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  1. I've got a weeks holiday booked shortly, nothing special, just a week at home to do a few odd jobs however i thought about doing something reasonably epic whilst i'm off. To that end can anyone recommend a puzzle cache, something along the lines of Muttoneers excellent Werewolf and Whitespace puzzles. ideally it'd also be in the Yorkshire / Lancashire area, i don't like to stray too far from Gods Country, lol so any suggestions peeps?
  2. Found this one in the locker room at work, TNLN, SL, TFTC
  3. that's Mahoooosive. if one of those flew at me i think the sting would be the least of my worries. there's not enough toilet paper in the world............
  4. i guess one of the obvious questions is do Hiders consider such things when placing a Cache. The one in question was littered with empty bottles on the edge of an inner city park and whilst outwardly it looked a lovely area a closer inspection revealed all manner of ills.
  5. you want to experience the meeting of a 150BHP sportsbike and the produce of a horses bottom on a savage left hander before commenting about how horse riders should be required to clean up their mess. trust me when i say the load neddy evacuated was nothing compared to the load i deposited in my leathers that morning..........
  6. if anyone saw me naked they'd think the wife married me for my money...................................
  7. I've just installed the UK and Ireland routable maps with contours onto my Garmin Dakota 20, they're brilliant, far better than the Topo's i was using. i renamed them UKroutablemaps.img so i can still keep the old Topo's and some european maps on there.
  8. My first attempts at a cammo cache. It's probably been done before but i didn't fancy reading through 95 pages to check. i figured there was a lot of work required to make something that looked like a rock so why not just use a rock.
  9. "Sweet as she is she can be a little bit dumb!" Nice way to curtail any conjugal privileges, lol
  10. the last time we were in New Zealand we did the west coast of the south island, Franz Joseph must be crying out for a cache. unfortunately it was before i started geocaching but i can still recommend the west coast as the place to be. whale watching just north of Greymouth was quite an experience
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