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  1. Why buy a map? I'd try one from here first to see if they are OK for you.
  2. ?? Just do a PQ and make sure you have I own ticked under That (And), and it will return a GPX of your hides.
  3. Oops I mean PQ's!! [blushes]
  4. As a PM why do you need the communicator? PM's are the way to go
  5. To me it seems OK, after all you are answering questions about the year, and not all of them are death related. Maybe the cache title could do with a bit of tweaking.
  6. http://www.geocaching.com/track/
  7. For me to replace one it depends on the CO, if they are active then I'll replace a soggy log and post a note on the cache page. If it's not local (i.e. don't know if they are active) then I'll probably post a NM log. If CO's don't want/can't maintain caches then they shouldn't be kept on life support.....
  8. http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ for starters, but maybe there are probably other maps, maybe worth posting in the Aussie forum
  9. Haven't an S2, but has it the latest firmware?
  10. I got a bluetooth from ebay for around twenty quid or so, something like this.
  11. Look at a Garmin Etrex10, or the 20 would be a better option
  12. Rather than 'send to' as you are a PM take a look at making a PQ which means you can put 1000 caches at a time on the 450 http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm explains it all.
  13. Best not to mention the cache, but if you mention the county then it's easy enough to work out the correct reviewer to contact.
  14. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=29
  15. Just my name and date, even if the logbook is big. I write more on the online log as people read that more than the paper log. On the online log I put TFTCTFTC..... ...only joking, as a CO it's on of my pet hates. I average 42 words according to GSAK
  16. Using grid ref or WGS84 It's wrong as you are inputting decimal degrees (DD.DDD), as default a GPS is set to DD MM.MMM (although you can change it (see my post above as it's where you can change this too). It converts to N51 33.71, W4 4.685
  17. Follow the link then More Conversions More Conversions... Half way down the page you'll see. Converts to 51.561836 -4.078075 (WGS84) Converts to 51.561836 -4.078075 (WGS84) the negative means it's W rather than E.
  18. Setup > Position Format > Position Format > British Grid All waypoints etc will now display and can be entered using grid reference
  19. Just put N51 33.71015 W4 4.68448 in a a normal waypoint? The question is why? You can actually enter it as a grid reference I think, check the datum settings.
  20. eusty

    geocaching app

    That's strange, it runs here on 4.1.2 of Android which is one of the latest. Worth a post here?
  21. eusty

    Bluetooth stickies

    Expensive!! NFC are far cheaper and are basically the same? Looks like a nice idea, lots of options as it will be compatible with a lot of phones and has a decent range Edit: Need to read more before replying
  22. You can check the query here, possibly because of the filtering options(i.e. within x miles) it only returned 382 caches? Not sure on Magellan, but it maybe it will only display caches within 50 miles? (This is an issue with Garmin units)
  23. It goes into detail about this issue on the Oregon wiki page.
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