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  1. ..I posted a note at KX2220 & let GC resize it - "it doesn't do the best job®" ...but is readable: - E
  2. The significance of Morristown, a magnetic station, would be most likely that they are a little more uncommon - the closest one to me is over 100 mi. away...
  3. ..I've seen a few Canadian BM's move around as travel bugs...no BM's that were ever in the NGS database as far as I know.
  4. ..I actually have the dimensions of the arrow near KX2220 along w/ a bunch of nice low-vegetation shots - which gnbrotz sent me awhile back. He's also been to one in Adams County, PA as well. I'm having trouble manipulating the diagram file so I'll see if I can get him to chime in here & maybe he can post the original..
  5. ..got mine, too - great design...might actually be able to impress chicks after all ! (except the wife - she hates benchmarks!) - Thanks !
  6. Interesting info & pics - the Upper Peninsula is still on my list of places to see. Who's up for recovering QK0424?! PS - I remember reading about 20 years or so that there was talk about the Upper Peninsula breaking away & becoming the 51st state...still any rumblings?
  7. ..what I heard was - from your 1st log, you must log outward clockwise in an ever widening continuous spiral ! Or worse - you may have have to spell out "2 Old Farts" by plotting your marks out on a map
  8. ..I believe some may have reservations about the use of the 2 Mason-Dixon dressed stones in the planned horseshoe pit !
  9. ..here's one that actually incorporates BM's as part of the hunt: GCH5ZA
  10. Ditto - always a great time & much appreciated ! (thought of 2 Old Farts last nite when I was out close to dusk & couldn't get a decent shot of the disks..and no powder in the benchmarking vehicle! ...will I EVER learn?!)
  11. ..they're here waiting for ya! I made it as far west as Fayette County this past weekend & after about $40 worth of gas. Trying to stretch out to those last few western counties is really pushing it for me! Gosh why wasn't I BM hunting back when I used to do all that business traveling?! - E
  12. ..I was just looking at this month's map & it looks loke we're only 2 counties away from having a continuous line of color stretching from the E to W Coast - right between Detroit & Toledo and also in northern IN ! PS - also good to see MD fully colorized - seventhings, was that you? Now we've got to get a state in uniform color - DE, RI ? ..or more likely, AZ!?
  13. Impressive ! I don't know if I'll ever get to nab 48 states ! PS - I love reading your Mason-Dixon exploits and have been lucky enough to visit a few of them - great research! Kudos !
  14. ..not to worry, guys ! You've already earned your spots in the new Benchmarking Hall of Fame Museum being built in Cary, North Carolina ! ..seriously - your logs & forum posts, along w/ a few other 'Benchmarking Old-Timers' have served as a valuable source of information & have probably directly contributed to the creation of a new generation of Benchmarking Obsessivists® (me, for one)!. (Edit to add seriousness..)
  15. ..this is always one of my favorite threads & there hasn't been any activity for awhile - so I looked back to see if I had any good pics to add to bump it up...how 'bout this one: KW2805 - KINK (quit chuckling, Harry!) ..has kind of a "Bank of America Logo" look to it & a good 30+ foot drop to the tracks!
  16. .....and I was just getting ready to post the the same story as an it is about the benchmark ! My addition is that if, of course, it was on the west side of the river (closer to home), I'd've probably went thru the trouble to do the same thing....but since I already had my '2' in the bag & was mostly just picking up some quick marks on the way home - I left, fully knowing that mloser would be back if the lady didn't say "What is WITH you guys!?!" (I entertained the thought of drawing some chalk arrows & field notes, but I wasn't keen on going to the car & back to retrieve it). So why did he do it? Because you really do get to see some cool places ! ..and learn a little history in the process... ..for example - this is some lady's driveway !
  17. Finds from 6/3: JW0608, REG JW0610, REG JW0607, REG JW0606, REG JW0604, REG JW0603, REG JW0601, REG JW0598, REG KX1167, REG AI7250, REG ..as always - a lot of fun !
  18. ..and thanks to shorbird for coloring in Erie County, PA - it was just too doggone far out for me to drive to do any hunting there !
  19. Astro- D - great deer pic (and bear pic too, Harry) I ran into one a week or 2 ago that I swear would've guarded a BM all night until I finally pulled the car forward It's not a very good pic (low light), but I'm just sitting around waiting for my kneecap to heal, so I'm reading the fourms.
  20. I've seen a number of these over the years surrounding PA - some actually ARE benchmarks...one I know of is JW0111 ...unfortunately it's been hit & only the base remains: There's an intact monument (but not a BM) near AC7717 check out the log by seventhings (where I nabbed this pic from). Others here may have run across more that actually double as benchmarks...
  21. 2 - KW1365 O - KW3096 L - JV1602 D - KW1363 F - JW1979 A - JW0071 R - KW2246 T - KW2886 S - JV0905 ..officially truning off my Farts Counter®
  22. 5/29 - the trip to pick up my '2' KW3139, REG KW3137, REG KW1365, REG* (2) KW3161, REG KW1363, REG KW1362, REG KW1357, REG KW1349, REG KW0956, REG KW3140, DNF
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