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  1. I have adblock, but I disabled for geocaching.com. I still have the same problem.
  2. I'm having problems with the new map. It doesn't show any of the caches. If I happen to move my cursor on top of one, the name pops up, but otherwise it won't show on the map. If I use google chrome on my computer, the map works fine. What could cause this? I tried it on another computer with firefox and there it works.
  3. Sorry, my english is rusty. I meant the cache was not visited for a few months before I was there. Was it wrong to leave the bug there if the cache is so rarely visited?
  4. Question: I notised a cache had not been visited for months only after I left a bug there. Should I go back and move it? How long is it ok to leave it there? It´s not in a hurry I guess, but I feel bad just leaving it sitting there.
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