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  1. Thanks for dropping some knowledge. I had to look up Lucky Stones from Lake Erie. Very cool! I would love to find one!
  2. That video was ridiculous. "Find a place where the cache will blend in." So he throws the piece of trash on the side of a nature trail where there's no other trash in sight? That bottle will only "blend in" in a recycling bin.
  3. Thanks everyone. I didn't know there was a battery setting. I changed it to NiMH as suggested. We'll see how that works out. The other thing I didn't consider is that I'm uploading caches to go paperless. While the cable is connected, is the unit still drawing battery or is it USB powered during that time?
  4. Hi folks I'm new around here and bought myself an eTrex 20 to motivate myself to get out and explore more. I've found 6 caches so far. Hooray! I bought my eTrex 20 brand new 10 days ago. I put freshly charged Sanyo eneloop batteries in (also brand new) and got only about 5 hours of use on it. This can't be typical! The review on OutdoorGearLab says battery life is 25 hours! Should I start considering a return? How many hours do you get? Also, today I got the "Low Battery" warning and then soon after the map screen switched from white to black. Is this typical? Thanks for any info and tips!
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