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  1. Hi there. I am trying to complete the cache (GC3153) Where's in a name? I need someone to go to the coordinates that my name converts to. N 32 22.22 and whatever W coordinate that will intersect this. As the cache states, a picture of your GPSr and its coordiantes. A picture of the area would be nice also. With winter just around the corner up here in Canada, a pic of the warm south would be nice to see.


    If you complete this task, we both get to log the find. Read the cache page for full details.

    Please message me if you can carry this favor out for me.



  2. I still consider myself a 'newbie' to the world of Geocaching having only started just under two months ago. I am very interested in the coins that are out there, yet when I find one in a cache, I have no coins to trade. Without going out and buying a bunch of geocoins/bones to trade, what is considered an even trade for a coin? Approx. $5.00 worth of swag? A couple of signature items?


    There is a token out there by the Kootenay Pirates that is handmade, I consider this an equal trade because of the time that they put into making this token. Just trying to pick some brains and see what is considered good 'Geocoin etiquette'.

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