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  1. How are the NatGeo Topo maps? I got a Triton 300 off eBay for $50, so I wouldn't mind investing in the maps if they will enhance the experience. I was ready to get them off Amazon this morning, but it has a rating of 1-star and horrible reviews.

    They are okay but you cannot load them onto your GPS.

    Magellan must have the wording wrong then.


    From Magellan's website on the Triton 300:

    Add detailed maps - Upload marine cartography and topographic maps, including the highly-detailed and feature-packed National Geographic TOPO! state series and Weekend Explorer 3D Maps


    Make sure it states it is compatible/uploadable to the GPS you are looking at getting.

  2. I am looking at the comparisons between the Colorado, and the 60, and the GPSMap 60 has better reviews.

    If it doesnt work that way what is the card used for?

    Also I dont think that I personally want a touch screen

    The Colorado is not a touch screen.

  3. A lcd works between x and y, I don't know exactly.

    You say freezing outside, maybe the windchill made it a lot cooler?

    Windchill does not make it any colder than it is. If the temp is 30 degrees and you have a 100 mph wind, it will not be colder than 30 degrees.

    It simply makes it seem colder due to removing the heat quicker from the body than with no wind.

  4. Most if not all GPS units allow you to input waypoints but not usually as latlong coordinates.

    If you can input a waypoint, you can edit that waypoint coordinates.

    Usually you simply press and hold a button to create awaypoint and the next screen will let you save it as is or edit it (name, cooridnates, symbol, notes, etc).

  5. My point in this discussion is about USB because incorrect statements were made about USB.

    Not all USB ports will power everything that is plugged into it.


    Uh, sorry, perhaps you should test that theory before you post it

    If I did had not just sent my Colorado back in for replacement, I would, but I did say "likely won't work"

    it works on my computer. I've done it many times and just re-tested it to be 100% certain it works.

    So it is plugged into a low power USB port? If you don't know the difference between a low power USB port and a high power USB port, then the point is moot.



    I do it with mine all the time. My Colorado runs off of my USB when I am logging my finds and my batteries are in the charger.

    So you are also plugged into a low power USB port?

    Mine runs off USB also with no batteries.

    I never said it won't run off USB at all. I said likely it will not run off low power USB. I have not tried running off a low power USB port.

    The Colorado power consumption is MUCH lower than the 100mA specified by ChrisCA or it couldn't be run for 8+ hours on a pair of AA batteries


    Might try doing a little math.

    If it was MUCH lower than 100mA, it would run a LOT longer than the 14-15 hrs stated in specs.

    A device that uses 100mA will run for 20 hours on a full 2000mA battery. (2000mA / 100mA = 20)


    This post give some measured powered consumption for the Colorado.

    -> http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...w=&st=&

    It shows 134mA at power up with no other options (backlight, WAAS, etc.) enabled.

    Therefore, with 2000mA batteries, it should work for up to 15 hrs, which is what the specs state. (2000mA / 134mA = 14.93)


    I'm done here.

  6. ANY USB power source has enough juice to power a Garmin Colorado.

    This is not correct.

    Low power USB will NOT power the Colorado or any other device.

    Low power USB provides only 100mA and according to the standard will not be used to power devices. It can only be used to provide communication on the bus.

    Remove the batteries from the unit and plug it into a USB port on your computer, which is likely low power USB. It will NOT be powered up.

    When a device is connected to the USB bus, it it then polled by the USB controller to see if it is a high power device and see if it requires 500mA from the bus. If it does and the USB is high powered, it will send the juice to the device and enable communications.

    If the port is not high powered, it will not enable the device on that port and should send a message to the OS and the device telling them that it will not run the device.

  7. Geocahing site and the forums are two seperate systems.

    You need to set you time zone for the forums as well.


    Top right of this page under >My Controls > Board Settings

    Ahh. I did not see that. I clicked on my name and it took me to the geocaching.com profile.

    Thank you both, kind sirs!


  8. I'm not buying that as an explanation for Brian's problem.


    Reread his description. Temps in the mid 30's to 40's. And it would have been in his hand or next to his body, presumably a bit warmer than ambient.

    It fits his descrption exactly. The screen got faster as it warmed up later in the day, two days in a row.

    Unless it was on an inside pocket all the time and taken out only for a minute, simply holding it in his hand would not warm up the entire unit including the screen. And the screen is directly in the ambient air so the screen temp would be pretty close to the ambient air temp.

    That's just not cold enough to account for such a dramatic slowdown.

    Sure it is.

    If I leave any LCD device (phone, camera, GPS, iPod) in my car overnight on a cold night (40's), the displays are all slow when first fired up.

    Especially not when DeLorme boasts about these kind of activities...


    I doubt anyone traveling to the North pole would leave any electronic device (not designed specifically for that weather) simply hanging outside their parka. They'd take it out when needed then put it back inside.


    Not all LCDs are going to act exactly the same at the same temps. Different type batteries can also heat up the unit more than others.

  9. USB is a standard. As a standard, it has a standard power output (or input, depending on how you look at it) and it doesn't matter what device you are using, it will always be the same standard configuration.

    Not quite.

    USB has two "standard" outputs, depending on the what it is made for. USB standard calls for two different options.

    Low power USB is simply for communication. It requires only 100mAmps output to the device. It will not power/charge a USB device connected to it.device

    High Power USB is for communication as well as powering/charging the device connected. This requires 500mAmps output to the device.

    When a device is plugged in, it will communicate with the USB host and negotiate the reqired power level.

    If requires high power from the USB bus and it is not available, it will not work and you should receive some indication from the USB port device.


    Plug a printer/scanner that is powered via USB into your keyboard and it will tell you to get bent because your keyboard is only low power USB.

  10. ... screen drawing is glacially slow when it gets a bit cold...when the weather warmed during the day it was fine.
    That's bizarre enough to merit a call to DeLorme's tech support, and perhaps cross-posting to their own user forums.

    Not bizarre at all. Liquids (as in LCD - Liquid Crystal Display) slow down when cold.

    - See this -> http://www.howstuffworks.com/lcd.htm/printable

    or this -> http://www.isminfo.com/index.php?option=co...3&Itemid=69

  11. Now that you can pick spanner mode

    Now? When couldn't you pick Spanner mode?

    does anyone know if you could maybe use a normal USB cable hooked up to a car stereo for power?

    Assuming the stereo puts out 500mA out the USB port for charging, no reason it shouldn't work though I don't believe (not sure) most car stereos are set to power/charge USB items.

  12. I love my Colorado but to date I have had to return it twice for repairs. First time my power switch crapped out. Had to press the button multiple times to turn on or off. Just recently had to return again due to the thumbwheel sticking after caching out in the rain. Major pain having to send it back and forth but have to say I am pleased with the speed and response by Garmin.


    Anyone else having to send their unit back and forth?

    Purchased Colorado 300 in May.

    Mid July June returned for USB port on top loose.

    Received refurbished unit quickly. First unit had 1 GB RAM, this one only 500MB RAM. (Yes I know they are suposed to only have 500MB. Garmin told me they had different suppliers)

    This unit locks up constantly, every 5-15 minutes. Geting ready to ship this one back.

  13. I am the new owner of a Garmin Etrex Vista HCx.


    According to the manual I can enter waypoint data manually.


    However I cannot seem to figure out how and the owners manual leaves MUCH to be desired on this (and many other) topic.

    Just press and hold the Rocker button to create a new waypoint then accept or edit the waypoint as desired.

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