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    The Sandpit

    Looks like it was MTBikerZA with Posting box # 440 in PMB. (Which I managed the FTF on ) Great - seems like the Sleepy Hollow has woken up recently wrt caching. Yet, Durban is stealing the FTF's from under their noses!
  2. hovelj

    The Sandpit

    Ysbeer is the next I recon.. 21 Caches to go...
  3. Does the written log have an equivalent online log? I too would be interested to know what it said and what cache it was in... just out of morbid curiosity no, just a written one, doubt they have the guts to posted the same thing online..
  4. Agreed, Just in case we do have a idiot muggle\cacher out there, let’s just check last couple logs as there are kids caching, and I really don't need mine kids reading this when they try sign a log. Although in today’s society that maybe hard.. to to add, the log was rude and vulgar and had nothing to do with where it was.
  5. Hi, I recently had to replace logsheet for one of my caches, Someone had decided that they disapproveded of my cache and decided to write this on the sheet. I find this both offensive and disgusting. Hope the person that wrote this feels good about themselves. If this is just a person thinking they are being funny, please keep and eye on our caches.. Personally I would not want my kids reading such filth. Thanks
  6. hovelj

    The Sandpit

    Well, the FTFs have been grabbed. Anyone wanting to grab these must now go for it .....
  7. hovelj

    The Sandpit

    Very nicely done too.. good source of info for school projects etc..
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