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  1. ...I have a big 'ol rock in my yard that's not subject to surface motion!
  2. QUOTE(wwflover13 @ Dec 21 2007, 09:40 AM) Oh yes they do! For example, check out this trio: PING, PONG, BALL ...and SOUTH Carolina's no slouch either - FRED, BARNEY, & WILMA PS...no sign of Betty, even in the NGS database..
  3. ..I learned on a recent trip that the North Carolina Geodetic Survey has a sence of humor when establishing new marks: ex. - CRAZY
  4. Oh - here's an interesting one from Pittsburgh: 254 - if you look closley, there's only a $10 fine for disturbing!
  5. ..a few really old USCS chiseled squares: A - located in Hagerstown, MD C - located along the Potomac in MD
  6. ..there's only one of these: WM19BK
  7. ...you know it's really scary when you can look at all those counties & recognize who the GEOCAC'ers are!
  8. ...just received my box today - thank you very much...and for spending arm+leg to ship it across the country! PS: ...and the carved jade dolphin - really neat! Somebody would be envious of that!
  9. ...or perhaps weighting the type of mark - making the rare ones more valuable - like a magnetic or gravity station....
  10. ...or we send the hunters out to find all the ones with the bouough/county info on the datasheet
  11. PM sent - thanks ! PS - here's a contest idea for a future one - "ROCK" "PAPER" "SCISSORS"
  12. 3 of a kind: GABLES 3 GABLES 3 RM 5 GABLES 3 AZ MK
  13. "..looks like the bounce is gone out of his bungee !"
  14. [hijack] LINDENSTRUTH - HU1521 - Ocean City, MD ..what it used to look like: [/hijack]
  15. ...and we could be days away from the Transcontinental Linkup !
  16. ..and I was all proud of these, but since nobody else nominated 'em I'm posting them anyway : AI8792 (what looks like a bag of trash by the pole) AI9387
  17. Holo - thanks for the info - great link also. I was actually thinking of starting a thread on this subject, as thare are so many 'anomalies' along borders & we BM hunters often seem to be following them during our hunts!
  18. Nice ! (never realized that NM had a ~1.5 mi. 'kink' in it's eastern border, either!)
  19. .."drawing" on the disk w/ the wide sidewalk chalk works great - the only reason the picture I posted earlier isn't real neat is that I didn't waste much time cleaning the excess away (& used flash). Reason I use it - not much chance of anyone confusing it as some other powder
  20. Love it - sure makes nosing around different areas for BM lines much easier ! Thanks for putting in all the effort!
  21. ..got it - courtesy of this thread ! Took about 10 minutes..(with crossed fingers the whole time) & very pleased with the unit's performance so far!
  22. ..I seem to have gotten myself stuck in the Explorist 210 NAND loop - I can get into the codes - but it looks like the basemaps that were on the Russian site are unavailable (403). Is there any other place to get ahold of them?
  23. mloser also deserves credit for getting the chance in that county to hunt on the grounds of a base where live target practice is conducted ! Example - KW3080 (or was he allowed in for other reasons - "O.K. men - head out and look for your target - some guy in the woods running around with a metal detector.") ("Also - he may be armed with a camping fork & a 100' tape measure") Congrats on the induction to the B.M.H.O.F. ! - Ernmark (threadkill ratio 76.2%)
  24. ..instead of cornstarch, I just grab one of the kids' pieces of big "sidewalk" chalk: Doesn't do a bad job - it's easy to carry & it's made of environmentally friendly fossilized critters!
  25. ..regarding MC1715 - based on the description "IT IS A GRANITE POST, 0.67 FT (20.42 CM) BY 0.83 FT (25.30 CM) SQUARE, FLUSH WITH THE GROUND" - I'd say you found he correct post. I would bet that a different post was stolen - I've noticed that state lines are often marked w/ multiple posts/markers over the years, some of which are broken, etc. Assuming the garage & spike (if it hasn't been paved over) measurements still check, I'd be confident w/ a 'found good' ..regarding MC0284 - I've run across some of these myself & I believe the general consensus in the forums & in reading over availabe information from NGS was a 'found poor' - as the location is verifiable, but it use for vertical control is suspect. If I'm correct, this coat-to-coast Holomap connection could warrant a Shorelander Wing in the new Benchmarking Hall of Fame Museum under construction in Cary, NC (Temp. HQ in PFF's garage) . I usually log the same in GC as w/ the NGS - although if the bridge is gone, for example, I'm more apt to log on CG as 'destroyed'...
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