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  1. To my geocaching friends,


    I am taking part in the creation of a regional group for us since we seem to keep dabbling in a variety of other groups outside of our area. This thought has been bouncing in my mind for a little while. After conversing with many at a successful event last month in Westchester, it has been decided that we need a group for us to represent. Influenced from MetroNY Geocachers, NNJ Geocachers, and Tri-State Geocachers, you are now invited to join our own new group: Lower Hudson Geocachers (LHG). This is still in the planning stages, but the basic foundation is all set and good to go.


    This is open to anyone, and I've tagged a few who live outside this area because I figured you would be interested in viewing it anyway. The focus is for geocachers living within the following counties:








    If you know of anyone who may be interested please either tag them in this note or forward it along. Comments/Questions are all welcome. Please read below for the official invite. Thanks!






    I’d like to inform you, an active geocacher in the Lower Hudson region, of a new geocachers organization, LoHudGeocachers

    . This organization was created by a small group of active geocachers in the area, wanting to create our own group or organization for our area, similar to the MetroNY Geocachers, the NNJC, the Tri-State Geocachers, and many others. Our plan for this group is to allow our cachers to have a stronger community, and have an organized way of communicating, as will be implemented on our new forums. You can join at the link below




    We hope that cachers can discuss everything geocaching related- finds, hides, trackables, puzzles, events, your GPS, and whatever comes along on the geo-trail. We’d also love to help create more events specifically created for our region, as our recent Westchester events have been awesome, and it’d be great if we could all meet up more often as well! We hope these forums will be something everyone will enjoy, and help in creating the LoHud Geocachers Group!


    This group is 100% free, and organized by local cachers. Thanks to all those who have already joined, and we’d love to get some more familiar and new faces on the boards! Happy Caching!


    LoHudGeocachers (Admin)

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