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  1. My .02 Competition is often desirable in markets to help decrease price, improve quality, and stimulate product and service innovation. Since Geocaching is a FREE hobby and not a paid service, I'm not sure this question applies in this case. It seems clear that the price for the service offered by the site cannot be driven any lower since it is free. Also, the quality is excellent compared to alternative sites in the "market" as well as other Web sites devoted to various hobbies. And as far as innovation is concerned, Jeremy and staff have appeared, in my opinion, to bend over backward in many cases to add new features and repair problems requested by all of us in the geocaching community. I therefore strongly disagree with there being a need for additonal service providers in this "market". The demand for service in the supposed "void" not filled by Groundspeak is most likely not strong enough to warrant the entrance of new "players". Has anyone seen my giant "laser"?
  2. Hi, Vick. The O'Hare cache is in a fairly out of the way location at the airport. When I hid it back in November, security appeared to be making routine passes on floors below the cache site. So I don't think you have much to fear, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to email me because I don't wanna give away too much here about the location. Thanks a bunch and welcome to geocaching!!
  3. Airport caches are tricky. You want to place them close enough to the terminal so that people have time to hit them between flights. But you also don't want them to be so close that they raise the suspicion of security. I am the owner of four airport caches including the one in Atlanta. I wanted to place that one in a locker, but as Neo pointed out, they have been unavailable since 9/11.
  4. Hey, Folks. A co-worker just told me she heard a 10 minute spot on NPR today about geocaching. No one was interviewed, but they informed listeners that there are about 500k caches in the U.S. Did anyone catch it? Did they mention geocaching.com?
  5. mrplug


    quote:Originally posted by Webfoot: Do a search for Hotels. I found three or four using that method. Webfoot Turns out that not everyone uses the phrase "hotel". So you will find more caches if you use the word "bug" instead.
  6. Markwell, I say, never give up on a bug. Just move it to the Travel bug graveyard. I have one there that got washed down a drainage canal in a hurricane. It might show up ... one day.
  7. You know, only people with absolutely nothing better to do could turn a mistake into a forum post with 20 replies!! Oh, wait...
  8. Oldfred, I have traveled to Seattle, Chicago, and Europe with my gpsr in my carry-on with no problem. I even whipped it out and turned it on flying from Chicago to Atlanta. The flight attendant questioned me about it, but the pilot sitting behind me told her it was ok because it was no different than the system the airplane was using. However, she came back about 40 mins. later with an official memo her airline had circulated saying that gpsrs could not be on during the flight. But I had already turned it off by that time. I think I was flying Delta.
  9. Here is the smallest cache in the world.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Dekaner of Team KKF2A: So why did you hide it in the first place if you couldn't maintain it?! Good question. I've had a cache at the Atlanta Airport for 6 months that has required no maintenance. So, I felt comfortable placing this one even though I knew I would not be able to visit it regularly.
  11. quote:Originally posted by welch: I disagree, this cache's proximity to a building or structure will cause it undue scrutiny. Welch, you obviously don't like urban caches, which is cool. But this cache will get less scrutiny than a cache hidden in a busy park. As far as giving geocaching a bad name, I don't see what the harm is if there is no damage to the grounds or the building.
  12. TPTB smote the ground with a mighty staff and now the cache has been approved. My thanks to all of them, especially Yotian Soldier. Now if I can just get them to turn water into wine...
  13. I get the bozo award this month. I hid a cache at the airport in Barcelona, Spain last week and placed two travel bugs in it. After submitting the cache form, I got a note from a European approver saying they do not allow caches on airport property (the cache is well hidden on the top floor of one of the parking decks). So, the cache doesn't show up when you search Barcelona and I won't be back there anytime soon to move it. I am very sorry that I have gotten someone else's travel bugs stuck in a cache that can't be approved. If anyone goes to Barcelona in the future, please help me and these bugs out by moving the cache away from the airport but still as close as possible to the terminal. I feel like I really screwed this one up. Also, if anyone has any ideas about how I can fix this situation, please let me know. Thanks! [This message was edited by mrplug on December 21, 2002 at 02:27 PM.]
  14. Mr. Phrost found Markwell's bug "Wonder Woman" in January 2002. Mr. Phrost found my cache "Your Vision" in October 2002. cache on.
  15. I have a trip coming up in two weeks to Barcelona. If anyone has a bug that needs to go to that area, send me an email so we can chat. Thanks, -Plug
  16. If you see Granny in a cache near you, please help here meet her travel goal Thanks! Rappin Granny
  17. I have reconsidered. I really think that CB and the Minnesota group are doing something really terrific with their travel bug. I just wish that I had thought of the idea. If anyone comes across one of the tags for the bug, please post the number here so that anyone who wants to can log a note to the bug and help the Minnesota group stay in the top 10. Let's all help these guys become #1. Thanks!
  18. I was just noticing your stats. You've been a member for 970 days and have 1465 posts. That's about 1.5 posts to the boards a day. Incredible. Cache on.
  19. Curiousity got the best of me and I just called this guy a minute ago. He's hilarious. He knows about the joke and why he's getting the calls. Says he got called earlier today from Tallahassee, FL. What a riot!
  20. May day may day.... Badd Azz Mutha This bug is stuck in Texas. Need search and rescue deployed ASAP, pretty please. over?
  21. mrplug


    Is Jeremy on vacation?
  22. I should have posted this in the General forum. dadgum, when does forum 101 start?
  23. Hi, All. I posted this question a few months back, and some responses lead me to Buxley's and Dan Miller's statistics pages. But neither one had what I'm looking for. Is there a way to search for caches by the number of found logs? Thanks
  24. mrplug


    quote:Originally posted by Egnix:I think Forum 101 also deals with how to write a more descriptive topic line. Roger that, Egnix. I thought about that 2.5 milliseconds after I clicked "Post Now". No hope for me I think.
  25. mrplug


    guess i need to go to forum 101. I'm talking about the Minnesota bug of course.
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