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  1. I just created an adventure lab and was somewhat disappointed to find that there are no notifications when someone logs it! I have to keep checking to see if anyone has done it?! There is no way for anyone to log a problem either eg a friend had used a signpost for a question and the signpost just disappeared. He was lucky that someone he knew was doing his lab cache and had a way to contact him.
  2. I used to use Google Chrome as my browser but it stopped supporting the communicator so I could no longer pop caches onto my GPSr using this. I moved to Firefox. Now that no longer supports Garmin Communicator and I am told to use IE. Well I have Windows 10 and now IE is Microsoft Edge not IE and guess what - it no longer supports Garmin Communicator. I have no idea how I can get caches onto my GPSr now. Someone suggested GSAK but I do not want to pay for this facility and besides, I know nothing about GSAK but believe it uses PQs and I do not like to use PQs! I like to sort out my own caches to do and send them to my GPSr! Can anyone help me please?
  3. I'm a bit late replying to this but there are some dreadful standards creeping in. A recent find by a geocaching friend of mine was a glove - yes, that's right, the cache was a disposable glove. The co-ords were way way off too. I am relatively new to geocaching, having only started in March 2011, but I try to do it right and try to get tips from veterans. A bugbear of mine is when I go to check on my own caches only to discover that one finder has decided to move the cache to a different hide! Close by but not my own hide. Another bugbear is terrible spelling mistakes and grammar in the descriptions / titles eg the use of 'of' instead of 'have' and wonder instead of wander, but perhaps I am being too picky there. Also, there are a number of cachers who want only easy caches....to my mind that's boring. It's nice to have some easy ones but it's great to have a whole range of difficulty. Worst of all though are the cachers who are unfriendly and are annoyed with you if you might get FTF before them / refuse to go for a joint FTF. That's my rant over! Perhaps I should end on a more positive note? I could say lots of good things like how some of the experienced cachers have helped me such a lot with advice, support and encouragement, even passing on their own telephone numbers if I should need advice. Also, how friendly most people are who you meet on the cache trail and how great it is to meet all the friendly people and share a find.
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