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  1. Example: I'm placing the "Remember Iraq 2003-2006 Cache Series #1" for all of the victims of the Iraqi war. Whether they were Iraqis shot by Americans, Americans shot by Americans, Canadians shot by Americans, Iraqis killed by Iraqis, oh and don't forget Poland...these innocent people have died as a result of invasion of a sovereign nation and we should never forget the thousands who have died because of it. Please help me by submitting your own cache, I want one in every county in the U.S. to get even 1/10th of the way to the total number of lives lost (and still being lost every day) as a result of the invasion of Iraq. So...where do we draw the line? We can't make "Go go Gadget Red Cross!" caches for Katrina...but we can memorialize 9/11 in a billion caches. What about something like Pearl Harbor? Do a search, I'm guessing there's a few. Ok, how about Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Might even be a few memorial caches there. Should Germany hide a cache for every Jew put to death in a concentration camp? Then what about every firefighter who dies on duty but it just didn't happen to be on 9/11/01? And the ones who die off duty...are they not worthy just because it wasn't in the act of their latest honorable effort? The paramedics, the volunteers at Ground Zero dying from respiratory problems now, the list keeps going. Lots of people do great things in response to evil/disasterous things being done. I'd like Geocaching to stay out of the grand-scale memorialization business. I thought their take on the Red Cross/Katrina and London bombing geocaches was a good one. I saw this issue coming a mile away when I saw the first post asking for people to help create this cache series and well, I didn't say anything because I didn't feel like going headlong into the dark against everyone's (including my own) 9/11/01 sentimentality and reverence. Oh well, I guess they buckled though. Probably an easy choice for them since I'm guessing the 2 Anti-americans that just quit their premium memberships were replaced by 4 patriots ready to support a site dedicated to helping remember 9/11.
  2. Other than browsing the entire tree, is there a way anyone has found to locate categories with 0 waymarks? I'd like to help out categories that are taking it on the nose since being created. I've found sometimes it just takes a few in a category to get people motivated to find others in their areas. Is there a way for non-premium members to find a list of these categories quickly? Is there a PQ-like way for premium members? Along with "Most Popular" and so on at the top of the directory page, could a "Orphaned Categories" or something like that be put up there to grab any 0-member categories for a search result?
  3. Jhwk, you're thinking too domestic. International flights are fun with a GPS. When I cross the Atlantic, I can watch my W change to E at 0.00000 longitude. On the return flight to the U.S., I was able to identify all sorts of land masses along the coast, including getting an atmosphere blurred view of Boston, Long Island, NYC, and the Jersey shore, before landing in Philly.
  4. Anyone baffled by why there are icon collectors hasn't looked into the entire Pokemon phenomenon. Their motto is "Gotta catch'em all" and the main protagonist is Ash Ketchum. Once you think you've got them all...they put out a new set as some new island full of new and wonderous pokemon are revealed in the Pokemoniverse. Unlike coin collectors or other physical collectors, icons are free/cheap/easy to collect. Touch one of the magical passed numbers and you're in. As more people make more icons, there's more to collect to "catch'em all". It doesn't matter that everyone, their sister, AND their dog is creating these things. Promotionalism from the days of baseball cards and cereal box prizes has convinced whole new waves of people that they have to have one of every item in the series. Just wait until some of these people get capitalistic about the idea and start creating accounts, filling it with one of every icon they have a tracking number for and then selling the account on eBay for someone else as a "starter set" to get them caught up as far as possible on icons (and the new owner would begin their collection from that point onward). PS - if you start selling accounts now as a result of my post, my cut is 5% per sale.
  5. The easiest way to do this is to use Google Maps: http://maps.google.com Go to your location by entering it into the search. When your location is found, double click near the tip of the green arrow to force the map to zoom in once without moving too much. Click the "Link to this page" at the top right of the map and you'll see the URL in your browser window change a bit. If you read the characters closely, you'll see a section that says: ...&ll=42.343434,-71.3434343&spn=... The two numbers quoted above are the latitude and longitude of the center of the current map (they will be the values you're looking for). These two values are made up just to illustrate the section of the URL you are looking for to determine your coordinates. You can double check the coordinates by putting them into a new google maps search and seeing that it brings up the same location again. For your convenience, I used this method to get the coordinates for the location you asked for (in degree.decimal format): maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=33.499481,-81.986804&ie=UTF8&z=17&ll=33.499481,-81.986804&spn=0.006102,0.013561&om=1&iwloc=A 33.499481 N 81.986804 W
  6. Um, if you can't find a cache that's only 20 feet away with the original coords, then you have a bigger problem as a geocacher than the 3 log limit of a PQ being full of maintenance logs.
  7. If I guess some date in early November and then when we get down to the last few hundred near my date, I submit a large number of bogus caches in order to "watch the odometer flip" on the exact date I submit here...what do I win? In other words...I don't know if a prize is a good thing.
  8. In fact, if you are fabricating anything as a part of the service project, you could build the geocache *into* the object (like a picnic table/park bench/etc)...of course, with the permission of the location/administration you're working with on your project. That would help tie it into the project AND make an extra crafty hide for your area to find.
  9. But that's just it (maybe I wasn't clear). There's no such thing as a "poetry cache". It is a regular cache, gets a regular cache icon, reads as a regular cache, is indistinguishable from a regular cache, can even be logged online like a regular cache (and then can have your log deleted). Get the coordinates, go find the box, write in the logbook. The getting of the smiley/writing an online log is invention of the GC.com website. Hindering my ability to log here is just ALR to a regular cache. By your logic, 4 x 4 + 2 = 4 x ( 4 + 2 ). Order of operation matters, because the puzzle prevents you from getting the coordinates to find the geocache at all. The ALR only prevents you from using GC.com to maintain your records. I think my Travel Bug stands out/has fun logs. It has the additional logging "request" (not requirement) that people take a picture of their car with the TB in the picture. People don't always post a picture with their car. I don't delete the logs that don't. I still think the gallery of all sorts of cars from the people who do contribute still makes for fun logs and a stand-out listing. You can satisfy this reason for adding an ALr (r = request) without making it an ALR (R = requirement) and make it fun for those who like dancing and those who don't want to dance for your amusement.
  10. If I remember correctly, Eagle Scout Projects entail a large community service aspect that you organize and contribute to yourself, right? If so, then a large-scale CITO event for reclaiming a lost park ("lost" in the context of high vandalism, littering, etc) or something of that nature might be good, followed by improvement of the park with new benches/playground/trash receptacles. Another idea might be the restoration of a lost graveyard in coordination with the state/local historical society who would probably know of a reasonable-sized graveyard for your effort ("lost" in this context is truely lost...as in almost nobody remembers it is there and there is little money for the work of restoration) and a dedicatory geocache nearby to make sure visitors take note of the important historical location and it does not get lost again. Some ideas, but I'm not sure how hiding/finding geocaches quite meets the merit of an Eagle Service Project...without it being more ancillary to some other goal.
  11. I've always considered that if I programmed one of these things, I probably would have included an Easter Egg (special internal joke) that misplaces the destination on April 1st each year. When you follow the directions and arrive at the final location, it says "April Fools! Don't worry you're only 3 blocks away, turn left in 200 feet...". It wouldn't take you more than 2-3 minutes out of your way, but it'd be fun to do. This is probably why I'm not a commercial programmer.
  12. No, I don't exactly agree. The caching experience does not entail the logging online. Logging online is actually a GC.com-created portion of the activity. Therefore, creating the hoop to jump through between the caching experience and the ability to keep records on this website is just a modification of the GC.com-introduced portion of the activity. It doesn't change the cache or how to log the cache, just how to record the event on this website. If the haiku/poem/limerick were somehow tied to the receiving of the final coordinates, then it would be akin to the puzzle cache and could be considered altered if the haiku were made optional instead. Getting coordinates, finding cache, signing logbook in cache = geocaching find. Announcing it here/getting smiley = GC.com. So, it's not an entirely different kind of cache if you add/remove ALRs; it's just a different kind of GC.com logging experience. I think the argument against ALRs is that the GC.com experience should be as close to a non-impeding step to the geocaching find as possible...especially if the impediment is just to satisfy a hider's need to have their hide stand out or make it fun for them to read the logs. "What am I? A poet? A Robert Ludlum Frost, here to amuse you? Do I look like a freakin' Japanese wordsmith with a penchant for global positioning? Am I? Am I?" -- in my best Pesci impression
  13. I like to buck the system (no surprise). If they want a haiku: This cache was boring Writing haikus won't help it This haiku is lame Or a limerick: There once was a cacher so lame They made me write limericks for game I gave it some thought and look what it wrought I guess "lame cacher, lame cache" all the same Write a tall tale about a cacher who makes up stupid rules getting their comeuppance at the hands of an angry giant or something, etc, etc. I think you see where I'm going with this. Meet the rules if you want the smilie but it doesn't mean you have to give them what they implicitly desired.
  14. That's a great idea! We really don't promote the premium features as much as we should. Thanks for your feedback Do I get to vote again?
  15. Thanks, I needed some wubbing today for so many other reasons. I'll take what I can get.
  16. Add my vote against the captcha (as if "my vote" had any weight in the decisions around here...both because there is no "vote" and it's "mine"). The only reason to include it is to stop a scripted mailer, but wouldn't a time limit between e-mails be just as efficient? A second-order time limit for stopping someone from pushing the time limit repeatedly would end scripting effectiveness for good. In the end, I personally use the mail function so infrequently if the captcha remains in place, I'm not going to care too much.
  17. You could put out a cache and ask that only books be used for trade items and include labelling tools for people to make bookcrossing books out of them, maybe. I've seen caches like this before. The problem will only be that you can't mandate that someone trade only books and might need to empty out certain things that people leave and restock with books again.
  18. Jeremy tried this suggestion back when first starting the site. The letterboxers flipped out. It won't happen.
  19. Anyone else generate one yet? Wouldn't mind seeing some others.
  20. Created at Motivational Poster Generator Image from End of the C Line Cache (Brookline, MA)
  21. Check http://www.Waymarking.com and see if there is a "Blood Donation Sites" waymark. I think this would be a better way to accomplish what you're looking to do. If there isn't, then use the Waymarking Forum to propose the category and follow the category creation guidelines to set one up. EDIT: Doh, I mix that up sometimes. URL fixed, thanks Quiggle.
  22. Maybe you'd like to log the Statue of Liberty waymark. It's like a virtual cache in some ways.
  23. Unfortunately, you are a prime example. You continued the behavior despite warnings and time outs. Maybe if you would have learned from the first time instead of repeatedly doing this, it would not be an issue at this point. "Abusive user". Your term. Interesting. What in the heck are you talking about? What part of "when I was doing those sorts of things" didn't get through with you? Do you even know when the last thread I started was closed AND subsequently re-opened by me? I haven't even been in the forum acting anything like that for over a year! Are you saying that the current change in policy is somehow related to my prior bad acts of over a year ago? On TOP of your insinuation that I had something to do with this, you're just plain wrong. "Abusive user" is Jeremy's term and I even quoted it in my post! I'd report your post for violation of the forum guidelines if I thought it'd do any good. Geez, what a jerk!
  24. Odd. Whenever I unlocked my thread that was previously locked by a moderator (when I was doing those sorts of things), the mod re-locked it and spiked my warning meter or sent me to timeout. Could this be a temporary "until the abusive users get tired and move on" solution?
  25. Too late, they already think we're the stupid people. http://www.wheresgeorge.com/wrapper.php?page=top10bills_dgc
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