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  1. Hi,


    I would like to update my profile with a automated statisic updater so people can see my stats.


    Any good ideas for places to sign up?




    I don't believe 'automated' can be done... You can manually load your latest My Finds pocket query to a myriad of tools.


    There's a GSAK macro that will do it all for you, of course you'd have to have your finds in your GSAK database.

  2. Did anyone ever hear about geocaching cruises or ever geocache while on a cruise or sailing boat?


    For example, a vacation travel cruise in the Caribbean including a little geocaching on every islands.


    Would be great, no?


    OusKonNé & Cétyla

    Québec, Canada


    I've cached on cruises every year since 2001 except 2005 up until now and love it, you sure don't get the numbers but it's REALLY fun! We even have one placed on Disney's private Island.

  3. That about says it all. Found what looked to be a relatively new cache in an ammo can located along the Eagle Mountain hiking trail in the Boundary Waters area of Minnesota. Don't see it here on geocaching.com. There were entries only several days old in the log. Does this happen sometimes? Is there another org that registers caches? I've searched with Google maps, coords, zip code, keyword, etc. Nothing pops.


    It might be a puzzle cache ?

  4. I've heard that recently also.


    It's not a recent thing. It's been the case since new virtuals were no longer being accepted here. Virts can't be adopted or unarchived.


    Actually I've adopted several virtual caches recently, I was wondering if it was a new change with the latest website changes...


    I don't know if it goes back to 2005, as Briansnat seems to be implying, but I had heard some time ago you couldn't do it. So my guess (and just a guess), is that you "got away with it" a few times. :lol:


    Okay, I'd buy that... The real question I'm asking is "Did the website get changed recently ( within the last few months ) so that adoptions of virtual type caches are physically impossible...

    If I "got away with it" then that would mean you're "not supposed to" but it still works if you try it... you know?

  5. Here's today's message to all members of the facebook group...


    New Logo

    To members of Geocaching is Littering


    Hi All,


    Had to change my logo due to copyright infringement. New one is better though and will piss those nasty yank geocachers off even more!!.



    And if you're curious, this is the new logo.. haha



  6. I cache a lot at night, and have probably been questioned by police a hundred or more times about what I was doing while geocaching... but as long as you are honest and willing, I don't see how it could ever turn out bad, the best that could happen? They will help you look for it. The worst? They will ask you to leave and you say "OK."

  7. Okay, I know that I should not place food items in a cache. However, I have some really really tiny (1/8 fl oz) bottles of Tabasco that are well sealed. Here is a picture of my brother, exhausted after trying to get the bottle open. I'ts really blurry 'cause I'm too small to hold the camera and get it focused right.



    See the green plastic seal around the neck and cap? I doubt if any bears could smell it out. What if I placed one of these in a cache, intending it to be swag for someone to remove soon?


    Okay, I probably already know the answer. Just asking anyway.


    One just like that broke open in our cache not very long ago, made a big mess.

  8. You cannot place a cache within .1 mi of another cache even if there is a major freeway in between. Same thing happened to me when i was trying to place my first cache.


    Sure you can. That is one of the several reasons that have always worked as exceptions for me.

  9. just curious, do you know, did he retrieve the container?

    I doubt it. I posted a "needs maint." log entry because when I found it the night before it needed a new log book, and he (almost) immediately archived it. See his log entry here.


    Oh you should see his event caches. He archives them before you can even log a attended log.


    Not that I do it, but I see nothing wrong with someone archiving the event as soon as it's over, anyone can still log it easily... type in the GC Code, look at the owner's hides, etc...

  10. That 'stuffed animal' that keeps showing up in Me & Bucky's logs has a most impressive scorecard in benchmarking... (absolutely unrivaled) and has seen more earthcache possibilities during work than most of us see in a lifetime, I'd warrant (except for Terrydad2, of course). One of the nicest 'teams' out there in caching - finally met 'em at last year's geocoin event in Temecula CA. Got to do some of their earthcaches around Las Vegas recently - and there's more calling me back!


    Me & Bucky ( Dave ) is awesome, one of my role models and in my opinion one of the top ten cachers, when it comes to benchmarking or earthcaching or even just caching it's hard to out do him.

  11. I am trying to hide my first cache and I put it in the park down the street but before I posted it I realize that it wasn't a good idea.

    I would like to know if anyone has hiding a cache by there house like on there fence? Is this a good idea? There are lots of neighbor kids and I don't want something to happen to them or even my family.





    House caches are great, we love them and ALWAYS think they are a great idea.

  12. Being from Utah where that cache is maybe I can help, "Geo-Seeds" is the name the "SirVesa" gave the the too common plastic nanos that he decided to package in little baggies and leave in all the caches that he finds... they were already really popular and often used all over northern Utah and that has helped them gain even more popularity, the bad part is that they last a couple of weeks ( or less ) and the caps fall off, then they shatter.... the good part is they are easy to find... here's a picture I just snapped of some I have in my office...



  13. Edited the first post a bit. Anyone can use Google and can find several sources for this stuff. You don't have to advertise for these folks.

    So how come you are allowed to advertise the search engine you mention above? Please edit your own post! Rules should be good for everybody :anitongue:


    Oh my... grow up.

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