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  1. I just created an adventure lab and was somewhat disappointed to find that there are no notifications when someone logs it! I have to keep checking to see if anyone has done it?! There is no way for anyone to log a problem either eg a friend had used a signpost for a question and the signpost just disappeared. He was lucky that someone he knew was doing his lab cache and had a way to contact him.

  2. I used to use Google Chrome as my browser but it stopped supporting the communicator so I could no longer pop caches onto my GPSr using this.

    I moved to Firefox.

    Now that no longer supports Garmin Communicator and I am told to use IE.

    Well I have Windows 10 and now IE is Microsoft Edge not IE and guess what - it no longer supports Garmin Communicator.

    I have no idea how I can get caches onto my GPSr now.

    Someone suggested GSAK but I do not want to pay for this facility and besides, I know nothing about GSAK but believe it uses PQs and I do not like to use PQs!

    I like to sort out my own caches to do and send them to my GPSr!

    Can anyone help me please?

  3. I'm a bit late replying to this but there are some dreadful standards creeping in. A recent find by a geocaching friend of mine was a glove - yes, that's right, the cache was a disposable glove. The co-ords were way way off too.


    I am relatively new to geocaching, having only started in March 2011, but I try to do it right and try to get tips from veterans. A bugbear of mine is when I go to check on my own caches only to discover that one finder has decided to move the cache to a different hide! Close by but not my own hide.


    Another bugbear is terrible spelling mistakes and grammar in the descriptions / titles eg the use of 'of' instead of 'have' and wonder instead of wander, but perhaps I am being too picky there.


    Also, there are a number of cachers who want only easy caches....to my mind that's boring. It's nice to have some easy ones but it's great to have a whole range of difficulty.


    Worst of all though are the cachers who are unfriendly and are annoyed with you if you might get FTF before them / refuse to go for a joint FTF.


    That's my rant over! Perhaps I should end on a more positive note? I could say lots of good things like how some of the experienced cachers have helped me such a lot with advice, support and encouragement, even passing on their own telephone numbers if I should need advice. Also, how friendly most people are who you meet on the cache trail and how great it is to meet all the friendly people and share a find.

  4. I was somewhat displeased to receive a bunch of logs on some of my caches today where, almost every log gave a clear indication of each cache position. Two of the logs revealed that those paper logs were not signed, one being too squishy the other they were in to much of a hurry to sign it.


    The caches were set with no or minimal hints by choice and are not difficult, although some seem to struggle at times.


    That in my view is how caching should be, no reading/decrypting hints before commencing a seek, just difficuly enough to require a hunt but not prolonged.


    My immediate response was to email the seeker thanking him for his logs but I would rather not receive logs of that type.




    "The question that comes to the fore is;


    Why do you geocache?




    You explicitly reveal the hide in your logs,


    You claim finds on caches where you reveal you haven't fulfilled the basic requirement of signing the mandatory log within.


    The series has brought much pleasure to many, none are difficult finds although some seem to struggle. that is what caching is about though. Now the future of the series is in the balance as I might archive the lot as a result of your logs."


    Do others think caching standards or morals are dropping? Was I justified in my retort? Or am I just a Grumpy Old G**? :anicute:

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