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  1. Guys and gals, this is a shot of the area I live in here in Japan. Go to the east and west of me and you see more caches on the map. This is the area I live in though. I have all of this area all to myself. Nothing on this map is more than 30-40 minutes away too. Woohooo!!! Looks like I can be a cache hiding fool. You can see the 2 caches I found here and notice there isn't another cache in site. MULLY Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. You have a challenge that requires vandalism to complete it? Really? Let's be real here for a second, this is no worse than any of us going out into a forest and purposely placing plastic/metal containers out there. I'm sure there are argument threads on that one too. I like the rock idea. Hundreds of years from now someone will walk into that cave and see all those names. No worse than cave drawings left by cavemen. I'm not for littering or vandalizing, but facts are facts. Leaving a Tupperware bowl in the woods is no better than throwing it out your car window.
  3. Yeah, I can see your point. Only thing that bothers me is that the log page clearly states that pics and logs could contain spoilers. It's up to the reader to decide if he wants to look at them or not. Myself, I don't look at logs, other than checking for DNF's, and I don't look at pics until I'm just dead in the water or until after I find it so a spoiler pic wouldn't be seen before the find. MULLY
  4. LOL actually that is our SatNav That photo was taken on the way to the cache. Thanks everyone for your opinions. Rather than just deleting the whole log though, could I not message him and ask him to remove the photo himself, explaining why? Just seems less harsh, is it possible for him to do that? It seems to me, from reading through this thread, that there are quite a few people that just want to be nasty about it from the get go. In my honest opinion, drop the guy a note, explain why you don't want a spoiler photo like that on there, and then ask him if he minds removing it. You're going to get further being nice about it than you will being a jerk right out of the gate. I know if someone wrote to me, was cool, and asked me to remove one of my videos I'd not have a problem with it. If they came firing at me with both barrels right from the get go, sorry, it stays. Now, if you ask nicely and he's a jerk about it then just delete his log and any future log that he attempts to leave. Of course with that kind of retaliation he'd probably go out and mess your cache up so there's really no way to win if he's a jerk. MULLY
  5. I'm relatively new to GeoCaching and I've already seen this topic pop up. I honestly don't remember who it was, I should have made a memo of their name, but this person had the best explanation of why someone might post their cache as PMO. The reason being that it staves off the a** clowns that go out just to destroy or steal the caches. Sounds fair enough to me. I don't see any elitism in that. Matter of fact, after some of the stories of caches being ruined by jerks that are just out to ruin everyone else's good time, I've come to the conclusion that there should be no free memberships. That would weed out the troublemakers from the get go. In my opinion it has nothing to do with a "Hey, I paid so I'm better than you" attitude. Myself, I figured 30 bucks for a year was a small price to pay for full access to the site and everything it has to offer. Not to mention it helps Groundspeak stay afloat. MULLY and when you do the math, that works out to about a 10th of a cent a day. I think I can swing that
  6. Well, I don't know what you did to get booted out of the other one but you may want to try another approach in this one. Haha! MULLY
  7. Wow, just read through that thread. Very interesting. I can see both sides to the arguments people were making. My one question though, why would Groundspeak care that he's posting spoilers? It says right on the logging page that logs and photos may contain spoilers. What makes a video any worse? Just curious, not trying to make a stand on anything. I guess from here on out I will contact the cache owner directly and ask them if they mind if I put the videos up. So far, the one guy that I've found the most caches from, has actually visited my channel and was excited that his caches were being displayed. Again, I don't show where they are hidden, I only show what I found. I think I have 2 videos that show where it was hidden. One of them I don't feel bad at all about because it says right in the description where it. I didn't feel that I was really giving anything up on that one. The other one was because of a request from viewers wanting to see how something may be hidden. It was a micro, under a bench, fairly simple, so I thought that was good enough to show. I did put a gray screen in the video though warning that the spoiler was coming up in the event they wanted to turn it off. I surely won't make it a habit of showing spoilers though. I don't want people to have the answer. Let them look for it like I did is what I say. haha!! MULLY
  8. Well, to answer the "why bother" question, I am a regular on YouTube. My channel is partnered and I have a fairly good subscription base. I also won Video of the Year 2010 from YouTube Japan. Sorry, had to toot my own horn on that one. Anyway, the reason I make the videos on the unremarkable micros is because it's a vlog of what I did that particular day. The one thing I'm really learning from GeoCaching is that I'm seeing places I never would have taken the time to see if it hadn't been for this. The majority of my subscribers are overseas and are interested in Japan. If I can show a video of a temple or castle and give a little history behind the place etc... the people really enjoy it. I respect everything you said here though so please don't take anything above as arguing back at you. I will take all of that into consideration. MULLY the video of the year is titled "97,000 Toothpicks" tooting my own horn again
  9. Went to your channel, subscribed, and left a comment. Looking forward to watching your vids. MULLY
  10. Cool, glad to have you along for the ride. What's your channel address? Mine is http://www.youtube.com/user/warmothstrat Would love to see your videos. MULLY hopefully we can get a list of other channels here too Mine is http://www.youtube.com/user/ManvillePossumHunter?feature=mhee We "shot" some more video today at our firing range. My channle is not dedicated to geocaching, but some of our EarthCache videos are cool. Subscribed and left a comment on the channel. Looking forward to seeing your videos. MULLY
  11. Thanks for this. Nah, I didn't see that. I even did a search before I posted this thread to make sure I wasn't starting another thread over. I should have used YouTube as a keyword. My bad and apologies to anyone having to read the same stuff over again. MULLY
  12. Yeah, even as green as I am I don't think I'd want the distance shortened. There are some really cool places around here to hide things but they've been taken. First come, first served I guess. I have a few places that are still empty so I'm wanting to get out asap to grab them before they're taken. I've got nothing against the micro/nano cache with just the log but, for my own, I don't want to do too many of those. Not saying I won't, because I just bought some micro containers, but I want to at least hide them in a place where people can come and enjoy the surroundings and think of the cache as the bonus to coming to such a great spot. With all the views of Mt. Fuji around here I'm sure I'll find some cool places. MULLY
  13. Oh yeah, I can totally respect your view on watching them. Other than a few really cool containers/hides that I've seen on YouTube I don't find much excitement with them either. MULLY
  14. I'm actually in a unique position because I'm in an area of Japan that most of the people here will never see so my videos don't really mean squat. But, regardless of that, I don't want to break any unwritten rules of etiquette. Luckily a lot of my finds have been set by one person in this area and he has seen my videos and really liked them. He even asked me to post the URL's to the Geocaching Japan Facebook page so others could see them. Also, like I said, a lot of my viewers knew nothing of Geocaching and quite a few have contacted me asking for more info. I even got a comment the other day from someone saying that they bought the app for their iPhone and went and got their first cache, all because he was really interested in what he saw in my videos. Another person contacted me and said he used my video in one of his classes and the students just loved it. Now, there really isn't anything special in my videos, just me and my wife out shooting what we find. But, people are into it. Even with all that positive stuff coming out of it, I don't want to be the bad guy ruining caches for people. MULLY
  15. Cool, glad to have you along for the ride. What's your channel address? Mine is http://www.youtube.com/user/warmothstrat Would love to see your videos. MULLY hopefully we can get a list of other channels here too
  16. I'm still fresh with Geocaching and trying to learn the proper etiquette. I have a channel on YouTube and I do a lot of vlogging. I have a little over 1300 subscribers and get quite a few views on my videos. Since I started GeoCaching I've made it a point to log all my caching trips on video and post them up on my channel. For the most part I do not show where the caches are hidden, but I do show the contents. Unfortunately most of my finds are micros that only have a log sheet so it's not like I'm really spoiling anything by showing the log sheet and the container. A few of my subscribers have shown interest in GeoCaching and they want to see video of the hunt and the find. I did show the find in 2 previous videos but I was very careful to put a gray screen in announcing that "from this point forward there is a spoiler. Turn off now if you don't wish to see it." Now, on each log here on GC.com I add a link to the video that goes with that find. I clearly let people know before they click on it if there is going to be a spoiler or not. My question is this, is it bad form to be doing videos of my adventures? Or, is it ok to shoot and put up but it's not cool to put it in the log. Is it ok to show the container, considering it's not something special like a hollowed out log or a bolt etc...? Is it ok to show the contents? I'm sure I'll get a variety of answers here but I'm really interested in what you guys think about this practice. Thanks in advance, MULLY
  17. Have you looked into a Mophie cover for your phone? Not sure if they make them for Blackberry but it's a cover that contains a battery which recharges your phones battery. With an iPhone I can squeeze about 6-7 extra hours out of it with the Mophie case on it. MULLY
  18. So what about the visuals you receive via iPhone compared to a dedicated GPS unit? I'm currently using an iPhone 3GS but am wanting to upgrade to a dedicated unit because the accuracy is pure crap once you step off the beaten path. But, at the same time, I like that with the iPhone you get google maps and can zoom in and pick out landmarks. I found a cache one time just by looking at where it was marked on my map. The spot it had me at was pretty far away, back to accuracy issues here. So, what are the maps like in these things? Unfortunately, here in Japan, especially where I'm at, shops don't sell GPS units so I can't just run over to North Face and take a peek at them. If I get one it's a total leap of faith from ordering online. I've pretty much settled on the Garmin GPSMAP 62s, which is probably more unit than I really need, but I figured "Go big or go home" so I don't get screwed from ordering online and end up getting something that is missing something. MULLY real curious about what the maps look like
  19. Since it was moved, and you had to search for it, can you log it as a find? MULLY
  20. After reading through this thread, and many others concerning containers, I see that a lot of ammo cans go missing on a regular basis. Any chance some owner of a military surplus store is geocaching? Selling ammo cans then going out and getting them back and selling them again? Doesn't sound too far fetched to me. MULLY
  21. I live in Japan and from time to time I come across suzumebachi, or the giant Asian hornet. They are responsible for more deaths each year than any other animal in Japan. Best thing is to steer clear, don't flail your arms around if one comes near you, and, oddly enough, don't wear dark clothes, they don't like that for some reason. One will give you a pretty nasty sting, like needing a hospital run, but what happens is one stings you and it lets out a pheromone that alerts the others and then you're screwed. Not fond of them at all. MULLY No, this is not my hand, just a photo I grabbed off Google to show how big these mothers are.
  22. What do you find "poorly-functioning" about the GeoCache app? Granted, there could be some changes to it, but overall it's not a bad app. It does what it needs to do. Myself, I just wish the GPS feature in the iPhone was more accurate. It's frustrating landing someplace to find that the map images aren't available or are extremely poor quality and then look at the GPS and see that it has an accuracy of 100 meters. That leaves one huge area to search and pretty much drives me nuts, because I'll search as much as I can. At least if the maps are there I can have a visual. MULLY
  23. As I'm still a green GeoCacher I find this topic very useful. The few suggestions here answered it the way I was hoping they would. MULLY
  24. I think you'll get varying opinions on this one. In my opinion, go ahead and log it as a find but don't go with the "shared FTF". MULLY
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