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  1. I though I'd try this as GSAK isn't very intuitive. But then I've found Geoget isn't really either. The main disadvantage is that I don't read Czech! I understand that you say you don't have time to maintain a 'proper' English site, but to be honest it's why I didn't carry on with it.
  2. +1 on the talkytoaster maps, you can fit the whole of the UK on and as they are vector based they don't blur when you zoom in like those created with Mobile Atlas which are jpegs.
  3. What map have you on the Oregon? The maps on my Colorado (talkytoaster) are as good as the google maps...although not a big. One thing is why have you that many on the GPSr?
  4. eusty

    Gps accuracy

    Get yourself a bluetooth GPS which will only cost your £15 or so (plenty on ebay). Turn off your phones GPS and use this to connect to your phone and you'll find the accuracy will improve a LOT! I bought a Holux GPSlim236 for my Galaxy, before getting a Colorado
  5. eusty

    GPS and maps

    The GPSr will probably have a basemap installed, my Colorado has a worldwide one, although it's a bit basic. You can install more detailed maps, either bought or free ones. I've the talky toaster UK maps one mine
  6. Voted for it. Thanks for the info
  7. Is there anyway to change the date format when you view the main cache page? It would be nice to change it to 'proper' dates! dd/mm/yy or even ISO format yy/mm/dd. I've looked but can't see anything....
  8. There are plenty of GPS apps in the Market which will do this GPS Test is one I've used in the past.
  9. I got the Holux in the end, and I have to say it's been a good buy, it seems accurate and gets a quick fix.... ...but I've just bought a cheap Colorado 300....
  10. I've looked at the eTrex second-hand on ebay, one thing though, do you know what the difference is between the 'H' and non-H versions, the H is the newer but the specs seem identical?? The Dakota 10 looks very good, if I went for a dedicated unit it seems to have everything you'd need at a decent price But the question is why do I need one rather than the phone/BT GPS? I can see both advantages and disadvantages with no real killer reason!! If I was hiking across Dartmoor looking for caches then I could see a reason, but I doubt we'd travel more than a couple of miles from the car....
  11. I see your reasoning But what advantage would that give me over using the BT receiver connected to my phone? Although I'm technically competent (control & automation is my job!) my experience with GPS is very limited!! I would have thought the etrex would have had the same (or very similar) hardware to the BT receiver?
  12. I'm new to caching, and I have to admit it's very addictive!! I've posted this in the UK section rather than the GPS hardware one just to get a UK perspective of things Anyway it all started when someone mentioned caching and as I have a Galaxy S it was easy to give it a try. Now although the phone has a bad reputation for GPS it's not totally bad, but when I got the chance of a second hand CoPilot BTGPS3 it's a lot better than using the phone (not just on battery usage!). The problem is the CoPilot often doesn't get a fix, even though it sees 4 or 5 satellites with a good signal. I know some will say "get a proper GPSR" but I like paperless caching and a decent set is pretty expensive. So another BT GPS...but which? EMTAC MINI S3, which I believe is the same as the CoPilot GLOBALSAT BT359C Holux GPSlim 236 NAVICORE SIRF THREE All are SiRF III, so are any better than the others or are they much the same?
  13. eusty

    Bluetooth gps

    I bought myself a cheap second-hand BT GPS (£7 of ebay!). Although the GPS on my Galaxy S (froyo) isn't that bad, the BT GPS was a lot better. Like you I'm not sure what advantage a dedicated GPS unit would offer as I don't plan looking for caches in really remote places.
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