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  1. When you find a cache after you logged it as a "Didn't Find It", do you edit the original log and change it to "Found It" or do you do a new log saying you "Found It" which would now give you two logs for one cache?


    I log DNFs when I can't find it, and then a find when I find it, and even sometimes a DNF after that if I go back with someone and can't find it... I don't log multiple finds, but other then that I pretty much log each visit to a cache..

  2. There's nothing unique about a cache at a historical site.


    One of my missions (and I would hope it is that of all of us) as a cache hider is to introduce people to interesting sites, be they historical, geophysical, beautiful, whatever.


    A historical site is just another good place to hide a cache.


    Why have Earthcaches then? Why not just have it be another good place to hide a cache?


    I'm not pushing for allowing "HCs," more complaining that "ECs" are allows to exist.. lol


    I like them, I just don't see why they are okay when VCs and HCs and Webcams and such are not... seems a little weird. oh well.


    Imagine a cache 40' up a tree. If you could log the find without signing the log, then it could be a 1/1 cache.


    I have a lot of caches that high in trees, and they get a lot of people saying they saw it, but are too old, too something to climb and they log it found... I was upset at first, but I changed my mind and decided I don't mind.

  4. Recently I had to abandon some searches b/c the caches were in high-muggle areas. One in the corner of a parking lot. People stood outside the restraunt and stared at me as I poked in the bushes.


    Another was on a wooden fence near the loading dock of a retail store. Muggles everywhere. Just approaching the fence earned me suspicious glances.


    Then there's the ones in parking lots under those light pole skirts. I fear someone will call the police!


    How do you pull of caching w/o landing in the slammer? Especially when a cache is a challenging one requiring a LOT of poking and examination of an area?


    Personally I don't worry about it, I love urban caching. I do one of two things...


    1. Ignore the people staring at me and look for the cache, I don't really care what they think of me while I poke around... If they want to come ask what I'm doing I'll either explain it, or sarcastically lie, depending on if they were nice or mean when they asked.


    2. Or I stand there and stare at them, trying to make them feel awkward and just keep doing it until they get tired of me and then I can go on with the search.


    I think they should have to be listed as unknowns, its not fun to go to a traditional during the day, find nothing, and then go home and read that you have to come at night and look for reflectors..


    Had you bothered to read the description first , perhaps this wouldn't happen. :blink:


    The majority of night caches i've seen listed were listed as puzzles, with few being letterbox hybrids, and multis. I've never seen a single night cache listed as a traditional.


    Many previous thread discussing a new icon for night caches have gone nowhere.


    I like to go out a travel all over my state and the nearby states every weekend and find many caches, which makes reading the description impossible... But I don't load in "Unknown" type caches on those hunts.


    There are a lot of night caches listed as traditionals in Utah, I'm glad its apparently not an issue in other places.

  6. They already exist.


    Edit to add that I thought you were talking about attributes, but am guessing you're asking for a new cache type.


    I'm in the "no" camp on this. It can already be done with the attributes.


    I think they should have to be listed as unknowns, its not fun to go to a traditional during the day, find nothing, and then go home and read that you have to come at night and look for reflectors..

  7. You don't say....


    I don't know why it didn't post the text of my post, here it is...



    I noticed that Delorme came out with a new Utah Atlas, there are a different number of pages and the page boundaries are completely different... Now I saw Wyoming has all changed too...


    What I'm wondering is has there been talk about what will happen with the delorme challenge caches? Do cachers need to use the new pages? the old pages? or either one? or is it just up to the challenge cache owner?

  8. My impression was that a "Challenge cache" was geocaching related, while a ALR was not... For example a challenge cache that requires you to have found at least one cache in each county of a state, and a ALR which requires you to pick up trash, or post a photo of you doing something...


    I love challenge caches when they are kept simple... and that doesn't mean easy... the "Well Rounded" Challenges where a cacher needs to find a cache with all 81 Diff/Terrain combos is hard enough and cool enough, its kindof annoying when the owner requires that the finds are on caches placed during a certain time period... just my two cents.

  9. I understand that is works well with kids and that it means non-geocachers. But I don't understand why it has become the standard. I don't have any children, so when I try to explain caching to my friends and family it sounds ridiculous to start talking about a term from Hairy Potter.


    Is it time to change this term to something more serious?


    There will those of you who will immediately say "It's just a game, its not serious" Well, football and basketball are just a game. But they are marketed seriously. Kids on the playground can play sports for fun but eventually they strive to emulate the professionals. Can geocaching follow that example?


    I would love to see geocaching become a little more accepted and understood. It angers me to see people roll their eyes or give funny looks while I am explaining it. It sounds like a kiddy game but it's not. You can really have some interesting trips from geocaching. Keeping the kiddy terms could prevent some people that would have had a great time and contributed to the sport well, away from it.


    Let the bash fest begin!


    In an effort to help the annoying use of the "M word" go away I have purposely never used it and always try to get my friends not to... Its probably the only thing in Geocaching I dislike... lol

  10. I use ITATN to put stats on my profile. It tracks milestones. Is 200 one of those milestones?


    I'm at 199 now and want to do a cache that I can take a good picture at for a milestone. It's related to my user name. If it is a milestone, I'll be forced to go on a longer, steeper hike Friday than I wanted to.


    You'll be forced to go on a hike? Why can't your 200th cache be a simple park and grab? lol I've never gone after a special cache for a milestone but I know lots of people like to.

  11. I found it. lol


    But that 7th county says I have 1 cache in an...Uncalculated County


    what is an uncalculated county? It's this cache here... GC1QGBB


    If you're the first person to upload that cache to the site it takes it a while to figure out which county its in, if you check back later today it should know by then.

  12. I'm just curious as one of my caches is nearing the point where it will have a full log book and need to be swapped out.


    As a CO is it good practice to match the log book to the cache page logs and weed out any potention bogus posted found logs?


    Normally I'm not that concerned about bogus logs but ignoring that type of behavior only has the potential to continue the practice of arm-chair logging.


    Should I consider this a part of the responsibility of cache ownership or should I just let sleeping dogs lie?


    What do you do?


    I tried it once, deleted all the logs that were not on the paper log, got lots of hate mail, lost friends, created enemies, and created my new personal SOP that I don't care what people do because its a GAME and I value friendships and don't need to make people mad.

  13. I dislike deleting logs and having logs deleted. I normally won't do it. I did delete one last night where a cacher who doesn't like me called me stupid in the log :rolleyes:

    I've deleted logs where cachers attack other cachers, and I delete logs where people log finds on Delorme and County challenges because they don't understand the ALR.... other then that I say let people do what they want and hope they do the same for me...

    just me two cents.

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