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  1. Really? /me checks it, finds it, installs it, runs it I learned something new today. I call this weekend a success. Good. I might suggest NW Topo. It's a bit bigger, but gives you streets in addition to the trails. The trails are the same. NM Trails works well with the Garmin street or topo maps since it is a transparent map. The NM Trails have very minimal street info. I spent the day fixing caches in Hansville. I decided to archive a few caches, but only one is on the route. GC1N8MF Tree House Cache is now archived. There was a homeless camp nearby, so it was time to shut that one down. I fixed one you may want to add to the route.... GC2MRT2 Beautiful Waterfront Park, this cache is right along your route. The caches are all ready now. Have fun! We might be at our beach house during the cache run and stop in to say hi, but since we've done 98% of these caches, I think we'll pass on the run. ;-)
  2. Copy. Paste. #38- #40 are suppose to be accessed from the Buck Lake Parking lot that is why they have a higher terrain rating. I will drive that part of the route, to see if you can access those caches through the neighborhood. I know the neighbors will not be happy if you cut through their yards to get to the caches, but maybe there is a trail there, I haven't noticed before. I hope to get up to Hansville later this week or next week to check on some of my caches and let you know about this part of the route. Thanks Travis!
  3. I'm going to ask that #95 be taken off the route... It is a very long hike and it will most likely be dark when people arrive at the parking, also the reception is terrible in that forest. #95 could take people 30-45 minutes to find. WE will be fixing a few of our caches, that are easy drive by caches, that could be added to the route. I would like to have the mystery cache taken off the route... GC28JDB "Where's Fred and Daphne?" I will send you a personal note Travis and Jholly to tell you why! ;-) I hope to get up to Hansville, the week after Thanksgiving to work on some of our caches. Thanks, Denise
  4. Travis... I will do my best to check on some of our caches, I had no idea so many would be on the route. I noticed some of our caches, are in areas that have overgrown and might be hard to access. You may need to take some of the caches off the route, unless people are willing to bring clippers or machetes. I hope to get up there before Thanksgiving to see how overgrown some of these areas are. Parking will be difficult for the caches along Hansville Road, there is usually only enough parking for 2-3 cars in some of those areas. I'm glad my neighbors in Hansville have no idea what our geocaching name is, they may not like Geocachers after this crazy raid on their town. ;-)
  5. Jester glad to hear your okay. We wish we could make the hike of the month, but we already signed up to do a CITO that day. I have always wanted to do this hike. thanks Kathy for the invite. I hope we can make one of these hikes someday.
  6. Dang we will be out of town... one of these days we will make one of these hikes.
  7. Congrats to Moun10bike on finding 9,000 caches! Whoo HOO!
  8. Congrats to 2lashes on reaching 10,000 caches! WHOO HOO!
  9. We will be in Orlando for a week and would appreciate any advice on creative hides in the area. We hope to cache a few days and want to make the most of it. Thank you!
  10. I really wish we could make one of these hikes. Unfortunately we have plans later in the day and I doubt we would get back in time. I look forward to the next posting.
  11. There is a local cacher going around taking all the TB's in the area. We have a teleport cache to Europe and it has been raided several times. There is no new name in the log book, but everything is gone. This same person took 30 trackables out of Ms. Froggy's cache recently. She confronted him, at an event and he admitted to taking all 30, but he hasn't logged out a single one. Rumor has it he has some issue going on with Groundspeak and until it gets resolved, he won't log out any trackables, yet he continues to take travel bugs in the area. It's sad that one person would ruin the game for so many. These trackables belong to children, who get excited to see them move. I wish this person would consider the children. Hopefully someday he will think of the children, instead of some silly issue with Groundspeak.
  12. It isn't frequent, but I have held hike events on Sundays. The reason I hike on Saturday is it doesn't take (much) time away from my wife. She's out seeing her Dad and perhaps our daughter and Sunday we have each other. When she has a hobby meeting on a Sunday afternoon, and weather is balking making Sunday look better than Saturday, I tend to schedule a hike then. I'm hoping to plan out another snowshoe hike possibly in the area of Verlot on the Mountain Loop Highway. The avalanche danger is so high right now I'm waiting it out to give the snow time to age and reduce the potential of a slide. I will keep watching for the next one. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Have you ever considered doing a hike of the month on a Sunday? There are so many events coming up, but they all take place on Saturdays. Also are you planning on another Snowshoeing event? I would love to try snowshoeing someday. Thanks Totem Lake for organizing these hikes. We really hope to make one.
  14. We hope to join you on the hike before the event. 8:00 am.... oh my! We will be coming from Seattle. If we can't make it, I will let you know.
  15. Rest in peace. You will truly be missed.
  16. We will take 2! Thank you so much for letting us know! We are so excited to own a few!
  17. We will take 2! Thank you so much for letting us know! We are so excited to own a few!
  18. We will take 2! Thank you so much for letting us know! We are so excited to own a few!
  19. I am planning on attending.. Should be fun. Terrible Ts I loved this cache and may try to hook up with you guys! It would just be Velma! Scooby will be in school!
  20. Denise and Steve would both love to get into the Poker Match! Our Geocaching name is Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma. We can't wait!
  21. Congrats to rodgowdy for reaching his 2000th cache today at Goodhope, Good Luck. We had a lot of fun celebrating with you!
  22. Congrats to rodgowdy for finding his 2000th cache today at Goodhope, Good Luck! We had a lot of fun celebrating with you! I will try to add pictures!
  23. Hi, We are looking for an Ancient Cultures King Tut coin. Would anyone be willing to trade one for a Groundspeak Waymarking coin or a Scooby, Shaggy, and Velma coin. Please let us know. Scooby is asking for one from Santa. We would love to have Santa surprise him.
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