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  1. well... for me,

    CB- all I have ever heard I would not want my mom to hear.


    FRS- kids,kids,kids. no bad words but no rules.

    people can bug you all they want.


    HAM- pretty much perfect.


    That's "mister" radio to you.

  2. "Steak N Eggs

    That is a very good idea Chobe, but ham radio is MUCH more functional. And it's easier than ever to get your ham radio license."


    I very much agree, I have friends that, with my help only had to study for a day to get a ham radio licence, and for the freq's, my idea is something like 147.54 or 145.75 or 446.85 or even better a local "not used very much" repeater.


    That's "mister" radio to you.

  3. quote:
    Originally posted by Steak N Eggs:


    I dont care for a net but I would like to talk to other Cachers on the air. We might be putting an IRLP node here in Crescent City (The REAL Northern California) so we might be able to contact each other. What is your Node Number? I might be able to use a node out of Eureka, if they have one on 2 meters.


    Yeasu/SuperRadioMan, what ever happend to you??????


    Still waiting for you on the 40 meter band.


    "My gps say's it RIGHT HERE".


    1240 plus miles and only 8 caches?



    I would like to join you if you get some ideas going, bytheway I talk to California all the time on 17 meters, do you want to try that?

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