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  1. Actually it's not a cache issue as if I clear the cache on either browser I get the same issue. When I try to run a Intercache, even after clearing the cache the first stage is the one I was last at. Maybe it's a good thing as when playing to can go back to where you was, I just noticed as I was testing.
  2. Android 4.1, it happens both with the stock browser and Opera Mobile.
  3. Just had a play with it...nice. Like most I'd thought about making a Wherigo cache, but the interface was too much like hard work. Plus the incompatibility of the readers. Problem I've noticed is that as its browser based, it often displays the browser page it has cached if you try to play again.
  4. It depends if it was abusive or not, if it wasn't then I'd do as above, but if it was then I would just delete it .
  5. You need the FindStatGen3 macro
  6. Modern versions of Windows will have it built in. If not then 7-zip is free
  7. eusty

    API Limits

    Have to wait for Groundspeak to improve the API. ...not holding by breath though...
  8. Bah humbug.... It was going OK until I tried this year and it will work out a PQ each month (on a 50 mile radius). As I use GSAK I though I's just use the API to pull in this years caches, but I get an API error. Range specified is longer than allowed. Range must be less than 30 days. Why is it I can set a PQ with a range spanning years, but the API only allows you a month?
  9. eusty

    API Limits

    I was messing with PQ's and downloading by a date range (i.e. 2000-2005, 2006-2008 etc) But this year, as there are so many new caches, I decided to get them using the API via GSAK. But when I try to use a date range I get an API error Range specified is longer than allowed. Range must be less than 30 days. Anyone seen this also? How can I get around this?
  10. Thanks for that. I was using overlapping PQ's and GSAK but this is a better way
  11. https://wiki.Groundspeak.com/display/GEO/UK+Regional+Map There are a few maps on there which should help
  12. Very wise. Reading about the indignation of OM users who have tried 14 there (hopefully!) going to be quite a few changes....
  13. Thanks for the info on Opera mobile....works a treat. I've not tried it on OM14 yet. Does it work with a different rendering engine? Don't like 14 due to the way it handles bookmarks and Link doesn't work
  14. Plus take a few charge/discharge cycles to get their full capacity.
  15. Nothing broken so far! But to be honest I've never had the issues some seem to
  16. They may both be IPX7, but IPX7 doesn't mean how much water can get in, It does, that's the whole point of the standard!! I know what you are interfering though
  17. They are both rated at IPX7 so I don't guess there would be much difference between them....
  18. eusty


    GPX 1.0.1 isn't supported on any GPSr I know of (not Garmin anyway) and can cause issues if loaded. You can set to get PQ's as 1.0.1 and then use GSAK to send v1.0 to the GPS, with the attributes converted into text on the first log using this macro
  19. .....but make sure you add a note on how far they are away, it's not great doing one stage and then finding out then next stage is miles and miles away!
  20. +1 on a dodgy GPX file...
  21. Often a night cache will have NIGHT CACHE in the title somewhere, also worth searching for
  22. As above, but the cable and tablet must support USB OTG (On The Go) which the Transformer does
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