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  1. I've got an HTC Desire and with the c:geo app, you just can't go wrong. I've also invested a couple of quid (literally) on Locus Pro mapping where you can import data files and have a 'bleep' go off, when you come within a user defined distance of an unfound cache. Brilliant for when you have uploaded caches along a route.


    The mapping on the HTC is brilliant (as it comes with all the Google map software). The GPS is a little tempramental on occasions but when its working, its as good as anything.


    You can search, find, take a picture of and log caches on the go. The HTC got me started in Geocaching and I'm not disappointed at all with its performance. While I havent tried the iphone, I suspect the Android software will be better.



  2. Hello all.


    I use an Android phone for Geocaching and always write notes in the field while the memory is fresh in my mind. By using a smartphone I'm also able to take high quality photos of anything I found particularly interesting around the site to add to the log when I get home, such as a recent find where my path was blocked by two swans and their family of signets. I don't always write a great deal when I find a cache that is clearly aimed as being a C&D as there's generally not much to say, but I always add.something in any event. I hadn't realised you could log a find without writing a note from a phone but I always write something anyway, after all, why wouldn't you?

  3. Hello all!! My first post here but thought it seemed like a good thread to start on.


    I got into Geocaching in March of this year as I heard a comment on the radio that someone had found their 100th cache. I didn't have a clue what that was about so I 'googled' it, read all about it on Geocaching.com and found the links to the various apps I could put on my HTC Desire, android phone. Since then I've become hooked. I've now found 173 caches, become a premium member and have placed two caches of my own (currently planning my third but waiting for permission to place it is a lovely natural area) which have been very well received by finders. One of my caches has been placed in dense woodland and I have received comments to the effect that the co-ordinates were surprisingly accurate given the caches location.


    When I find a cache, I put it back exactly where it should be and ensure that it is properly hidden. If I find problems with the cache, I report them to the CO via a log entry to alert the owner that it needs attention.


    I have also set my own trackable off on it's merry way and love watching it's progress as it travels about.


    The more I get into this, the more I am learning and after two months, I've now found out about averaging :rolleyes:


    Had the pastime not been available to me relatively cheaply (as I already had a capable phone), I would not have got involved as I could not have afforded to spend the sort of money a GPSr would cost for a hobby that I hadn't previously tried. Now I like to think that I have brought enjoyment to others through the placing of my caches and am becoming more involved in the caching community. I find my phone is ideal for caching, it doesn't always pick up a GPS signal as quick as I would like but that just means I have to revert to reading the maps on my phone to try and find the cache instead.


    I like to put a bit of a story in my log entries (if there is one) and have added several photo's to my log entries (using the camera on my phone) to enhance them a little more.


    One day I suspect I will buy a dedicated GPSr for the reasons already mentioned in earlier posts (battery life, toughness etc) but for now, my Android phone seems to work fine and I'm having a whale of a time, much to the annoyance of the family as I keep disappearing, phone in hand and constantly talking about geocaching.





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