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  1. I'm sorry but this is Geocaching, we are not here to look at some scantly dressed female holding a GPS, if this is what GeoOlympix has to stoop to, to gain credibility, you have lost any you had. Not attending this event on the grounds of morals!

    I had thought of entering this as well but have decided to withdraw at the last moment.

  2. Worst cache ever: GC2AX12


    A close second, and the one which made me hate nanos: GC1E4RQ So bad it looks like I didn't

    even log it.



    What makes them bad?


    The first one... what can I say. A nano in a layby on a dirty depressing road, made interesting only by the smell from the nearby abbatoir. There are so many interesting places to create caches locally, why anyone would choose this is beyond me. Oh, and did I mention it was a nano...

    The second one, a cache the size of a sweet stuck on a railing at a busy street corner. It crushed my spirit.

    Please Groundspeak, two things:

    1) Bring back virtuals so we don't have to put up with nanos.

    2) Create a rating system so that you can award points, independent of your cache log. That way it can be logged, and if you didn't rate the cache well you can do so without fear of your log being deleted by the CO.

  3. I used to carry odds and ends of interest for trade but seldom do so anymore, although if I take my daughter with me she always wants something, so we take some stuff along. I always try and move trackables along though.

    I used to put some decent items in my own caches, I once had a cache listing refused as one of the swag items was a penknife!


    Most of the items I see in caches round here are pretty rubbish. Where are the cache police when you need them?

  4. It's already been pointed out that people may post spoilers as each cache description has the following on it:

    **Warning! Spoilers may be included in the descriptions or links.

    Either they are allowed, or they are not. You can't have it both ways.


    Svens Youtube channel does state that if you are from the East Midlands do not view his videos, as they may spoil local caches. He also doesn't give locations, GC codes or any other indication of where the caches are.


    I watched a few of the videos last night and enjoyed watching them. Very informative and inspirational- they spoiled nothing for me.


    On a different note, how long is he suspended for? Can he still log on and maintain his caches? Will he want to or will he take them elsewhere?

  5. The thread was closed on the original discussion so why try to light the fire again in a new thread?

    Really. Then I better skip the rest of the thread so I can post my opinion* before this gets locked.


    For whatever reason Groundspeak has decided to give in to some noisy cache owners, mostly from Europe, who continue to flood the feedback site with request to stop people from posting spoilers. This resulted in the TOU section that has been quoted, and now in Geocaching.com having their customer service representative sending "requests" to people who post spoilers on other websites asking them to stop.


    Groundspeak needs to learn something about the Internet. They do not own it. People use various website and tools to share information. Groundspeak can remove spoilers from their sites, but trying to control what someone puts on Facebook or YouTube seem to exceed not only their capabilities but also any sensibility of what their responsibility is.


    I realize that sometimes people use the Internet to do things that may be against the law in one country or another. But I think it's best to let law enforcement handle this. I've nothing against reporting something to law enforcement if you think it's against the law. But as far as I know there is no law against posting spoilers to geocaches.


    Perhaps one can make an arguement that the spoilers violate the copyrights of the cache owner. In that case the cache owners ought to be the ones sending letters asking for the spoilers to be taken down. I don't see where anyone has appointed Groundspeak their agent to protect copyrights. Groundspeak may feel however that those who asked in the feedback for forum for Groundspeak to do something have, by doing so, appointed Groundspeak as an agent to protect their copyright. To me this seems a far fetch argument. I suppose the recording industry appreciates it when someone surfs the web looking for pirated music to report to the recording companies. But it's still the recording companies that go after the pirates.


    To the cache owners whose caches are being spoiled. I really have little sympathy. I own some difficult puzzles myself. If someone finds my cache using a "cheat" site, or getting the coordinates from a friend , or brute forcing the puzzle, then good for them. The puzzles are there for those that enjoy solving puzzles and so long as the spoilers are easily avoided, I expect these people will continue to enjoy my puzzles. The others will have gotten another cache to find and since they don't enjoy puzzles, I can't see why I should force them to do a puzzle. That doesn't sound like fun to me.



    *That's for knowschad.


    I agree with you completely.

    How can spoiler videos violate the copyright of the cache owners? What copyright? In a public place?


    It sad, and all too common, but when the little guy comes up against big organisations, he usually gets his @ss kicked, and it looks like this is what has happened here.

  6. Fully agree that nano should be added as a cache size. The great thing about nanos is that they can be placed on areas that other caches cannot. I like having caches that can be placed in the woods, but also ones that can be hidden in a city right near areas that should be visited. I used to hate caches that did not have tradables in them, but now I use geocaching as a way to find sites when I am visiting another area.

    In times gone by the points of interest which were unsuitable for a container would be used at waypoints for a multi/puzzle cache. Now they all have a magnet the size of a small tablet instead. Nanos are lazy caches, and are creating areas of saturation, fine if you like numbers, poor if you like quality.


    One cache I went to was a high street with no features of interest and a nano stuck underneath a fence rail. Pointless!

  7. I was given an Opencaching Kit, which contains log book, stickers, etc, plus a supposedly trackable coin. It has no serial number, nor is there a place to register it on the site. Anyone explain the purpose of it?


  8. it has been my experience that there are three main reasons that a proxy exists -


    1. original owner did not want to release (and thus risk losing) the actual item


    2. original owner released the item, it went missing, the proxy was released (by the original owner) in its place


    3. original owner released the item, a later finder kept (stole) the original item, and substituted a proxy

    - - - -


    as for proxy travel bugs - I guess that it all depends on your definition


    on a few occasions, I have seen a laminated piece of paper with a photo-copy of the original dog tag


    I've experienced 2&3, but I'd never heard of anyone doing the first. Quite an eye opener!

  9. If you own proper caches, why not stand up and let people know. Rename your caches! Say NO to nanos!

    You omitted to explain WHY you hate nanos so much. Personally I'm not too keen on them because I find the log signing rather fiddly. Apart from that, as long as they have a suitable hint I don't mind them per se; but I'd rather find a nicely-hidden micro.

    I like 'em.

    I sign

    "WhataSupercalifragilisticexpialidociouscache. Thankseversomuchforthisone. Bear and Ragged."

    Followed by a Needs Maintenance log.

    Notice how I don't include letter spacing, in order to save space!




  10. If you own proper caches, why not stand up and let people know. Rename your caches! Say NO to nanos!

    You omitted to explain WHY you hate nanos so much. Personally I'm not too keen on them because I find the log signing rather fiddly. Apart from that, as long as they have a suitable hint I don't mind them per se; but I'd rather find a nicely-hidden micro.


    Someone else mentioned saturation, which is one reason. In the years b.n. (before nanos) you may have did a multicache, visiting locations, picking up clues to a final location. This has given way to a small magnetic pimple placed on (in some places) every pillar and post. Every statue, plaque and point of interest seems now to have it's magnetic buddy.


    In some cases it's the opposite. I've visited a few caches in terrible locations which are there simply because there isn't a cache around for 0.1miles. A street corner in Bishopbriggs and a dismal layby are two which spring to mind.


    I will confess to owning one nano, and it is key to finding a larger cache.


    I will pay more attention to the cache sizing icon in future, although if an area is saturated with caches I will avoid any descriptions of micro or other caches, as in likelihood they will be nanos.

  11. Not sure what you mean now - there is already a size icon in the D/T column on the search page. It doesn't help at present when some nanos are listed as micros and the rest as other.

    Nanos are being listed as micros, or indeed no size selected. Surely you should have to specify the size of the cache.

  12. Cards on the table, I HATE nanos. I mainly go geocaching now when I'm off hillwalking, simply because it's usually a decent sized container, with a proper log book and room for TBs which will be found.

    I've had a look round Glasgow and the majority of caches are bloody nanos. Can we not have an icon on the search results page showing cache size?


    Until then, I have, where space permits, renamed all my caches, adding cache size to the name. If you own proper caches, why not stand up and let people know. Rename your caches! Say NO to nanos!

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