoWoodstock weekend. By the time I got home we found 16 caches, hid 20 caches, and I put 240 miles on the truck. Today I drove 60 miles and found a few caches, then I picked up my wife, and we drove home in just 30 miles with no caching. Hrmph. 300 miles a month. Wuss. LOL, yeah.. In the last year I've taken my Jeep about 5,000 miles a month caching, and that doesn't include when I drive one of the other cars...
  5. I think ( and there's always a chance I'm wrong ) that we're talking about caches that have never been reviewed or published, an archived cache is different, to me, because it's "Viewable," the times I've coem across a cache being used as "Virtual traveler storage" it's been an unreviewed unpublished cache that nobody except Cache owner and reviewer can see. Also a few people have said "I never do that with other people's bugs" but some people do, and I think that's the original problem mentioned here.
  6. I've seen alot of that here in Utah, it can be frustrating when you want to know what's up with your traveler and they leave it there for months, or forever... lol
  7. That would count as "Hiding" I'd say, since an Event is counted in your "Hidden" Stats.
  8. I love high traffic areas for caches, I think it's fun to have everyone staring at me like I'm a fool, maybe because I am, but I just stare back, point at them and laugh, or do something else to make them give up and forget about me.
  9. As I understand it, the decision was made to stop listing virts for a few reasons: The core belief is that a geocache must have an actual log. The existance of virts gives land managers an 'easy out' when asked for permission to place a cache. The quality of some virts was very, very poor. Implementing a 'Wow!' rule was a failure. ---------- So why are Earthcaches allowed? they have all the same "Problems."
  10. There was one here in Utah that was a night cache, meaning you followed reflectors with a light, but he also had the final cache coordinates posted on the page for those who didn't want to do it as a night cache.
  11. We hide alot, so there have been many times when people from out of town have come here and found 100+, but we couldn't do that without a trip to vegas or somewhere like that... lol
  12. Your question "Why is it so important" implies that it is, which I don't believe, I don't think it's 'important' I think it's 'Fun,' and I think most if not all cachers I know agree, it can be looked at the same with Geocaching, we all go, but is it "important" ? not really, its just really fun.
  13. GC106V9 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...1c-884a75d355e6 Is a Spring Loaded Snake. I told the owners to name it Viper and place it at the dodge dealership so people wouldn't suspect that it's a snake... lol they did.
  14. St George, Utah. It's warm weather, not too far from Vegas if you want to go there, a lot of people fly into Vegas and drive up to St George, there's ATON of fun urban caches if that's what you like, if you're a numbers person it would be pretty easy to get a couple hundred finds on a weekend... or more. If you're not after the numbers there are some AMAZING things to see in the area, some gorgeous national parks and state parks... It's a great choice, the Salt Lake/Provo area would be great too as long as it's not winter.
  15. I don't see anything wrong with the fact that he told someone where an unpublished cache was, if I was the first person to find it by getting the coordinates off the website I'd count it in my FTF's though.
  16. The best I've heard of were Mom the Cook & cashnhubby, they found over 3,000 the first year.
  17. Around here everyone has them, Kmart, WalMart, Shopko, Target, and all the grocery stores too, I've found that if they either sit in the sun or freeze hard the "Tabs" fall off though.
  18. This Event was a fun one. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...29-9df192f64d0c
  19. My wife called hers "cacher" before we met and it has stuck so now we both call the GPS "Cacher"
  20. Cause Alabama is sweet!!!!! But its not in Kentucky. The FIRST one, was in Utah, I waymarked it in both the KFC category and the "FIRSTS" category.
  21. I've never used Google Earth, I use Garmin's Mapsource for the routes.
  22. That's cool to see, I've always wondered how many caches are archived among the big time placers... so looks like the active percentages of the three mentioned are 42% 75% and 86%....
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