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  1. The GPX files are stored in the \Garmin\GPX on the unit
  2. I guess someone must have contacted the reviewer as said "it's not there" or something similar?
  3. mmmm...won't let me download it as it says it's been shared too many times (thanks Google )
  4. eusty

    Which Garmin?

    Just as I was posting a reply so it failed!! grrrr No love for the Montana? Pros: Big screen Cons: Large/Heavy You could wait for a couple of months as the new Oregon 600 series will be out by then.
  5. http://developer.garmin.com/web-device/garmin-communicator-plugin/device-support-matrix/ But it seems out of date
  6. Installs OK in Opera and I can see the options...but no Street View man I have a feeling it's because I've also installed GME? Anyone have both working.....
  7. Connect with a USB cable and browse to the \Garmin\GPX folder on the unit. Then just delete the .gpx files, reboot.....
  8. Which GPS have you? Most will allow you to send the info from the site to the GPS, but without knowing what GPS it's a bit hard....
  9. mmmmm..... The link is correct, but when you put in in a URL it decides to change gGroundspeak to GGroundspeak.....which means the URL fails Changed to the Youtube link
  10. I've had both phones, but not really used either much for geocaching, only on the odd occasion. The S3 isn't much different to the S1 for caching IMHO apart from the screen size. BUT the S3 is a great phone, so upgrade anyway!!
  11. Dakota 20 = Old model Etrex 10 = B&W, Lack of memory etc Etrex 20 = A great little unit. But for a tenner over your budget you can get the etrex 30, giving you a 3-axis compass and ANT.
  12. Check out the link on my first post, tells you all about the Oregon and what you can do with it, you'll see the similarities to the etrex.
  13. You will find there isn't much difference in the Garmin units from the Colorado onwards, so most 'hacks' work
  14. Lithium are far better at holding a constant voltage than NiMH. Pity Li-ion 14500 weren't 3.7v
  15. Taken from the wiki.... Connect your Oregon to a computer in USB mass storage mode and edit file [OR drive]:\Garmin\startup.txt in a text editor like notepad. You can add several lines of text at the end of this file which will be displayed at startup. This feature is useful for adding contact information in case the unit is lost. Modifying the line <display=0> in the same file will change the the number of seconds that custom startup message is displayed (i.e. <display=5> will display the message for 5 seconds). Note your boot time will increase by the same number of seconds, so a value between 5-10 seconds is a reasonable setting.
  16. Wow! Has Garmin found perpetual energy? Or is it wind up? Actually the issue is related the the battery voltage so the Montana should suffer the same. That said I've never really seen any issue on my 450.
  17. Great idea for using in a cache, just ordered two of them
  18. Sealing the end is easy, just get some end caps for the pipe...what size is it? Don't put TNT or IRA on the side though...
  19. GSAK and a macro for that!! Back OT, They will support GPX files from GS... 1. It's an open standard used for lots of other things. 2. Commercial suicide if they don't. It seems than Garmin are tailoring their units to work better with Open Caching, but allowing it to work with GS. I guess their idea is that users will say "hey it's so much easier on OC, lets use that"...until they look how many caches there are that is!
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