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  1. thanks so much. that worked. I thought I tried that, but guess not. I would type in the coordinates *without* the degree symbol. I've never used the degree symbol and have not had a problem. I also don't use a space between the hemisphere and the degrees, i.e., N54 24.544 W116 49.159. But I think the submission form the hemisphere is separated from the degree so just type in the degree and the next box over is the minutes and decimal minutes.
  2. I don't know what I am doing wrong. i enter the coordinates show in one of the four examples when setting up a new cache and it won't accept them. I am doing it on a macbook pro and I type in N 54º 24.544 W 116º 49.159 and it says cannot 'parse' coordinates. I am using the ALT/option + 0 to do the degree symbol. I tried typing it another way and it does not show it at the right spot on the map. It it the degree symbol it does not recognize. I look in my gps options and I don't see the other similar examples of how to display the coordinates like the samples. I am using a garmin map60csx.. and I am new to this. My first cache I have hidden. I am sure I have the coords. correct as I marked them when we found the spot. Roxanne
  3. The instruction manual on the website and the one I received with my purchase from Costco... suck! They say virtually nothing about geocaching except that it can be done and to turn on your icon that will indicate them on the map. The rest is all trial and error! Geez, how lazy, can't even print a proper instruction book. Now that I have went back to the old version of the communicator for mac... it is working again... thanks for the help everyone. Roxanne
  4. Thanks so much for letting me know that the garmin communicator wasn't working. That really had me stumped and didn't have tons of time to read all the other posts to realize that everyone is having the same problem. You would think the website would take the link off there since it does not work! I really appreciate it. I guess I will keep my map60csx a little longer...lol. Thanks again. The Macintosh version or Garmin Communicator v4.0.1.0 has a bug, you should not use it but use either the beta v4.0.1.1 or roll back to v3.0.1
  5. Yep, so changed the reference point and looked around on the map, the last 15 that I downloaded and it said sent successfully are nowhere to be found. I am ready to throw this thing in the garbage. My sister got some cheap el basic gps and her and her girls are loving this game. I sit here and press buttons and search for help and this thing makes it NOT FUN. The least user friendly piece of technology I have ever owned! Is there a max it holds or something... the last 15 are not there, but some old ones that I never got time to find because they were downloaded for a trip and we got too busy.... those old ones are there. I searched them by name and they are not there either. Uggh. I am not having fun. Wanted to geocache out camping this weekend, oh well , it is going to snow anyways. I got an instruction book with this thing, but will check the garmin site for something with proper details. Roxanne An additional note: I checked the Garmin website and just as I thought there is about one paragraph on geocaching. Uggh. Now I have tried to send the same ones multiple times out of frustration and they are still not there. Not in the list, not on the map nowhere. Will put it back in the drawer like I did about two weeks ago. What a waste of money, so NOT user friendly. Roxanne When you're looking at the list you can tell it to list them by name or by distance. Press the Menu button to switch between them. If you send waypoints to the GPS it won't delete the existing ones. You can do that from the Trip Computer screen, press Menu, choose Reset and select the options you want. It's worth sticking with the 60CSx, for the longest time it was the unit against which the others were measured.
  6. when I send caches from the site to my gps it says successfully sent, but when I look on my gps, it only show the same ones I put on there a few months ago. where do I find the new ones? does it only show the ones close to your current location or all of them that I have sent to the gps? I love geocaching, I hate this gps. why isn't it easier to use and why isn't the instruction book a real instruction book?? Roxanne
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