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  1. I don't mean to be rude but you're wanting this reviewer ti make an exception for you because of all the things you pointed out? Rules are rules. MULLY I'm sincerely sorry to hear about your husband passing
  2. After seeing your "blach, blah, blah" reply to a seemingly innocent post I can't help but feel that your "temperament" that you apologized for probably got pointed towards your reviewer in some way and that reviewer probably decided to run by the letter of the law as far as your cache is concerned. One thing you need to consider, these reviewers are far and few between....from what I gather, and with 1.6 million caches worldwide, you're probably not the only person on that reviewers plate at the moment. MULLY
  3. Not to hijack the thread but, we don't have rattlers in Japan. Instead, we get to deal with the "suzumebachi" or "giant Asian hornet" as it's called in English. The suzumebachi kills more people each year, in Japan, than any other animal. We do have the "mamushi" though. It's some sort of Viper if I'm not mistaken. I've seen warning signs but haven't ever seen the snakes. MULLY
  4. I've been living in Japan since 1991 but Cincinnati is my hometown. There are poisonous snakes there. Be careful. MULLY
  5. I see nothing wrong with accepting your own challenge. If you're not going to do it then why would anyone else want to? I posted a challenge but have no way of doing it until I can get to the United States. I plan on accepting and completing my challenge when the opportunity comes. MULLY
  6. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I have to ask this question. You say you get despondent having to hike a long, difficult trek just to end up finding a nano. The descriptions clearly show if they are micro, regular, large etc... So my question is this, if you know beforehand that it's a little one, why waste your time going for it to begin with? Seriously, not trying to aggravate the bee's nest, just curious. MULLY
  7. I thought that was what wives are for?!? MULLY
  8. I carry a bunch of Disney character cell phone straps with me to put into caches I find. I only have 1 of my own caches out there right now but the first person that found it took the strap and left a mini-Batmobile. I'm thinking of replacing it with another strap, that little Batmobile is really cool. Haha!!
  9. I can see how this is addictive, but every single day for extended periods of time just seems OCD to me. For me it's a nice weather weekend thing to do with my wife. I am completely sucked in though. Went out yesterday and bought a trekking stick. MULLY
  10. This one almost had me in tears laughing so hard. Not at your misfortune, mind you, but the scene in general. Here is the mark of a true cacher. (scene) Fishing in the middle of a lake, the engine falls off the boat, and then the boat starts sinking. Our cacher begins to freak Uxorious: Holy sheet!! I'm gonna die out here. Past his prime, and not sure if he can make it back to shore, our cacher begins swimming furiously. It's a dog paddle the likes that have never been seen before. Making back to shore our cacher falls back on the bank, out of breath, muscles drained, cell phone soaked. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his heart medicine. Opens the lid of the container and notices the pills are completely intact, without a hint of moisture. His first thought isn't "Thank God my pills made it." No, he drops the pills on the ground and says to himself "hmmm, I bet I could use this as a cache container" Haha!!! MULLY
  11. Funny to me that the OP suggests a cache like this. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing.....only I'd use fishing line to attach the cache to. Don't want muggles seeing it. MULLY
  12. +1 on this. I'm a native English speaker and I live in Japan. There are so many hurdles with the language barrier it's not funny. Oddly enough, the Japanese cachers, from what I've seen, all have learned the acronyms (TFTC, FTF, etc...) and use them religiously. But then you come here and see people griping about people just leaving a TFTC and nothing else. Can't win for losing really. Like the above poster said, it's an international pastime. Be prepared for foreign languages to appear in logs. MULLY
  13. Wow, thanks so much for that link. That is getting printed out and hung up on the bulletin board at my school with a memo to contact "Jim Sensei" if they are interested in learning more. haha!! Thanks again for this, MULLY
  14. Thanks for this. I'm not a for the numbers type either, I just enjoy doing it so much that once these run out, I'm screwed. There are a few hurdles to what you said though. Biggest one being the language barrier. There isn't a GeoCaching.com page in Japanese so that right there will discourage a LOT of Japanese people from getting involved. There's so little information out there in Japanese that the Field of Dreams "build it and he will come" method really won't work. And so few Cachers that the word doesn't get spread. I agree, I don't want to get a bunch of people into this that are just going to drop it, but we gotta get more people involved. Anyway, I'll carry the torch over here and see what can be done. I also agree with whoever said I should drop a lot of good, quality caches. It will attract outsiders and hopefully they'll drop caches while they're here. Thanks for the input, guys. MULLY
  15. Mrs. MULLY and I were out a few weeks back looking for a micro near the parking lot of the Tamiya plastic model factory here in Shizuoka, Japan. We were pulled over on the side of the road and I was across the street going over the fence line. Lo and behold I turn around an there are 2 cops sitting in their car watching me. Now, imagine you are a Japanese cop and you see a 6'1 350lb+ biker looking American searching around the fence line of a major company. What do you do? They just smiled and drove away. hahaha!!! I honestly don't know if they were intimidated by me or just didn't give a dadgum about what I was doing. Either way, first run in with the law became nothing........and I didn't find the cache. MULLY
  16. Hey, guys, I'm in a unique situation here. I live in Shizuoka, Japan. It's not the middle of nowhere, but at the same time, it's not Tokyo or Osaka. I'm looking at the map of my area, where all the caches are hidden, and coming to realize that at the pace I'm going now, pretty much every weekend, I will run out of caches to find before spring. In my opinion, I think GeoCaching would appeal to a lot of people.....if they just knew about it. So, here is my question. What can *I* do to get the word out to the people? I already record and upload all my cache finds on YouTube, no spoilers. I was thinking of maybe renting a room at the local community center and maybe having an "Introduction to GeoCaching" event where I can introduce this to the people of my area. Anyone have any other ideas? I'm going to be running out of caches in the not too distant future and I'm enjoying this way too much to just let it die. Thanks in advance for any advice. MULLY I'm not plugging my YouTube channel but if you're interested in seeing any of my videos here is the link http://www.youtube.com/user/warmothstrat In the event you go there, I have the GeoCaches separated into a playlist so click on the playlist option to find them easier.
  17. Nope, no APO/FPO but if worse comes to worse I just have things sent to a friends house in Florida and he sends on to me. MULLY
  18. Thanks for the reply. So far I've depended on the maps in my iPhone. It uses Google maps so I get pretty good quality. I tried using the compass in the Geocaching app but, unfortunately, I was in a place with heavy tree cover and the accuracy was 70 meters. Needless to say, we spent about 2 hour combing the area for a micro but came up empty. That event, and others like it, are the reason I'm wanting a dedicated GPS unit. I'd like to give the compass a whirl. My friend does it like that and swears by it. MULLY
  19. Thanks for the message. I'm in Shizuoka. I've been here for 20 years so I'm all for buying from home if at all possible. Japan tends to double the prices on just about evverything. Thanks for letting me know the electronic stores don't carry them. I almost went to Yamada yesterday but decided against it so I could get an earlier start on a a few caches I was going for. haha!! But, yesterday solidified my stance that I need a dedicated GPS unit. I've been using my iPhone and the margin of error is just way too great. I was a bit out of range yesterday, had quite a bit of tree coverage, and my accuracy was at 67 meters. Needless to say, we spent 2 hours searching a fairly large area and came up empty. I plan on returning once I get a GPS unit. All my research this past weekend is pointing me to the Garmin GPSMAP 62s. Thanks again for jumping in here. BTW, I found a shop online that sells Garmin products at a discount, here in Japan http://value-garmin.net/ BTW, the reason I was wondering about the multi language support is because I don't need the Japanese on it. I was wondering if I bought it here in Japan would it only have Japanese on it. I'd want to switch to English. Looks like they come in English with a Japanese users guide. MULLY
  20. Thanks for that info. This was part of what I was looking for. I'll look into what's available here. That weak dollar, no offense, is a goodie for my overseas shopping. Not trying to show any disrespect to anyone that this bad economy may effect.
  21. Thanks for the sound advice, guys. The reason I'm thinking of buying from the US is because the Yen is so strong right now. The one that Coggins suggested has a retail of 99,000 yen, that's almost a thousand dollars. Whew!! That retails in the States for around 500. With the yen as strong as it is that's 38,000 yen. I sincerely appreciate all the advice. I don't know anything about GPS units other than what I read online from the manufacturers. It's nice to hear what users have to say. Thanks again and I'll let you guys know what happens. MULLY
  22. Hi, guys, I'm fairly new to GeoCaching and this forum. To keep it short and sweet and to the point, I started GeoCaching when a friend told me about it. It sounded really fun so I downloaded the Groundspeak app to my iPhone 3GS. The few hunts I've been on have been really fun but I'm quickly realizing that although the iPhone is pretty much getting the job done, it's not very accurate, and if I get out of cell reception area then I'm stuck. I'm wanting to buy a dedicated GPS unit and here is my question. I'm an American but I live in Japan. Been here for 20 years so there's no vision of going back anytime soon. Is it possible for me to buy a GPS unit from the States that will have the maps I need for GeoCaching in Japan or am I better off buying here? I'm also curious as to whether GPS units offer multiple language support? Like, if I buy a big name maker like Garmin, here in Japan, will it be possible to switch menus etc... into English? Thanks in advance for any information you could give me, MULLY
  23. I'm in Shizuoka and all the caches that I've found have been spot on what the GPS shows me. I don't think the shift caused any problems as far as caches go. MULLY
  24. So what became of this coin? I would be interested in obtaining one. Very cool. MULLY
  25. The only site I know that sells geocaching products, in Japan of course, is http://www.cachekuni.com. Unfortunately, the only logs they have are the same as the ones here at this site's shop. It wouldn't be too tough to whip them up on a computer though. Best of luck. MULLY
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