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  1. I would love to join in! 74 Caches, 4 counties! Have fun!!! That near-smiley face of finds is great!!
  2. Thanks everyone for the information! Minting my own coins, huh? Can they be trackable?
  3. I am really interested in geocoins! I have found two so far, and I of course know to log them, and eventually drop them for another cacher to find in order for the coin to reach its goal. The questions I have are regarding collecting. First off, do people ever drop geocoins for others to collect? Are collectable coins trackable? What is the point of untrackable coins? Do people trade coins they have found in caches that need to remain on its goal or path set by the original owner? Are geocoins that are released into the caching world expected to eventually reach its owner again? Where do I buy geocoins for my personal collection? Can a "collectable" geocoin be released and used from cache to cache? Thanks for any information you have! Sorry I am such a newb
  4. ooooh my first cointest. Thanks!! I'll take 128
  5. I'm definitely planning to have this coin visit caches that are relevant that also have names relevant as well. I like to add comments as well, so I will do that for sure! Fianccetto, Bear, thanks for the input! Good idea, I'll be sure to take pictures with the little guy at the caches, hopefully getting the relevant locations in the picture as well! I need to remember to document the tracking number too. Sometimes I just get too excited, I don't want to forget Thanks everyone! I am excited to take him out on a little adventure until he is dropped meets his new tour guide
  6. Thanks for the great replies! I read that the coin would like to go to specific kinds of caches, and I noticed that it was previously not being taken to such. As a matter of a fact, I picked it up from a cache that was nothing close to what the owner had requested. I have found a few caches that would be perfect, so maybe I can "visit" a few of these relevant caches before leaving it in one? I am thinking of doing that, and then leaving it in a relevant one that I really like, or perhaps find another trackable item in. What do you guys think?
  7. Hello all! I am fairly new to the geocoin concept. Today, my friend and I found a geocoin! I logged it, read the description, and plan to drop it off in a specific cache that will be ideal for its owner. I am very excited to help reach its goal! I plan to drop it on Thursday. Anyway, I was reading through the history, and saw that it has had primarily two other finders besides myself and its owner. I noticed the two cachers kept moving it from cache to cache, almost daily, and sometimes multiple times a day. Is this typical? Am I supposed to move it daily until someone else discovers it? Or am I supposed to leave it in a cache (logging it, of course,) and let someone else find it? Thanks for your thoughts
  8. Don't think I would take the reusable shopping bags - unless it is some sort of canvas tote bag? Then maybe -edit- Someone posted at the same time as me! Hehe - The cards, hmmm I am not sure! As you stated, would definitely need to be in a dry cache... If they are real nifty, then probably!! Little Army Men!!
  9. I am fairly new to the trackables. Pretty sure I found one, it is a piece of paper with a little pin attached to it. Not sure how to log, please help!!
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