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  1. The second tag is a replacement tag, in fact I don't think they come with the tracking number imprinted on the second one anymore. Either way you cannot have two bugs using the same number even if one is a personal TB. Yes you can use it as a personal tracker, logging it through caches you visit and showing it to people you meet. Just don't offer it virtually like maybe posting the number online and letting people log it. They have to have actually seen it. Yes,I know they have to actually see it but I wasn't sure if I could wear the dog tag.But instead I am going to attach it to a monkey and let it out to visit as many aquariums as it can for my son!He likes spongebob and I just thought it would be a cute thing to send out and let him see the aquarium pictures... But I am getting the TB for the car... Oh,Another question about the TB for the car (I know I am full of em)... My husband travels to Chicago a lot and we wanna buy the magnet TB for our car but not sure if we can use it on the box truck he drives to Chicago or not. Well,Simplified,Is it okay to switch the magnet to a new car?
  2. I am new to this and I was thinking I wanted to buy a trackable...Now I was looking at the dogtags and I wanted to buy one but I don't know if I HAVE to pass them along or if I can just wear them and have people find it like that. Can I let one of the tags go and have that travel and then wear the other and have them track me? What exactly is the rules on things like this? Thank you.
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