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  1. ...just to add to the confusion with Reference Marks - the arrows don't always point to the mark. I've found some as far as 90° off and 2 that were 180°. Also - sketching out the locations/distances on paper ahead of time helps once you get there....
  2. ..I'd worry about having the authorities pick me up for vandalism...how 'bout orange survey tape instead ?
  3. Apr. 2: JV3273/1960/N/N JV3354/1942/N/N JV2022/1942/N/N JV2025/1942/N/N JV2026/1942/N/N JV2027/1942/N/N JV2028/1942/N/N KW2058/1942/Y/N KW2057/1942/N/N KW2087/1942/N/N ...wife & kids were out for the day...so it's either work around the house...or 7-hour benchmark extravaganza........hmmm..
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