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  1. Post, post, post... and post again.
  2. 13 minutes between Christmas wishes.
  3. mmmm....Watching screen to win a coin. Avoiding doing the breakfast dishes!!
  4. We can't bribe the kids anymore with having to be good because Santa is watching.
  5. Great looking coin. 1 Antique brass please.
  6. There are a couple of goals that I have going right now. The one that is the closest to reach is 365 finds in 365 days. My one year anniversary is approaching on July 26 and I hope to top the 365 mark by then. I am at 302 right now so that means roughly 2 finds a day for the next month. My second goal is to start getting to all the mountian peaks and finding the caches placed at the top. This one will take some time.
  7. I know that local cachers (in Alberta) were also given the code.
  8. Ordered 2. Thanks Wavector.
  9. Well I tried a hard reset of the unit and still no reception. It looks like I am off to the store to return the unit.
  10. New batteries, clear view of sky, all systems checked and ok and my Ledgend will not pick up any satellite signals. Has anyone else had this problem before? Is there a fix? I guess the easy fix is return it to the store, since I am under 1 year from purchase date, and start looking at a 60cs or csx.
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