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  1. I'd say neither one did anything wrong, the owner can ask anything he wants to... and the finder can be nice and do it or decide to do whatever he wants...


    On a side note, a funny story that seems to be on topic... There was a recent case in my home area where a cacher placed "tribute" caches to other cachers and asked that the cacher the cache was placed in tribute to was allowed to be the "FTF," well other people went and found the cache and had their logs deleted. Were they the "FTF ?" Some see it as an "award" to be handed out to someone, I see it as a simple fact, you were the first person to go find the cache... The cache owner thought that by deleting the logs of all the finders who found it before the desired finder, that when the desired finder found it he would then be the first to find... hmmm :rolleyes:

  2. I don't know what it is about Germany but there seems a lot of people there who do this. I've had to delete phony logs on my virts and TBs and 90 percent of the time it's a German "geocacher".


    I see it a lot too, I went through and added a requirement to all my Virtuals and Earthcaches that you needed to post a photo of yourself at the location and the German logs went from several a day to maybe one a week. lol

  3. I've had a lot of fun playing with that over the years, an "easier" way to get it is to go to your profile, put your mouse over the link to see your forum posts but dont click, and then look at the url its pointing to, the end of it is your ID number...


    Or here in the forums, see my name right over there to the left <----- ? put your mouse over it, its linking to http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showuser=42884


    Mine is 42884, so I can do an easy link to me like this : http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=42884


    But you can change that number to anything, its fun to play around with..


    there are a couple numbers missing..






    or the 100th




    or the 1,000th












    have fun :D

  4. I just had a random thought last night so I thought I'd throw it out here for debate.


    With the proliferation of "Challenge Caches", is it about time to create a special type for them? Their not necessarily mystery/unknown caches. Several of them give the correct final coordinates right up front. You just can't log them until you complete the required caches or caching tasks.


    The only real benefit I see to another type is being able to filter them in PQ's without affecting, one way or the other, entire classes of whatever other type they may be classified as, be they trads, mystery/unknowns, or multis.


    I love the idea, and I also think they should all be at the posted coordinates.

  5. Basic members like the OP don't have an ignore list.


    You can certainly post a found it log on your daughter's cache so you can hide it in searches. Don't listen to the puritans who say this is unethical. The puritans do not understand the multiple purpose of the 'Found It' log. To them the only acceptable use is to count the number of caches you have found according to their definition of found. They of course will say you can't find a a cache that you hid so it doesn't really matter if you or your daughter own this cache, you can't find this cache. Well it may be true that you can't find this cache, but you can post a 'Found It' log on the cache. This will give you the advantage of marking this cache so you can hide it from your searches for caches. You can write in the log about your experiences hiding the cache with your daughter and later on look back at this log just as you would for any cache you have found. Your find count will be one higher than what the puritans believe it should be. Some will call you a cheater. You are not cheating, you are using the 'Found It' log for one of its intended purpose - marking caches so they don't show up in your searches. (Premium members have another option of using the ignore list to do this, but that doesn't mean that you can't still do this by posting a 'Found It' log). Resist the puritans trying to force their narrow interpretation of logging etiquette on the rest of us!


    You sure love to bring up Puritans, and heretics in your posts, just to be spiteful. Why don't you ever refer to geocachers who have strong views, as Orthodox cachers? Perhaps the reason is your desire to insult religions other than yours?


    Which ones don't have strong views? I thought they all did, some have strong view on some subjects, some on others.

  6. Me and my 8year old dauter recently placed a cache. Then, she wanted her own account. So I adopted out the cache to her. Now it is showing as not found.


    Question: Would it be considered unethical to enter a found log to fix this, or is there another solution?


    Some will call it unethical, but I would do it. I've helped hide hundreds of caches that I don't own, since Groundspeak doesn't allow two owners, either they would fill up my GPS every time I load it as the nearest unfound caches, or I need to claim a find on them... I don't know about other places but in Utah its SOP that when multiple people hide a cache the people who don't own it add it to their watchlist and wait until after the FTF and then log it.

  7. If you use pocket queries and GSAK, I think you can do a search of your finds based on how many "found it" logs you have for each one. If you search for cachs with finds=2, you might find one you've logged twice.

    You can also use My Finds with CacheStats. It's a standalone app for Windows. Under the Caches tab, you can choose to show caches with multiple finds.


    If you don't already use GSAK this may be the easier option.


    Or ItsNotAboutTheNumbers.com will do the same thing.

  8. Have you ever seen someone log their own cache as a find ??

    Have you ever seen someone/both people, log a cache they hid together as a find ?

    This is HILARIOUS AND ONE OF THE MOST RIDICULOUS, ABSURD, LAUGHABLE :) Geocaching nonsense practices I've seen to date. Gimme a break !

    (Edit: I think we'll go log all of our own caches tomorrow and get ourselves 67 more points. Then I'm gonna go play hide and seek by myself. I'll hide myself and then see if I can find me !)


    I've not logged one that I hid and own, but I do have finds on caches I own because of adoption, etc..


    A lot of people around here DO log finds of caches they hid and own, I guess they want their find count to go up, since its just a game I don't look down on them or tell on them, I want my finds to go up too, so I understand... I just wouldn't do it that way.

  9. Let's say there had been one or more days between finding and logging the cache (e.g. because you forgot your pencil).


    Which point in time do you log then:

    - The date you found the cache

    - The date you logged the cache (e.g. after coming back)





    It all comes down to laziness for me, if I'm using field notes, which I almost always do now it sets the date automatically to the date I sent the text message, which is when I found the cache...

    If I'm not using field notes, usually because I was out of cell phone range in the mountains or desert when I made the find then I just log it, I don't often take the time to think back and set the date right.

  10. How do you keep track of your finds. Is there a logbook you use or a software program or do you use a notebook of some sort.?


    If you log it on geocaching.com it keeps track of all of your finds, did not finds, notes etc.. :)

  11. That 'other' thread's 'give & take' has me mindboggled & I don't want this lost in that quagmire so....


    In the case where one states in a cache description that (e.g.) a park's operating hours are 8am - 6pm, & NOT to violate that 'rule' (for lack of a better word)....

    Is the inclusion of that stricture - "Do NOT violate...." in the cache description considered an ALR?

    Would NOT including the wording in the cache description affect it being an ALR, and/or influence the cache owner's "right" to delete logs of violators, or must those logs now be allowed?


    I guess this comes down to:

    Does the cache owner even have the right to delete logs of obvious violators of site, not geocaching, rules? (I've had 'FTF hounds' do this very thing - totally ignore listed, as well as posted 'Closed' signs at the site.)


    Thanks for your clarification!



    I can see asking them to change their log and not mention when time they were there if you don't want cachers to look bad, but I don't think you should say someone can't log a find because they broke a law, have you ever gone 1 MPH over the speed limit for a moment while traveling to a cache? Guess you'd better not log it either by your standards. :) lol

  12. Seven minutes isn't a record for fastest. Three days isn't a record for slowest.


    True. I've had caches published within seconds, I always click "view listing" after I submit the cache just to make sure things look right, and when I did that it was already published, thats probably 5 seconds?


    I've also had it take weeks before. I don't get worked up over either.

  13. Roddy's post here reminded me of a conversation I had with a semi-local cacher who was telling me about 'Liar's" caches he liked. He even put one out himself. I think I understand the concept but was hoping that you guys could link me to your favorite examples (I'm not in contact with the aforementioned cacher or I would just ask him).




    Hopefully nobody mentioned these, I didn't read all the posts... but the two that come to mind for me are :







  14. Since the the advent of the ignore list, i'm curious as to what type of caches you choose to ignore.


    My ignore list includes parking lot caches, housing tract (including apartment complexes) caches, and trashy area hides. I derive zero pleasure from these caches, so I don't bother hunting them.


    So far I've never used the ignore list, maybe someday... I've got a long life of caching ahead of me I hope... But in the 7 1/2 years I've cached so far I've never found a cache that wasn't worth looking for, I've always said I'll look for any cache and unless something major happens I don't see that changing. I try to look at it this way, The hider obviously thought it was a good idea, so I'm just grateful they gave me something to find.

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