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  1. 0.2 miles away... I don't cache as much close to home as I do far from home so they tend to build up.
  2. Yeah, that's what they are in Utah, I've been selling them for $4 to make a profit, almost out, time to get a new batch in.
  3. haha, nope! not tired of it, because I've always found them for under $1 each.
  4. I say go for it, maybe if you REALLY think whoever is watching you is going steal the cache if they see you touch it, then just see it and don't sign, leave it there, tell the C.O. what happened and that you didn't sign so that you wouldn't bring attention to the container and tell him what it was? just an idea.
  5. Is it just me or do statements 1 and 2 BOTH describe your Mom ? It sure looks like it to me, so you can call your Mom a 'M-word.'
  6. Hiya Ad0or! We enjoyed your Utah caches while on our road trip! ... I'm sorry but my kids and I certainly do not find these items enjoyable, amusing, cute, useful or worthy of trades... Exactly, I love chick tracts and JW tracts and others, I've never seen a religious tract in a cache, but if I did I'd be excited, you don't like them, that's just proving my point from my first post you were quoting.
  7. Why is it any different then any other SWAG ? To some people it's Gold and to some people it's garbage, some as mcdonalds toys, signature cards, or whatever else you see in a cache, if you like it, good, if you hate it, someone else will like it.
  8. I do, and think it's great when other people do, find it annoying when people don't, but still won't go so far as to say that everyone must.
  9. We do a lot of hiding caches with friends, both our caches and theirs, the rules we've always gone by is who ever was there when it was hidden can log it found, but they have to wait until someone who was not there when it was placed finds it.
  10. I think the SBA logs are good enough to get rid of the problem caches, I personally look at it in a way where every cache is a potential "Historic cache" and I look forward to years and years from now when some of the better caches I'm hiding now will be looked at as historic by others.
  11. Wow, I just came up with that on my own recently and wondered if it had been done before .... hahaha
  12. That is a picture of the "Robot" getting ready to get my cache, luckily I got there on time! I pulled up and they said "You can't come down this road," I replied, "It's okay, that's my Ammo Can you're about to blow up," and explained that it was a geocache...
  13. I own several moving caches, when they've moved around several times and been placed again by someone else I might go find it and move it again, in that case I log it found. I've adopted many caches I've already found. Those are two good reasons to have "Found it's" on caches you own.
  14. I agree. There are several caches I have on my "First to find" list that other people have on theirs as well, and we were not there at the same time, they didn't see my name and I think I was first, I didn't see theirs and they claim to be first, so I just told them to go ahead and count it and I did the same, it really doesn't matter, if the OP put on his page that Bob was the FTF when I found it with him and put on his page that I couldn't count it because he doesn't let people share FTF's I'd still count it, because I can and I want to. hehe
  15. There are no time and cost restraints in my opinion, nobody says anybody has to cache a lot or cache far, it's a play at your own pace game I've had to buy all 4 GPS units I've had, and have worked full time my whole caching career. I guess what I'm saying is it's all about how much you want to, most young people would rather do other things, but they COULD cache as much as anyone else if they wanted to.
  16. There are many, personally I'm 23, wow... time flies, I started in '01 when I was 16 and have been caching since.
  17. With the POI Macro in GSAK it gives you the icon as it really looks on the website, kind of fun!
  18. 100 days finding streak AND 100 days hiding streak.
  19. http://www.geocaching.com/faq/ What are the rules in Geocaching? Geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon. Therefore, the rules are very simple: 1. Take something from the cache 2. Leave something in the cache 3. Write about it in the logbook Yet if someone wanted to look for caches listed on Geocaching.com and not ever sign their name in a physical log or trade any items, no one else would care a bit so long as they didn't log a 'found it' online. I'd guess that people would even accept if the person left a note on line tell about their cache hunt. Most people who saw someone with a GPSr looking for the container would say they were geocaching. But if you want to say they were looking for a cache but not geocaching that is OK too (does this make them muggles?). Nowhere do the "3 rules" from the FAQ say anything about logging online. Must you have been geocaching per the "rules" in order to log a found it online? It doesn't say that anywhere. The only guideline is that cache owners should delete bogus logs. If TPTB want to state that a bogus log means that you didn't take something from the cache, or leave something in the caches, or write about it in the logbook; they could add that clarification. I suspect they won't do this. Most cache owners will allow logs to stand where no trade was made and most won't check the physical logs to verify the cacher wrote in it. Most cache owners will not delete online found logs when it reasonably looks like the cacher found the cache and just forgot to sign or forgot a pen or something to use if the log was too wet to write in. Some cache owners will not delete any logs. Oh, that's why I didn't see it in the guidelines, its in the FAQ.... lol SO, if we're going to be technical, which I like to do.... Signing the log still doesn't count, you have to WRITE ABOUT YOUR TRADE, just signing your name is just as bad as doing nothing according to the "Rules..."
  20. Where do the guidelines state to sign the log? I just read them and it seems like all "log" mentions are talking about how the hider must provide a log to be signed, I've always been under the impression that it's the finders choice to sign or not, it's only the hider who is told they MUST do something, if I somehow missed it and it IS a RULE to sign the log I guess I'll have to start, we find the caches and if bigger then a nano even open them to see if Helen likes anything in there among the trade items, often take pictures with it, but almost never sign, I sign if it was a really fun cache, or if it's older then 2003 (I really like old caches), or if we're the first to find... other then that, it always seemed utterly pointless to sign it, we're not trying to prove to anyone that we "really found it," it's not a game of show as much as it's a fun way to live our lives, we geocache everyday, we met through caching and married and eat breathe and sleep caching, we don't care what people think about us because we're having so much fun!
  21. Copy/Paste Logging, I've done my fair share, but I quit a few months ago. My new opinion is that whether they are silly, dumb, awesome, or inspiring, logs should be unique and typed out.
  22. LOL, there are people here who have 1,000+ finds and have never said anything more than or anything but 'TFTC" and another who ONLY says "Signed Log"
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