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  1. I think that I have found the export problem to Topo4... There must be a limitation field for the Message in Topo that simply crashes the whole process if it is over characters... in my syntax " %ShortName in %typ1/%con1 B=%bug %last4 %dif1/%ter1" if I add "%hint" or any combination "%hint=10" it will not work, the error is a bad .tpg file from Gsak...


    Anyone else had this happen? I was so wanting to add the hints to my exports...

  2. Sorry, but I am feeling a little dense... I can run a PocketQuery that sends a .loc file, I was wanting to use the Watcher program to see more information and it requires reading a .gpx file... Where do I change that setting? Thank you in advance,


    BossTracker :laughing:

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