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  1. I hope that you didn't log it then. If it's inappropriate and you say so then you are being hypocritical. Without knowing the situation of that cache I wouldn't want speak out of turn but I've had two similar situations. The first was reference access rights. The cacher logged the find then wrote a note to say it shouldn't be there. The cache is still live today. The second is a dangerous cache that I've set up, it's in the middle of a bypass but on a public footpath. I made this a premium member only cache and got grief for that. You just can't win sometimes. There was also the time I set up a cache series the weekend Groundspeak was "US". Well let's just say that I had previously taken coords but placed them all on the morning they were to go live and re-took some coords quickly with the iPhone as I had moved them slightly. Only for the third cache to be about 150 feet out. Oops, think that was my clanger. The series still hasn't gone live as I want to go and check all the coords (but then my 10 year old GPS 12 isn't know for it's accuracy). My point really is to make an assessment of the location before you go and retrieve; if not appropriate walk away. Not that I ever take my own advice there (ice cold underground streams in Germany, bridge crossings etc). If he found it, he can log it. He can also point out that is placed in an unsuitable position if that is what he feels, which allows cachers to be advised of it. He can also follow it up with an email to the owner, and perhaps elaborate on his reasonings, without openly being over critical to all and sundry.
  2. I have a cache which has not been found since October 2006. It's a multi-cache, I think the fact that there is a rock climb involved puts people off.
  3. Pointless micros in busy places really annoy me , so I no longer do them. The credit crunch is another thing, what with the price of petrol. Now, if I'm going hillwalking or visiting somewhere new I'll see if there are any caches nearby. and do them. Also, it can be a time thing, with work and kids there is little enough time left in the week as it is.
  4. Anyone have a link to the trigpointing site (if it still exists). Cheers
  5. I took this at a cache near Barns Ness, Dunbar. Link to photo
  6. the worst thing I've found was at a cache in Glasgow. Discarded needles.....
  7. Not wanting to advertise my caches, just wondering hy some people got so het up about it.
  8. Yes, I've seen the odd mention of complaint whenever someone mentions one of their own caches. Is there some sort of problem with this?
  9. I put out a multi cache recently and was most relieved when the cache was found, meant I hadn't screwed up!
  10. Who cares who's FTF? Not me. One thing that does annoy me is people plotting the co-ords on google earth and going straight to the cache, seems to spoil MY fun in setting them. To prevent this I usually set a micro cache with co-ordinates inside for a box cache. This may help you.
  11. As far as I can tell, yes, but I'm not asking anyone otherwise!
  12. I believe I did post in another forum, where it was POLITELY pointed out that perhaps I should post in the correct forum, which I did. As you can see I have very few posts on here and didn't think to do a search for similar threads, point noted. That said, I felt the reply was a bit curt, which got my back up. Sometimes a few extra words (or a smiley) can make all the difference in the tone of the message. Thanks. Jim.
  13. I see you have closed my thread "Remote caches". I asked"I have two remote caches, one is 15Km from a road, the other is 14km. Are these the most remote caches in mainland UK?" to which you replied there is a thread on this subject and closed the thread. 1. My thread was requesting MAINLAND caches, not on islands. 2. You, as a moderator could have transferred my post over. 3. I see numerous threads on similar topics, so why close this one? 4. Your response was not very polite- "I am closing this thread."- CASE CLOSED.
  14. While on holiday in Dunbar recently I did some caches and noticed that the map continually showed I was out in the sea when I was some distance inland. Anyone had similar problems?
  15. I have two remote caches, one is 15Km from a road, the other is 14km. Are these the most remote caches in mainland UK?
  16. I have two remote caches, one is 15Km from a road, the other is 14km. Are these the most remote caches in mainland UK?
  17. Get them while they are in the area. work out if there is a pattern (evenings/weekends) Post a new cache. Wait nearby. on witnessing trashing of said new cache, give them a right good kicking. Job done
  18. I like OS GB, how are you supposed to plot Lat/Long grids on an OS map? Not easy.
  19. I'm selling a GPS interface cable if anyone needs one. Finishing SOON! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1 I'm also selling: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1 finishing SOONER! Cheers.
  20. What an utter GIT. Clearly a virtual cache with probably no chance of these TB's being released.
  21. It was last logged on 1st July 2006. The cache was muggled shortly after. Has anyone ever seen one of these replacement tags?
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