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  1. Can you get the "Limit Exceeded" page for looking at geocaching too long? I was just browsing the map and opening caches to look at and got the message. I was bored and cheking out caches in an area I'm going to be visiting. Never had that problem before. I read the post and wasn't doing anything that it mentioned as far as I know. I was just opening caches from the google maps page. Guess I'll see if it happens again, once it lets me back on
  2. Your problem was solved a couple of hours ago. Thanks phat.bak. I didn't bother you personally about it because I thought it was just MapSource acting up at first. Look forward to finding some more of your caches. I keep hearing about nightmares about a bamboo forest? Might have to check that one out
  3. It was showing up in the "My Finds" PQ I download, so it will continue to cause an issue until the date is changed. I don't look at "My Finds" very often, so it isn't really an issue. I was just playing around looking and wanting to see where I'd cached at so far when I found the problem. I talked to Garmin and they are trying to see if they can make some small changes to MapSource so that it will not crash when an unusual date like this occurs. Thanks for all the replies and information about why this occurs. Happy caching
  4. I have found a few caches that show the date hidden as 1901 (ex. GC1ACD1). I didn't really care that much until I downloaded a PQ with the cache and it crashes the mapping program I use (MapSource). The date causes problems where it won't even load the file at all. I was just curious why caches are even allowed to post dates this old when geocaching is obviously a new sport and not 100 years old . Can anything be done to correct this error?
  5. I am using the latest version of Garmin's MapSource. When I try to open the My Finds PQ file, it gives an error message and closes MapSource. I have downloaded other PQ's and they open and work fine. The only one that gives trouble is the My Finds. I have downloaded it a second time, but it still isn't working. I would try to download it again, but I'll have to wait a week before I can. Just curious if anyone has had any trouble like this and what can be done to fix it. I called Garmin and they said that most likely the file is corrupt. I'm not sure what to do about that since it is coming from the geocaching website.
  6. I was going to ask how many finds you had, but looking at your profile it looks like 700+ so I doubt the issue is the number of waypoints you're loading (since mine has 2,900+). Could be a corrupt MyFinds...have you tried uploading to ItsNotAboutTheNumbers? If you have your DVD and any unlock codes handy, you could try un-installing MapSource and starting from scratch. If that doesn't do the trick...a call to Garmin's toll free support number. I tried loading the "My Finds" PQ to Its Not About the Numbers and in the CacheStats program and it worked fine for that. I thought it might have been a corrupt file too, but it looks like it works fine with other programs. I may try calling Garmin and seeing what they think. Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas. I'll post back if Garmin enlightens me and shows me what is wrong.
  7. Did you get any error message during install? Was anything else running during install? Have you re-booted after install? Try re-installing? No error messages during install. Nothing else running. Rebooted and still not working. ALso tried reinstalling MapSource. I created a new PQ for 100 near my home coords. I downloaded it and it opens just fine. The only thing that won't open is the My Finds PQ. Weird.
  8. Well, that isn't the problem either. I just found an old "My Finds" PQ in my email from a month ago and tried it. It crashes MapSource too.
  9. Just tried it with my latest MyFinds PQ that was generated on 10/08...no issues. The only thing I can think of is that I found a puzzle cache that is listed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The older My Finds PQ I had saved opened fine before that. If the coords for that cache are outside the range of the maps in MapSource, will it cause the file to not load and MapSource to crash? I wouldn't think it would matter, but I'm drawing a blank as to what is causing the problem.
  10. Is anyone having trouble opening their "My Finds" query in the new MapSource? I can load any other PQ just fine, but when I try to open the one for my finds it crashes MapSource. Just curious if there is a solution to this or if it is a new problem.
  11. I actually ran a search before I ever posted the topic. I searched for "event calendar" and all I got was some posts about geocoins, the 2009 CITO event, and some old events. Simply amazing, that some people just assume that others don't even try finding other posts before creating a new one . At least the event calendar seems to be working great again
  12. I was trying to look at the event calendar from the geocaching home page and all I get is the dates and no events. I'm using IE on Vista. Just curious if anyone else is having problems. Probably just a glitch that will be fine by Monday.
  13. Check out the Georgia's GGA website http://www.ggaonline.org/gadodont.html I know that some of the WMA's in north GA are also National Forest Service land, which allow geocaches (with some rules that you must follow). Some of the State Parks allow geocaches, but it is up to the individual manager of the park.
  14. I currently have the Garmin Mapsource Topo maps (not very detailed contours - almost 100 feet or more between the lines). They have been helpful while out hiking, but could be a lot better. I have noticed that some people are having luck with maps found on http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/state/ga/ In particular, I was looking at the 20 foot contour topo for the entire southeast of the United States (almost 800 MB). I was just curious if anyone has used these and how well they work. Are they broken up like the mapsource topo segments (where you can just load a few) and are they about the same size? Do they mess with using City Navigator? Has anyone had any trouble with them on a 60CSx? Just wanting to know some more about them before I go through the trouble of a large download. Thanks.
  15. I'm looking to buy CN. I just ordered a Vista Cx on eBay and want to use the turn by turn feature. Do i need the DVD and the data card. I found a guy selling just the data card and no DVD. Is that a rip off? I have no idea how it will work. Thanks If you get just the data card, you can not look at the maps on your computer and plan routes using your computer. Also, if you want to add topo maps later, you can not put them on the City Navigator data card. If you buy the DVD, you can look at maps on your computer, plan routes, and add topo maps to a microSD card that you buy seperately. In short, just the data card works great for someone who just wants to put the card in their GPS and have maps for the US to route on. If you are wanting to play around with it on your computer and want more customization, then the DVD version is the way to go.
  16. You can't really go wrong with either a 60csx or a PN-40. As previous posters have pointed out, it mostly depends on whether you want all the map options and paperless caching features of the PN-40. The 60csx offers topo maps and routable road maps, but the topo are no where near the quality of the ones available for the PN-40 (but with a subscription cost). Both will get you to a cache and work for other things, it just depends on what bells and whistles you would like to have to do so I personally have a 60csx, but the PN-40 wasn't around when I bought mine. I've never had any issues with my Garmin. The Delorme does look quite nice though. Tough choice.
  17. Getting a GPS with COLOR is definately worth it, especially if you are going to load topo maps. On Black and White units, it is sometimes hard to distinguish between a contour line, road, or a stream, but with color it is quick and easy to tell what you are looking at. Extra memory is helpful if you are planning on using topo or road maps on the unit. If you aren't going to load any extra maps, then you probably don't care about extra memory. Trust me though, if you play around with the GPS and keep using it, you'll definatly want to add maps (they help a lot with hiking or just routing along roads to get to the cache area). Hope this helps a bit. Color and expandable memory are definately worth the money.
  18. I've been caching since about the summer of 2005. I was looking at some of my stats and noticed that 23% of the caches that I've found have been archived. I figured that there was a bit of turnover in caches, but almost a quarter of the caches I've found kind of surprised me. Just curious what everyone elses percentage might be. Looking over the caches, most were simple micros (1:1 parking lot caches), but several were good quality regular caches that I remember enjoying due to the creativity or neat container (not saying micros can't do that either). Just curious to see what others stats say.
  19. I live about 40 minutes north of there. I've found most of the ones right in Canton. If you like caches that require a little hike in the woods there are 3 in Boling Park (GC1H79N, GC5DC0, and GC6A26) that have a nice little walk along the river. There are a few park and grab micros in town too. The Downtown Main Street USA cache (GC1D0ZD) is a good quick one that requires a little extra work. If you drive further out of town there are a lot more. Someone that lives closer there may be able to offer some more info. Have a great Christmas and some happy caching.
  20. If you have the electronic compass on (where it will point in the right direction whether you are moving or not), then you have to hold the unit flat for it to function properly. If you turn the electronic compass off and just let it determine direction while you are moving, then you can hold it any way you want to. Also, if you are hiking you can hold the unit upright with the electronic compass on while on the trail, you just have to hold it flat when you want to get an accurate bearing toward the cache you are trying to find when you get closer. Hope this helps.
  21. If you can afford it, I would definately get the CSx model instead of just the CS. The CSx has a Sirf III chip that is a lot better than the CS. The Sirf allows quicker satellite aquisition and also does not loose satellites under heavy tree cover like the older models.
  22. Hi. I live in north GA and my wife and I are planning on visiting the Jekyll Island / Brunswick area of GA in mid June. I've looked at a few caches in that area, but just wanted some opinions from cachers who may have visited there before. We will probably stay busy most of the time, so I am looking for the "must do" caches in the area. We will probably be in surrounding areas too if there are any caches that were memorable with previous finders. Thanks.
  23. Is there a way to see how may waypoints are already loaded? I haven't been able to find one. I usually just download the data from my GPS to Mapsource to see how many waypoints are on the unit. I'm not sure if there is a way to see it on the GPS itself.
  24. To check how much memory is left on a 60 csx, first go to the main menu (push Menu twice). Then go to Setup, and then select System. Push the Menu button and select Card Info. That should show you how full your memory is, and what is taking up the space.
  25. In order for the cache to show up in your calendar, you do not need to change the icon manually. If you are searching for a cache, the compass page (the one with the arrow pointing towards the cache) will have "found", "note", and "stop" at the bottom of the page. You have to be routing in "off road" mode. In order to route "off road" (this just means a direct, straight line route, not following roads) you need to go to the main menu (hit the menu button twice). Next, go to Setup, the Routing. Under Guidance Method, you can select "prompted" if you want it to ask whether to route on roads or off road when you select a cache to find. Or if you want it to alway route off road, you can select off road. Once you get City Navigator, it is best to select Prompted. This allows you to navigate along the roads at first, then when you park your car you can hit Menu while on the Map page, select Recalculate and tell it to calculate Off Road (so you can walk a straight line to the cache.) As far as the maps, City Navigator is a lot more detailed than the Base Map. You can go to Garmin's website (http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ontheRoad/ )and click on the Mapsource Map Viewer in the top right corner. You can select City Navigator and it will let you use the map program and see what type of detail you are going to get. I have City Navigator and love it. If the cursor does stray a little from the road, there is an option on the Map screen. While on the map screen, hit menu, go to Setup Map, the top left tab should have an option called "Lock on Road". Just turn this feature on to make the cursor show up on the road instead of beside it sometimes. Hope this helps some. Enjoy your 60csx and have fun caching.
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