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  1. I totally agree. This would be a highly appreciated feature
  2. OMG. I must be stupid, of course GS actually should remove the 500 limit, and replace it with a limit on 1 - one cache. Why the H*** should anyone need more than that???? Sorry Skippermark: Your argument is just stupid IMHO.
  3. Yepp, and if workarounds was the only solution one did not need to fix things that could be done more elegant I am glad this thread has got new postings with more support to my reques than naging about what not to do. A suggestion, IMHO, should be possible to give without getting flamed by those who thinks their world is perfect and don't bother if anyone else has a different view. Frankly, I actually had expected a response from GS on this thread, but they are obvious silent
  4. I would also like this to happend. I have also the same problem and experience. Could not see any reason why this limit is set.
  5. That is the best way of getting all the caches without overlapping. That is the way I do my PQ's, I agree with Corey and suggest you try your PQ's by Date Placed as suggested. An other option is of course to increase the maximum distance for a PQ, and at the same time set the maximum of caches returned in the PQ to unlimited
  6. Thanx. That was helpful, I found it. As many others experience: This is not very useful thoug
  7. Oversikt over aktiviteten i landet finner du her: http://stat.gcinfo.no/stat.php?location=ys Her ( http://stat.gcinfo.no/stat.php?location=fylke ) finner du også fordeling av aktivitet og utplasseringer i hvert fylke Det finnes i grunn ganske mye nyttig informasjon på http://www.gcinfo.no
  8. OK, where is the Geo-IP button? I see others have asked, and the answer from someone is logging out and in again. I have just logged in, and can not see any Geo-IP stuff anywhere. Where is it located? I can find the Hotel-search link at the cache-pages thoug. Anyone?
  9. Lego, If you re-read his original post, his suggestion of sharing was separate from the subscribed queries, so it could result in fewer sales. Lego understood what I ment. I have never ment that we should share PQs with other "non premium cachers". I thought this was obvious, sinc a regular member do not have access to the Pocket Querys. My intention was sharing PQs amongst the paying cachers.
  10. To keep their GSAK-database up to date In Norway we have about 5500 caches active, and to be sure to get all of them into an updated GSAK-database, you need to run 14 PQs at the moment. If you want to be sure to get all the changes in berween, you also run a dayly "latest publicated", and a dayly "changed caches" PQ. This gives a total of 5 days to update one database. When 500-1000 users are running the exact same PQs every day, I think it would be much better if it was possible to run one PQ, and distribute to all premium members who wanted to subscribe to this PQ. I guess the workload of the server would be lessthan what it is today. An updated database gives the opportunity to prepare for "trips not planned"
  11. My point exactly, why do we have this 500-limit if this is not the problem?
  12. Exactly, and that will probably not change if my request is implemented
  13. Eeehhh? And what stops you from doing the same today?
  14. I would like a service that reduces the ammount of PQs run every day. First of all, I think the limitation on 500 caches per PQ is too little. At the moment I can not see any reason why it should be there. If Groundspeak could make some "standard" PQs, either for country or for state, or even better both of them, and then let premium members "subscribe" to theese, I would guess this is much better than having 1000 users running 5 PQs each every day gathering the same information. The users would all recieve the same mail, and GC only have to create one GPX-file. I would also like to be able to share my PQs with others, also this to reduse the PQ-load on the servers. Does anyone agree?
  15. Is Groundspeak going to do something about this issue? I agree with the other posters about the limitation. The limit should be at 5000 not at 500 characters.
  16. I haven't got any copy of e-mails sent to others since the change, this seems not to be working. I don't know if others get the mail either. I also haven't got some of the TB "placed" mails. Pocket Querys for Norway does not give the newly implemented states of caches located in Norway. The "State"-field is empty, even though I know it should be filled. I you download a GPX-file for a single cache, everything is right. Hopefully this will be fixed soon
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