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  1. Fantastic! This is what I was hoping for. MULLY this goes for you too, Davequal
  2. Will be in December. Unfortunately, our time is limited, the bulk of our time will be in Fussa for a conference, so in our limited off time we're sticking to Tokyo and Kyoto. Oddly enough, when you travel from Tokyo to Kyoto you go right through here. This cache is actually less than 10k from Shizuoka station. Matter of fact, you'll ride the bullet train right past the base of the mountain that this is on. MULLY
  3. Agreed. Although, there is a box to tick that says "Don't Show This Again" .......or something to that effect. But, I do agree with you that it isn't necessary to begin with. MULLY
  4. Personally, I have no issue with "crappy" caches being shotgunned all around an urban setting. They're easy enough to ignore. If you have such disdain for them, why be so adamant about getting your name in the logbook? Just walk away. Everytime I see an anti-micro or LPC thread, I just remember that while I'm busy climbing over rocks, walking through the woods, hiking to the top of a hill or crossing a stream to find a cache, there is someone just as happy to be rolling up in a wheelchair in a parking lot to find an LPC. No matter your caching style or the types of caches you prefer, there is plenty available to keep you happy. I don't see a need to take away caches from those who either can't or don't want to head into the woods to find geocaches. A LOT of the caches I find in my area are these micros made from empty mint boxes. Not the metal Altoids boxes, these are plastic and resemble some cases I've see being sold at Geocaching web sites......I guess a photos works here... They're just big enough for a log and maybe a coin of some type, if it's not too big. Admittedly, I'm a little burned out on them, but every single one of them has been placed somewhere that I got so much more out of the adventure getting there, or being there, that the cache itself was just a bonus. Yeah, I'd like to find bigger caches with stuff in them, but, I will continue to go after these every chance I get. So far, I haven't really been let down. MULLY
  5. HA!! Actually, yeah, it's a 1.5 terrain. I figured 99.9% of the people going after this one are going to be coming by car, parking, and taking the rope-way across the gorge. I would definitely rate those steps as a terrain 10 though if I had the option. 1,156 steps, and let's not forget that they are hand laid steps that are hundreds of years old and have been through lots and lots of earthquakes. I climbed them once, by misrepresentation. My brother in-law, ex BIL actually, took me there and said "let's take the steps." I was like "Sure, are there a lot of them?" and he came back with "It's not that bad". I'm a big guy too, 6'1 350+. When we got to the top I wanted to kick the living bejeezus out of him but I was too tired. haha! MULLY
  6. I uploaded a photo of the steps where the cache is hidden.....it's near the steps actually. The photo doesn't really give anything away except that you're in the right area. Do you advise putting up random shots of the temples etc...? I wasn't sure if that was cool or not. Like I said above, I want all of my future caches to be thought out as well as this one is. Anyone that goes after this is going to be rewarded with a fantastic time visiting one helluva place. I also hope that my descriptions can have enough flair that it makes people want to visit the place in question. BTW, that Crew T Robot name, is that your handle? Both of my caches have been approved by Crow T Robot. Just wondering if that is you or if that is a system moniker that reviewers post under. If you are the reviewer that did this cache, thanks for the quick response. I enabled it and it was published in less than a day. Very cool. I can't wait until someone goes after it. MULLY
  7. My latest placement has this as it's description. This cache is hidden near the steps of an ancient wall Kunozan is the original burial place of the first Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and is thus the oldest of the Tosho-gu shrines in the country. You must take a hanging cable car over a large gorge to get to the mountain where the cache is located. The fee for the rope-way is 1,000 yen for a round trip. There are 2 access roads to the cable car terminal. If you are adventurous you could go around to the ocean side and climb the steps to where the cache is. There are 1,156 steps to climb if you choose that route. While there, there is the main shrine at the top of the mountain, a museum, gift shops, and viewing areas that are just breathtaking. I believe there is a 500 yen charge to enter the main temple, but, you do not have to go into the main temple area to find the cache. The cache is a small Tupperware bowl which contains a log book and something for exchange, if you wish. Please bring a pen or pencil to sign the log book. Just thought I'd show you guys a description from a cache in Japan. Some will blow past this without a second thought and some may find it interesting. Enjoy. MULLY BTW, I plan to place all of my caches in places like this. If you're ever in Japan.....
  8. Does anyone around here care about editing previous posts to the relative content? You know what's worse than an LPC? 500 lines of quoted posts and then a 3 word reply. Come on, guys, it doesn't take much effort to highlight and delete what you don't need. MULLY
  9. I installed OS5 today and so far, so good. Everything is working.....and my current phone is a 3GS model. I pre-ordered the 4S and they called me tonight and said I can come in tomorrow to pick it up. Looks like the update on the current phone was a waste.....unless I can still do stuff with it with a wifi connection. MULLY
  10. Try going into the settings and make sure that the location services are turned on, especially for the GeoCache app. If that doesn't work.....not sure what it could be. MULLY
  11. I was thinking of making up a bunch of "MULLY'S CACHE FTF" poker chips. Only problem is they usually require a minimum of 100 to be ordered. I don't think I'm going to need 100 of them. MULLY
  12. Easy, magnetic nano......(I'd better hide after that comment ) If we find you can we log it? MULLY
  13. I sent you a PM. You totally took my comments the wrong way. I found the sarcastic humor right away, and I played off of it. You didn't catch it back. hehehe!! MULLY On Topic: Light post skirt caches are bad.....no cookies for you. Opps...I apologize. I didn't see any smilie type face after your gardener comments and read into it that you were being more serious then I intended. Obviously, racism is a serious issue. Thanks for the clarity. Peace No apologies necessary. The written word is so easily taken out of context. MULLY
  14. I would imagine the majority of caches don't have land owner permission. People talk about guardrail caches. How many of those do you think the CO contacted the county first to see if they could put something on a guardrail? MULLY The 3 biggest lies: 1) Of course I love you 2) The check is in the mail 3) Oh yeah, he said it's ok.
  15. I sent you a PM. You totally took my comments the wrong way. I found the sarcastic humor right away, and I played off of it. You didn't catch it back. hehehe!! MULLY On Topic: Light post skirt caches are bad.....no cookies for you.
  16. Yeah, but that would only lead into religion being spoken about on the forum being frowned upon. Face it, as long as you have this many people doing something you're going to get every sort there is. MULLY Religion?.....I was referring to Jesus, my gardener. Well, then, it just moves into racism then. MULLY never seen a lamp post skirt. do the old ones have a poodle on them?
  17. Yeah, but that would only lead into religion being spoken about on the forum being frowned upon. Face it, as long as you have this many people doing something you're going to get every sort there is. MULLY
  18. Thanks for this. The Garmin GPSMAP 62s was the one I was thinking of getting. MULLY
  19. I'm on the side of enjoying the challenges so you won't get any argument from me. I don't think you can complete a challenge more than once. I think once you register it as complete you don't have the option of completing it again, there are no buttons to push. So, for example the worldwide fountain challenge, which I just completed yesterday as a matter of fact, if I were you, I'd upload the pics of any future fountains into the comments section. Again, I like the challenges and have been to a few places I wouldn't have been if it hadn't been for them. I don't care one bit that they don't count for anything. I enjoyed getting out and doing them. Isn't that all that really matters? MULLY
  20. Thank you. Bookmarked for future reference. MULLY
  21. Thanks, guys. A Japanese cacher contacted me and gave me a great hint. The numbers actually correspond with the Japanese bullet train. I'll leave it at that and figure this out the rest of the way. Sorry if it's frowned upon. I'll not do it again. MULLY
  22. Ok, guys and gals, this may be an area that experienced cachers know something about, or maybe someone good with numbers. I honestly have no idea. There is a cache in town that has this description... Now, I'm not looking for someone to tell me the answer, but I haven't the slightest idea what those numbers mean or what kind of code this is. If anyone could point me in the right direction, of solving this riddle on my own, I'd really appreciate it. I was at the fountain last night and thought I'd give this a try but couldn't come up with any good ideas of what those numbers represent. Obviously they look like years but I don't see how you would work out coordinates with them. Thanks in advance, MULLY
  23. Your public profile/Geocaches tab says that you have completed one challenge. Is this incorrect? If you click on it, it lists "Snoqualmie Tunnel of Light", CX1. Yes, that is correct but as it was completed over 30 days ago I could not see it by clicking the "challenges" link in my profile. So what's the answer to the million dollar question? I'd like to review the challenges I've done too but can only see 2 out of 3 right now. MULLY
  24. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've already decided to be very picky in my hides. I want the ones I set out to be in a location where people can enjoy themselves with the surroundings. Ancient temples, good views of Mt. Fuji, etc... I don't want to put any out there just to put them out there. MULLY Hope to see you in my logs
  25. mistake post. Ignore. Move on, nothing to see here.
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