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  1. Sounds like you are doing it correctly, I've a Garmin but basically they are the same. If you are changing GPX files on a regular basis them maybe look at something like GSAK or My Geocaching Manager as this will make your life easier!
  2. One way which comes to mind... When you are viewing the map there is a Save As Pocket QuerySave As Pocket Query button, this will create a GPX files of the caches you are viewing, you can then open that from your phone using the Pocket QueriesPocket Queries buttton. Then you will have an offline list of what you were seeing on the map
  3. Can I agree as well? Although I wouldn't say it's a step down from the H. If you get the 10 then you will regret not spending the small extra for the 20 (can you stretch to the 30?)
  4. What I use as one of those escape ladders which you are supposed to keep in your bedroom in case of fire. They have aluminum steps and 'stand offs' so it doesn't rest directly against the surface you are climbing. Can be had quite cheaply on ebay
  5. Locus The paid one is pretty cheap too
  6. I've found one like this before, but at ground level. How do you get the cache? Stairs or stand on a chair etc
  7. Surely the hole will be there, not make by you beforebefore you place the cache...therefore it's an existingexisting hole??
  8. What PC are you using? Also check on the GPS in the \Garmin\GPX \Garmin\GPX folder to see if there are any .gpx files in there, you will need it connected to the PC to do this.
  9. Would have been a great series for virtuals.....
  10. Sums it up very well. I've 25k OS maps on my 450 and while they are fantastic the the country, in built up areas they are pants, and I prefer the OSM ones
  11. Watch the video with translations...makes so little sense it's funny!
  12. I've a 3 axis compass and would be without it, but that said I've only used at etrex H (the only GPS I have without a compass) a couple of times so I guess it's what you get used to. For me I like walking toward a cache, and if you stop to look and have a scout about, then the arrow still points in the right direction and doesn't do a merry dance. As for calibration I only do it every now and again, it's not really an issue.
  13. Best to drop your local reviewer a message, not all interpret the same. Southerntrekker seems to be yours...although I've never heard of them!
  14. ^^^^ Wot he said ^^^^ Covers it just about.
  15. Delete the GPX file, reboot the 550, then reload the GPX file. I've had similar on my 450 with a dodgy GPX file....
  16. It will depend if the tablet supports USB OTG (On The Go), if it does then you can get a cable and use the USB as on your laptop. If not then SD card is another way of doing similar.
  17. You need to enable the map Setup>maps> (or something I can't remember) and you should see a list of maps on your device...enable as required...
  18. My guess is that it won't charge a couple of AA's in the unit. It needs to know that there is a battery pack in there rather than say normal alkaline batteries. The switch on the photo in a previous post possibly has something to do with it and maybe you can 'fool' it into charging AA's
  19. wow!! That sounds like it turned into a nightmare!!
  20. Although not if you check Amazon
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