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  1. 200m is more than the GC minimum requirement of 160m direct line, however the newly placed cache owner is a Newbie and I think credit should be given. I believe the Reviewers would let this one and others through as GC have these standard International rules, so nothing was out of the norm, just a Newbie going about His/Her first cache, like we all did I think,myself included.


    A 'guideline' is an idea but common sense when placing would be better. :D

  2. Hi Community

    I do alot of long distance cycling, and at the moment I use a Trangia with gas adaptor. My first stove was an MSR Whisperlight, but the older regulator (either full power or out) I see MSR have now brought out a better regulator, but I have burnt my fingers once with MSR and to be honest a bit wary to go back to the product.


    I'm thinking of buying a Optimus Nova and wonder if anybody has had experience with this stove.


    Look forward to hearing from you.



  3. Hi Community


    I was wondering if anybody can help with the new GeoPatch(trackable) from Groundspeak ?? The idea is its attached to a piece of clothing, rucksack or cappie by means of velcro and with its own tracking number which can be logged via gc.com. My question is how would this work ?, somebody has seen me running through the woods and noticed my patch tracking number, under what waypoint/cache/region do they enter....


    I hope somebody can help.


    Cool banan's :laughing:



  4. DEFCON 2


    The German couple placed 'Ho-Hunn' in the 5th station of the multi. The Cache Owner has disabled the cache because the last station was not where it should be for some reason, but will sort things out.


    So from what I can make out is the TB is still safe in the woods.



    Hope this helps calm the nerves for some..



  5. Hey Anlufu


    Now this is a small world, for sure I will look you up when next in M/bay, I sailed from there in '96 I think it was and plan to return. (My boet lives in Dana Bay)


    Now it looks like I'm trying to rescue your Buuuuuug.....



  6. Hi


    OK I have sent a mail to the German Couple who dropped Ho-Humm off, to try and find out in which station they last found and or left the TB in.


    Once I get word I'll let you all know.

    Cool banana's



  7. Hi All


    Listen I'm sitting up in north Germany and keeping an eye on any TB's that come my way... with the hope of logging a true South African (being one myself) :D I see that there are a few in DE and the rest spread nicely round Europe.


    :oThe bad news: Ho-Humm has been placed in a multi (GC18Y3W) and it looks like station 5 has been muggled, now there could be a chance that Ho-Humm is in one of the other stations, lets hope for the best.....


    I speak the lingo and will be happy to follow things here.


    Good luck to you all.



    Red Chilli

  8. Moin moin

    I believe in 'Porridge not petrol' and use my Koga Miyata two wheeller.

    Yip I plan two cycle from the northern tip of Europe to my home Country and the southern tip of Africa.


    You are welcome to read more here.

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