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  1. I've been slacking with planing for an upcoming event and the summer weather. My closest is now at 17.0 miles with 16 within 30 miles. I'm going out this weekend, but unfortunately, not in the direction of the closest hides.
  2. I agree with Criminal. I once located a cache that another cacher had 'been kind enough to replace'. Unfortunately, he never found the original cache, nor looked thoroughly enough. It was about 40 feet from where he put the replacement. Based on his log, where he admitted not finding the cache, I spent about 40 minutes searching until I located the correct cache. So, delete the rehider's find, but leave the innocent accidental finders smilies.
  3. Well, to combat what Harry Dolphin mentioned, I try to get into an internet cafe and log caches if I've dropped a TB. For most caches, I just record the logs on my PDA and put them on-line when I get home.
  4. Looking at this thread again, I noticed much the same trend of longterm cachers. So why is my archived rate so low (18%). I would have to go in and see where the preponderance of archived caches were, but most of my finds are in Oklahoma. Maybe we keep caches around a lot longer here. I realize that last year I had a large number of finds, but the archive rate is fairly consistent throughout caches found in any caching year.
  5. Actually, one of the things Sgt Fees brought up was the incident of a glass jar in a creek bed, that when kicked exploded. So when we mentioned location, he wasn't too receptive to the thought that a remote location would be considered OK.
  6. I have to apollogize for putting out some bad poop. I didn't check to see what version of Easy GPS I was running. I had version 1.3.7 installed. When I went out and looked at the newest version I was surprised to see that it has indeed incorporated a map type display, so that you can see the relative position of caches. The rest of my response was correct through. Good luck.
  7. I looked again, and if EasyGPS is suppose to show a map, then I've never seen it. ExpertGPS displays caches on either a topo map, or satillite photos. As for the icon, the closed chest denotes a geocache that you haven't found. If the chest were open, it would represent one that you had found and logged online. EasyGPS is great for loading points into your GPS, and some limited sorting.
  8. I'm heading over in November. I've found the Irish Geocaching Website very helpful. Enjoy your trip and save a few brews for me.
  9. I thought that I replied, but didn't see anything when I went back, so here goes again. I have never seen an event that was for a specific group only. The whole intent of an event is to meet and greet. As someone who will be at the meeting next week, all I can say is WELCOME. Come prepared to meet many of the folks whose names you see in the local logs. You might even find that there are folks from Tinker who you might work with or see daily, who are also geocachers. I can think of at leat 5 who will most likely be there. As noted in RichardMoore's post, the location is not the posted coords. This montly event is held at different restraunts in the area. This months event is in the Edmond area, so that we can here from a member of the local police department about the forced removal of a geocache from a local park. Again, welcome, and hope to see you there. As a side note, you might add your name as a 'Will attend' on the webpage. This will help insure that there are enough seats in the area for the group. But no matter, come and welcome.
  10. Man, I love that line, so trying to stay in line, here's my penny's worth. I would love to see GC.com step in and implement a single found log per user on a cache page. I've attended events lately that the organizers were using pocket caches, and temporary caches ( a grand total of about 20 caches) They had a permanent GC approved cache and said that it was OK for folks to log the temp caches under that cache page. So if you were to look at that page, there are folks with about 20 entries with things like'found pocket cache 1' 'found pocket cache 2' and so on. Will the owner ever delete these entries? No, they are placed there with his permission. Is this blantant numbers padding? I think it is. Most of the folks who have done these multiple logs are great people and very fun to cache with. However, now when I see them reach a new milestone, I'm not as impressed. Again, most are great folks, who contribute greatly to the overall game. So again, I'd like to see a one smiley per GC# implemented. This also applies to repeating events. Even if the location of a montly event moves, if the page is updated to reflect the new location, then it is still the same event and should only be counted as a single 'found log'. I could keep on rambling, but I think I've done so in the past, and things just keep on going. Just like the Energizer Bunny, they keep on logging, and logging and logging.
  11. Responding to the OP, pre-sprew caches were 284 or 21% of 1362 to date finds. Of my total finds, 458 have been micros, or about 34%
  12. OK, here is everything you could ever want to know about my stats. 1362 unique caches. 1362 finds logged. 50 DNF logs (on found caches only). Centroid = N 35 55.326, W 96 55.065 Avg. Difficulty = 1.66 Avg. Terrain = 1.58 Avg. Challenge = 1.84 188 hard caches (14%) 8 countries 21 US states 0 multiple finds (0%) 245 (18.0%) archived First log: 02/23/2002 Last log: 05/21/2006 Most finds: 38 on 12/16/2005 Maximum one-day distance: 1298.3 miles on 02/8/2006 From N 35 33.857, W 97 39.366 to N 39 21.119, W 74 27.152 Oldest cache: #361 (GC169) Newest cache: #396496 (GCW3C4) Difficulty: 1.0: 493 (36.2%) 1.5: 331 (24.3%) 2.0: 338 (24.8%) 2.5: 84 ( 6.2%) 3.0: 74 ( 5.4%) 3.5: 24 ( 1.8%) 4.0: 13 ( 1.0%) 4.5: 3 ( 0.2%) 5.0: 2 ( 0.1%) Terrain: 1.0: 615 (45.2%) 1.5: 330 (24.2%) 2.0: 205 (15.1%) 2.5: 93 ( 6.8%) 3.0: 67 ( 4.9%) 3.5: 25 ( 1.8%) 4.0: 22 ( 1.6%) 4.5: 2 ( 0.1%) 5.0: 3 ( 0.2%) Cache types: 1 ( 0.1%) Earthcache 10 ( 0.7%) Event Cache 3 ( 0.2%) Letterbox Hybrid 1 ( 0.1%) Locationless (Reverse) Cache 24 ( 1.8%) Multi-cache 1132 (83.1%) Traditional Cache 53 ( 3.9%) Unknown Cache 138 (10.1%) Virtual Cache Containers: 7 ( 0.5%) Large 458 (33.6%) Micro 50 ( 3.7%) Not chosen 38 ( 2.8%) Other 477 (35.0%) Regular 210 (15.4%) Small 122 ( 9.0%) Virtual Countries: 2 in Canada 3 in Cayman Islands 1 in Costa Rica 2 in Mexico 7 in New Zealand 2 in Panama 24 in United Kingdom 1320 in United States US States: 9 in Alabama 8 in Alaska 25 in Arizona 38 in Arkansas 1 in California 1 in Georgia 1 in Hawaii 8 in Illinois 11 in Indiana 28 in Kansas 2 in Michigan 1 in Mississippi 32 in Missouri 1 in New Jersey 2 in New Mexico 8 in New York 7 in North Carolina 1 in Ohio 1017 in Oklahoma 7 in Pennsylvania 112 in Texas
  13. The other post is in reference to the ways the 24 hour holders claimed the finds. I'm looking for a more general Team caching standards.
  14. Perhaps, I should have said that every team member was within slapping distance of the other cachers. This should cover 1 and 2. #3 is never an excuse for a found log.
  15. There's been a lot of discussion regarding the 'new 24 hr record' and how to log a team find. As most cachers are social beings, I believe that most of us, at one time or another have cached with someone else. What I'm looking for in this post is the terms which others use for justifying their team finds. Here's my input: 1. I normally cache alone, but still normally sign logs with my geocaching name of 'Team Madog' I occasionally sign as just 'Madog' when I'm alone, but this is the exception. I call myself Team Madog, because there are often times when I'm not alone. 2. I often cache with my wife, or others, who do not have a GC account. In those instances, even a non-GC account holder finds the cache, I claim a found log. I participated in the find, and signed the log and logged it online. 3. I sometimes cache with other GC account holders. Even if I'm not the one who found the cache, my name is entered in the log, and I claim the found smiley. 4. When caching with others, I feel that it is OK, for one member of the group to sign all members of the find teams log names. In these cases, all members of the group are withing slapping distance. For instance, one person may be signing the log, while other members are exameming the swag. Again, all members are touching portions of the logs. So the final quesitons as to what constitutes a valid find in the greater GC community are: 1. If caching with a non-GC account holder and they find the cache before the account holder, should the GC account holder be able to claim a find? 2. If caching with other GC account holders and I'm not the one responsible for the find, can I stilll claim a find? 3. When caching with others, do I have to physically sign the log, or do I have to be within touching distance while another member signs for the group? One final question, does the majority of posters here, feel that I should go back and delete every log that I was not the one who made the find? I'm not saying that I'll do it, but I'm interested in the GC morals. I could take this one step further and express my feelings on stickers, but I'll leave that for others.
  16. I could agree with the majority of listings, and probably don't have major heartburn with any. Here's another thing to add to the list. Using a lifeline - calling the owner or previous finder for extra hints or in some cases just being told where it's at. We've had some local squabbles over cache find counts lately, which has resulted in a lot of soul searching on my part. Although I've done this on a few caches (less than 1.0% of my finds) I have decided to never do it again. I'm leaning more and more to the purist in my logs.
  17. Try using the LARS rule. LARS equals Left Add, Right Subtract. Starting from the type of azimuth you currently have, move towards the type you want, then apply the correction based on the direction of the movement.
  18. Although I cache on every vacation (Alaska, Panama, England, most recently New Zealand), I've taken a few tirps with the primary goal of geocaching. They are usually only for a one or two nights. For instance, we flew from OKC to Phoenix and cached our way to the Grand Canyon. Then later that year over the 4th of July, we drove to Amarillo, eating at the Big Texan (no we didn't eat the 72oz steak meal), just so we could grab caches in NM. Last month, we drove over to Clarksville, AR for a weekend event. I have a great wife, who's willing to put up with me in search of tupperware containers in the woods, and probably finds as many as I do.
  19. To combine loc files, you can do it the manual way. In a loc file, type Ctrl A, this will select all of the locations. Then type Ctrl C, this will copy the selected files. Then open the loc file you want to combine the others into. Type Ctrl V, and this will paste the files into the currently open loc file. Repeat as needed.
  20. Like LeoCaptKirk, I just follow the arrow. Although the 60 CS has routing, I've yet to figure it out. Kind of like the blinking clock on the VCR (not TIVO)
  21. I don't know how many I corrupted, or in a more PC way of refering to it, introduced to GC. but here was my experience. I recently took a tour of New Zealand. Throughout the entire tour I had my GPSr stuck in the window of the bus using a suction cup mount. Regularly, folks would ask me what I was doing, and I would give them a short brief of geocaching. Finally, during one of our final stops at a photo op, I looked at my GPSr and saw that a cache was only about 20 ft away. I told my wife I was going for it, and moved off at a rapid pace, as the stop time was short. Immediately, after my pole vault of the wall, folks from the tour started asking what I was doing. My wife explained that I was looking for one of the caches I'd told them about. Immediately, I had half a tour bus of muggles watching me search for a cache. I even had one intrepid wanabe help me look. As I mentioned, time was short and we were about to call it a DNF. Half the group was moving back to the bus, when I spotted the cache. Upon my announcing that I'd found it, they all came back to see what the excitement was about. So how many took up the hobby when we got back to the states, I can't say, but I think there are at least 25 new folks out there who at least have an idea about this pasttime.
  22. I keep my T5 in an aluminum case. Nine months out of the year, it fits neatly in a pocket of my vest. During the summer months, it gets put into my back pant pocket. With the aluminum case there has been no damage to the PDA. There are a few dents where I've dropped it after removing it from its normal carry position, but the case shows all the wear and tear.
  23. Deleted due to duplication Server Problems
  24. Deleted due to duplication Server Problems
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