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  1. Or if you simply want to see where you are. The basemaps are pretty useless except to see if you are on one of the major highways or near a city. There are plenty of maps (detailed and not) with no routing.
  2. No idea what 1st generation problems has to do with Amazon.com. And even if it was an early revision of the Colorado that was shipped...just hook it up to your computer and update the software for FREE. Takes just a few minutes and you have the same software as the latest units that Garmin is shipping. Yes, the initial release of the Colorado had some shortcomings in the software...but many people who complain about those early Colorado units either don't realize that they can be upgraded, or would simply rather complain about the model rather than learn how it has been improved. I got my 400t shortly after the 1st major software update was released. Prior to that release you couldn't mark a geocache as Found. It's obvious, with that basic flaw, that this model was rushed to marked (I think there was a big trade show and they had a deadline to meet). And Garmin has actively been improving the Colorado...we just had a software update a couple of weeks ago. I purchased a Colorado 300 thru Costco for $259 a few months. The USB port on top fell off. Sent it in and I got a refurb back. However, my original had ~880MB of space and the refirb has aboiut half that. Sent an email to Garmin support and found out that there were two different suppliers of the RAM and one had twice the amount.
  3. Any reason you purchased the SD card insetad of the DVD? You can install the DVD onto your computer.
  4. QVC has the Colorado 300 for $298.96 plus $9.22 shipping. http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/...errain-GPS-Naor
  5. No idea what 1st generation problems has to do with Amazon.com. As with 90% of the products sold on Amazon.com, they are simply the storefront for other resellers. Amazon.com is not the reseller.
  6. Why not just download a PocketQuery from Geocaching.com and copy the GPX to your GPSr? This way all the cache info is contained in that one file.
  7. Garmin (and other) software works great with Macs. -> Garmin Mac software -> MacGPS Pro -> OtherMac GPS software and others
  8. It's flaky. If you go to the Buy Maps page, it will not list any of the Colorado 400s but it does list the 300. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/buymaps.do If you go to the Colorado 400T page and look for maps, it does list City Navigator. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145...ID=11022#mapTab
  9. Remove Flip for Mac (Windows Media player app) if you have it. From Garnin Support http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/home/support/searchsupport "Question: Why is Safari for Mac not able to detect the installed Garmin Communicator Plugin? Answer: The Safari for Mac may not be able to detect the Garmin Communicator Plugin due to one of the following reasons: Garmin Communicator Plugin may not be installed Flip4Mac Browser Plugin conflicts with the installed Garmin Communicator Plugin (Note: Flip4Mac Browser Plugin enables to view Windows Media Video files in Safari) To verify if the Plugins are installed: Open Safari Click Help Click Installed Plug-ins (Note: This will list all installed plug-ins used by Safari) Locate if Garmin Communicator and Flip4Mac Plugins are installed If Garmin Communicator Plugin is not installed then it can be downloaded and installed from here. If Garmin Communicator and Flip4Mac Plugins are installed however, Safari does not detect the Garmin Communicator Plugin as shown, then it is likely that Flip4Mac Plugin is conflicting with the Garmin Communicator Plugin. Any of the following options can resolve the conflict between Flip4Mac and Garmin Communicator Plugins: Use the Firefox web browser when using Garmin Communicator Plugin Note: Firefox can be downloaded from www.mozilla.com/firefox/.This does not affect the ability to view Windows Media Video files on the Mac. Un-install Flip4Mac Plugin Open Macintosh HD Open Applications Open Flip4Mac folder Double-click Flip4Mac Uninstaller (Note:This will prevent the ability to view Windows Media Video files on the Mac. Windows Media Player for Mac can be used for Windows Media Video files.) Install Windows Media Player for Mac and disable the Flip4Mac Browser Plugin Windows Media Player for Mac can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...p9/default.aspx To disable the Flip4Mac Browser Plugin: Open Macintosh HD Open Applications Open System Preferences Double-click Flip4Mac WMV In the Flip4Mac WMV, click Browser tab Uncheck Use Flip4Mac WMV Browser Plug-in Restart Safari if open Note: The ability to use Windows Media Video files on the Mac will be available but just not in Safari. This setting is needed until the plugins are compatible. Safari for Mac should now be able to detect that the Garmin Communicator Plugin is installed."
  10. NO THEY ARE NOT. What aren't they doing according to the warranty?
  11. Just trying to figure out what you need/want a GPS and/or a compass for to better try and help you out. Why do you need or want a GPS at all? What are you planning on doing with it once you get one?
  12. Get you started doing what? What do you want to do with a GPS? What do you think a GPS will do for you? What do you need a compass for?
  13. > Are you updating the logs for your found caches on geocaching.com? You can download a Found pocket query and add that gpx to your GPSr. Look right below the other pocket queries you already have set up.
  14. You can create a user account here -> https://mapreporter.navteq.com/dur-web-exte...erType=CONSUMER then login and submit/view all your reports and the status. You will not see anything you have submitted while not logged in.
  15. Are you using MapReporter at Navteq.com? -> http://mapreporter.navteq.com/dur-web-exte...amp;language=en Do any of your reports show a different status? I wouldn't bet on getting any notifications.
  16. Note that the update is simply a complete, updated version. It does not simply update/change the old files which are different. It is a complete set of files. Just download the update.
  17. With Lifetime updates, you can download a new version up to 4 times a year for the specific GPS receiver you have. If they have 5 updates, you only get 4. When 2011 comes out, you can download a new version of that.
  18. I've been getting occasional locks on boot where I have to pull the batteries. I have a CO 300 running 2.9/2.8. What maps do you use? I have the Garmin SW 24K and the Above the Timber 24K Topos. I have CN 2010.20 and a few tiles of Colorado OSM from here -> http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php
  19. Mine still locks up constantly (2.95 and 2.96) and I have to pull the battery. Loaded the 2.90 GPS software also. When I plug it in in my car, I remove the batteies so I can just pull the power cord out of the cigarette lighter.
  20. Yes, you can create separate POI folders and access each one individually on the unit. Here's a bit of info -> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=140808 and here -> http://www8.garmin.com/products/poiloader/
  21. That's exactly what polarized glasses are supposed to do. They reduce glare. You would have seen the same thing while looking at any glare off the lake. Try turning the Dakota sideways with your polarized glasses on and likely the screen will be completely blank because of the way polarized glasses work and the direction of the LCDs on the Dakota (and any thing else with an LCD). The polarization on the glasses allows light through in one direction but not another When I'm at the gas pump, I have to take off polarized glasses at about half the places just to see anything on the display. See this -> http://www.allaboutvision.com/sunglasses/polarized.htm
  22. If you have a digital camera already, there are plenty of apps to add the geotag info to the photos by using the track on the GPS and matching the time on the camera and the track.
  23. Except when you purchase a full DVD and and install it on a compatible unit. I have a Colorado 300 (which comes with the worldwide basemap only). I purchased City Navigator 2010.10 (full version) on DVD around the end of June & registered it. When someone posted here a week or two ago that a new update was available, I went to My.garmin.com and it showed an update was available. I downloaded it and it gave me a new product key and install code. It all worked fine and installed just dandy. The update is still available for download for 30 days after teh update is first ownloaded. See this for compatible products-> https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=364...7746#productTab Okay. I never said they came with a DVD Team R2 wrote, "I just got a DVD and it installed as City Navigator North America NT 2010.1". Look at the link above for compatible units.
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