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  1. Another thing I remembered about is that several premium or not users enjoy keeping a TB for a long time or even forever just taking it to caches, and logging these ocasions, but never actually dropping them.
  2. I live in a city and country where geocaching is not very common. I very seldom geocached and I am back to the game after six years of no activity. I found 2 TBs not mine, in the back of a drawer. That´s what made me back. I am trying to release them but most of the caches here (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) are micros. So, I made a mistake, which was forgetting about these TBs for six years, but they are going back to the world now. I am really sorry for that and I am trying to fix it. I have released 5 TBs though. All of them disapeared after sometime, but not here. They made to the US or Europe and disapeared there. One of them even made up to Cabo Verde in Africa. So I am having fun, anyway. One of my TBs was lost on a box that was travelling from home to home by mail because of a mission started here at the Forum. Each one who received the box should take something, put something of equal value and nature inside and forward to the next user on a queue. A Premium Member (a family profile, actually) received the box with lots of TBs, Geocoins, stickers, candies and gifts in general and never sent it forward. This premium profile is still active and geocaching. Can I judge based on that? I dont think so. I dont have the faintest idea about what really happened. I had TBs travelling for two or three years maximum. But that was plenty of fun too. Well, I just think we should enjoy the game and take our chances. In my little geocaching activity I happened to find a cache that was not visited for lots of years and was located in the middle of some woods. There was a Dog Tag there, and I retrieved it, attached a new object to it (scrat for Ice age) and sent it on. The owner thanked me for that. In a world like the one we live in nowadays, it is amazing that nice things still keep happening although eventually interrupted by a misfortune. I choose to focus on the first. I geocached very little in my life but it has given me histories like these I can tell you and shared with the presence of my daughter, my forever geocaching companion. This is priceless to me. Good luck with your TBs in the future. PS: About the 2 TBs I found on the back of a drawer, one of them was duplicated by the owner and I am waiting for his response to a message about releasing the old one again or not.
  3. What has happened to this? Whoever holds it presently, please inform. Thanks
  4. Any information on when this will be moving again? Thanks
  5. Any information on when this will be moving again? Thanks
  6. Just updating the list, so that LewisClan77 can feel the taste of being first. #17 LewisClan77 #18 sheltiedogshowlover #19 enola05 #20 MooseJawSpruce #21 the4dirtydogs #22 yanagi #23 kini_ont #24 usyoopers #25 Maine Family #26 Ashallond #27 southern_angel #28 RhinoInAToga #29 ALAUNOS #30 WRITE SHOP ROBERT #31 Team kizb #32 jpbarr #33 CCWelch #34 sdkonkle #35 Guwapo #36 greenstone carver #37 Arndtwe #38 Hot Pepper Crew #39 The Smurfinator #40 BryanFamily #41 HarlansHollowFarms #42 RSCAENSD #43 fbingha #44 nickelcitylove #45 lularib
  7. Great that you liked it, Fuzziebear3. When I was thinking that maybe you wouldn't reply my message, I contacted J the Goat, and he said he was eager to receive the chest. So I think it is a matter of some more time that you manage to reach him. Yours
  8. It is already in the US. Already in Ohio. Almost there, hehehe.
  9. Use the tracking number I posted in the previous post, to track it on the USPS website. Information is already available there.
  10. Dear Folks, The chest is rolling again. Sorry for taking some time to post it but I was making some final arrangements as to fuzziebear3 preferences, considering that it woult not be sent to her, in the first moment. Tracking number RA271437727BR. If you like, until it reaches the US, track it at the brazilian post offices website http://www.correios.com.br/ Just input the tracking number where you read "rastreamento de objetos" and click at "buscar", then you will see the tracking information, however in Portuguese, rs. I was informed the it would take a maximum of 15 business days to reach the US, but that is the worst case scenario and then it is up to the USPS to deliver it. I home it makes to fuzziebear2 before x-mas. And, finally, following the rules, I am on to it again. #15 Family of Goats #16 KBfamily #17 LewisClan77 #18 sheltiedogshowlover #19 enola05 #20 MooseJawSpruce #21 the4dirtydogs #22 yanagi #23 kini_ont #24 usyoopers #25 Maine Family #26 Ashallond #27 southern_angel #28 RhinoInAToga #29 ALAUNOS #30 WRITE SHOP ROBERT #31 Team kizb #32 jpbarr #33 CCWashburn #34 sdkonkle #35 Guwapo #36 greenstone carver #37 Arndtwe #38 Hot Pepper Crew #39 The Smurfinator #40 BryanFamily #41 HarlansHollowFarms #42 RSCAENSD #43 fbingha #44 nickelcitylove #45 lularib Yours
  11. OK, I received the message with Fuzziebear3 address. I didn't hear from Funkmaster-T though. It didn't help that he supposedly posted here using another profile, so that I cannot autenticate that it is really him. So, as far as I know it is going to Fuzziebear3. It is just a matter that I pack it now, because I already have all the items I would like to enclose in it. I will post news here soon. Yours
  12. OK, I am sorry but something went wrong, I am not receiving your messages at all. I will send you a message as soon as the geocaching site is online again, with another email address of mine. Yours
  13. Just to say that the second and last email has been sent to the next in the line, Funkmaster-T. If I don't get a reply in 48h I will contact the next after him, so that the chest can carry on.
  14. Well, as promissed, I went through all the contents of the chest and not only me, but my wife and my daughter are all trilled to inspect each one and every item we found there, coins and swag. Fossillady, thank you so much, for all your choices were beautiful. So far, we have not traded anything, nor swag, neither coins, because we were waiting for the occasion to take pictures of the chest and all its contents, as they arrived here, before starting this second round of fun. I already selected some items and coins to leave inside it, but this is another story. Let's jump to the photos and sorry if they are not so well taken. Maybe tomorrow I can take some more pictures of the chest paying a visit to some Rio de Janeiro scenery. Thank you all for the fun, specially Write Shop Robert, Fossillady and all the previous holders of the chest. No reply from the next in the line, Funkmaster-T, yet. Yours, Lula
  15. Good news. The box made it to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have received it a few minutes ago when arriving home from work. It seems to be in perfect conditions. At first I thought it should be a toy I bought for a niece of mine, which I expect to arrive these days, so I collected the box from the doorman without admiration. It took me by surprise when I opened the package. Unfortunately, I am going out tonight and so I am in a hurry. You can expect photos and a full report on the box until Saturday night, it is a promisse. Fossilady, thank you very much. I will read the log and go through the items soon. Email to the next on the list is already sent. Bye
  16. Well, if there's still one out there for me, I will surely take it. Thanks
  17. I personally see everyone pretty calm and reasonable about the whole process. However, after waiting for it to reach the present holder, it is natural that people are curious and a little anxious to know what was inside there... This was never intended to bore anyone but the lack of information is a little boring to me, to be honest. Maybe I should just engage again in my yoga classes.
  18. If we cannot expect to get the box fast (afterall the waiting is also part of the game, in this case), it would be really wonderful to have news about it. Was it opened? What was inside? Photos, please. It's been a week already since it arrived there.
  19. I don't need, because all I made was a suggestion. I didn't made any affirmations that the rules were other than the ones set by the creator of the thread.
  20. I suggest that you can engage again after there is, say, 15 people after you already. In this case, Write Shop Robert, would be able to join, but this could still be open indefinitively, if you will.
  21. Sorry for the ansiety, but has it left the first address already? Just wants to know that. I can obviously wait forever, because a cacher is always trained on this. Thanks
  22. Well, I see mlrs1996 was kind enough to release my new coin today, so thank you a thousand times. Yours
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